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Season 4 – Autumn 2020
Series 4 – I Am Who I Am
Thursday 04th November 2020 – Walk Time 35 Mins
Have any of your priorities with regards LIFE changed significantly during 2020 and if so, what and how?

Priorities with regards LIFE

Life Priorities and Changes – Observation 1

I managed to get out this morning for a lovely walk albeit in reflection and with one of the questions l asked of my readership only yesterday in 12 Bloggerz! November 2020 and l shall address my answers in the next few episodes.

I have not been very well for the last couple of weeks on and off. It’s nothing major like flu or Covid related. It’s my stomach disorder which is causing me issues, and whilst not a major medical concern, it’s pretty debilitating for me physically as it slows me down.

However, as a problem, l have had THIS whatever THIS ultimately is since 1994, so it is a 26 year historical problem. I have issues with my gut – l think there are many reasons and as the years have passed me by further ageing this problem, some of the reasons have profoundly and significantly impacted my health and my life.

It doesn’t matter what l try to do to alleviate it either [and l have tried probably close to 150 – 170 different combinations that were supposed to work and help identify the problem but all have failed], because when you then combine my intolerances with my dietary restrictions and natural rememdies – [l try to avoid chemical solutions [not that they work either] as they contaminate your body further, and that doesn’t appeal], but natural remedies are failing to assist as well.

This seagull was one of perhaps half a dozen dancing on the spot. When their feet pummel the ground they are arousing worms to the surface who think it’s raining and then the gulls snatch the snacks up!

But the end results are at times chronic stomach cramps and crippling my ability to walk upright and countless investments in toilet tissue!! I have tried over the years various medically advised diets – but what it apparently really boils down to is this …

…. my body and my digestive system seemingly hates 1] food and 2] me eating food. This can make my eating rituals and cooking for my diet, very hard. In the last couple of weeks, l have had to streamline my diet down further to try and again highlight which ingredients are causing me serious issues?

Prior to the first lockdown in March, l was eating a healthy amount of tinned fish – but my stomach now rejects that and l have in the cupboard maybe a dozen tins of anchovies, pilchards and herrings that make me feel physically ill and as such l can no longer digest them. I am still okay with tuna and salmon but with the other fish types, l think it’s not so much the fish product but what they are canned in and with – as in oils and waters and this is what is upsetting my stomach.

One of my distinct Life Priorities and Changes for 2020 was to endeavour to improve my health through increased fitness levels so as to combat the stomach problem itself by physically improving my health. Not using any natural or chemical assistance … and l am living that. But of course l do also have additional issues with my mouth and teeth and chewing correctly and l think that one of the main issues with my stomach is the shape of my mouth internally and this induces malabsorption which in turn l believe is causing a variant strain of internal malnutrition and potentially opening up a distinct pathway for Coeliac disease.

I can’t get this potential diagnosis verified medically, it’s ‘gut instinct’ if you wish. My mother has diverticulitis and it is a hereditary condition, yet this too is often ignored by doctors when l tell them. But l am NOT a medically trained doctor and so, ‘what do l know?’

What l do know is that eating sensibly and exercising healthily to improve one’s wellbeing and mindset shouldn’t kill anyone. So l am trying where l can to ensure that l do eat properly and with regularity and entertain myself with exercise options.

I can no longer have smoothies, really ironic, l have had two only and they have floored me – l experimented with a third by reducing down and even with a plain yoghurt and not having more than one fruit in a very small quantity that were warm and yet still the mixture kills my stomach which might be that l am developing a problem with fructose which might further mean that l am the victim also of fructose intolerance or fructose malabsorption.

I try to exercise on the indoor bike twice daily and my last time was 24 minutes or 12 minutes per ride] on Tuesday, but a day of unsettled stomach yesterday meant l have to be wise and not ride the bike. I was able to walk though and like this morning at 10 – 10.30am – the weather was indeed truly beautiful – it’s still wonderfully sunny now as l type at half two in the afternoon.

But l had a rough day yesterday, really rough and only contented myself with a morning walk and took it easy. Luckily my motivation is still pretty high. Afterall … it’s not like l am an amateur to this problem – 2020 is its 26th year as a unwelcome resident with me.

On the good side to this change , l haven’t put anymore weight on and still weigh in at just below 13 stone, but my muscle mass is quite impressive even if l say so myself.

It wasn’t just the stomach disorder that encouraged and motivated me to seek a fitter me – there were other reasons … but l’ll discuss those another time, another day.

For the time being, l hope that you, like me – enjoy the photos from this morning’s walk in reflection. There were literally perhaps 30 squirrels out and about on the walk today and the one at the top was above my head chuntering away as l stood beneath her and took her photograph. We are promised good weather for the next few days – which will be excellent and very welcomed and more so as we start a new lockdown from midnight tonight.

Anyway, just a touch base with y’all and l hope you enjoyed the walk and the photography – catch you next time.

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”
― Søren Kierkegaard

24 thoughts on “Morning Musings

  1. I am sorry that you are facing such a lot of resistance from your body against eating. It is tough. I would suggest probiotics, but I guess you must’ve already tried those. Keep up the positive energy and keep of working on your good health. The pictures are really great.

    1. Hey Sadje, yes l have tried probiotics and other herbal capsules in the millions or whichever they term those as – you know 100 million or something good bacteria? The stomach rejects them.

        1. My sympathies are with you. I have suffered with stomach problems in early adulthood, being overly sensitive to stress and I know what it feels like.

        2. Hey Sadje, yes l remember you saying this when we first started conversing and yes you will know all too well sadly and badly how destructive these gastodigestion can be and what these gut related stresses can do to us emotionally and physically 🙂

  2. Hmm… well… over time and age our bodies change with things … I read all the conditions and hereditary issues you could be in store for…

    I know for me, with milk or dairy – I do have issues – only since aging…

    But I will say as a child, I was not fond of milk unless you flavored it… and even still that was “iffy” … my mom always made me drink my milk – I hated that

    Now I want to drink milk and my body is like – umm no you are not doing that lol 😄🤨✌️

    It does not work well with my system now?

    I don’t eat seafood except for tuna fish which is yummy

    And if I really love a particular dairy product – I will think to myself … ok do I enjoy and suffer later? Lol or do not at all… it depends … if I want it really bad … and I am craving … how am I supposed to give up pizza??? Lol so … sometimes I will allow suffering? But I pay for that.

    Let me ask you something? Are you stressed? Are you doing ok? Honestly? Cause sometimes that can cause body to react?

    Have you ever done one of those food allergy tests??

    1. Hey Trisha, l have followed the paths medically of conventional, traditional, private, alternative and herbal and all come back with ‘Yes Mr Matier, there is something there but it’s unremarkable, have you tried ……!”

      Unremarkable basically means it’s not cancer or life threatening or a killer disease apparently. They simply cannot successfully identify it, they can tell me what it isn’t but not what it is.

      Stress? Yes l walk hand in hand with GI stress due to my autism, but l am not stressed per se by anything other than life.

      I can drink lactose free milk now but l drink very little of anything now except sugar free watered squash.

      When l was living an unhealthy life as 50, l was healthier and iller but healthier than l am now when l don’t drink, smoke, eat sugar, meats and the list goes on – go figure?

      1. Hmm 🤔 well my motherly doctorness (lol) is perplexed 😕

        Aging does a number on the body.

        I just wonder if you have any allergy to a particular food?? And if that is topped with the GI stress – both of those together could cause substantial issues

        You mentioned your mum having the diverticulitis- you do not correct? No Crohns? Totally normal but something off you say?

        I don’t know?

        I do know they have tests for allergies… specifically food allergies. Not through dr – there is a company that does it… Everlywell is one

        If able – wouldn’t hurt just to see?? If you are interested in that… just trying to help figure out what could help you??
        Cause that kinda sucks to be in pain like that.

        Well I hope you are ok. Stay strong and stay safe 😘✌️

        1. Hey Trisha,

          In 1994 – 2001, they said it was IBS, then AIBS, then IBD and or stomach cancer.

          I was diagnosed as having crohns back in 2003 and then they rediagnosed to diverticulitis -and treated me for that till 2007, and then changed their minds again.

          In 2008, l was correctly diagnosed with a form of bowel cancer via polyps and they were removed and it cleared. I had experienced serious blood loss from internal bowel from 1997 – 2006 to the point of chronic anemia which finally a doctor realised was the cancer cells active in my bowel.

          I am allergic to various food types and have intolerances to many others and reactions to others still.

          I am willing to try most things, but l have exhausted various levels, so l now tackle it myself – keep motivation high, humour higher still, eat balanced but restricted diet , cut out all vices, drink plenty of fluids and exercise as body allows.

          I have never been naturally heavy, although GI bloat increases weight, but l am usually between 12 – 13 stone for my height of 5’9″ so l do the best l can, but am tiring of the medical profession.

        2. I am not familiar with stones?? When I Google doesn’t sound bad for your height and age?

          You are preaching to the choir lol… I love the doctors who saved my life… but there were some who almost took it so … I have a hardness towards the medical profession and they have to prove themselves before I will be comfortable with them- otherwise I’m a hard ass lol

          You have to advocate your own self – I agree

          Well I’m sorry for your struggles there, that can not be easy to go through

          I hope you find relief somehow and can feel ok 🙏😘❤️✌️

  3. Hey JB… glad to read the mental Yoga is still hanging on. These ongoing, decades long issues can wear you down mentally too. Your mouth is definitely contributing to the problem… every bit of infection that goes into your GI system just from eating… I’ve been there & done that.
    Those stomach cramps are horrible. I found out I was lactose intolerant at age 12 after spending a week at “6th grade camp” (something schools used to do, Nature Education… spend 5 days in a cabin dorm as part of school) where every meal and snacks were accompanied with milk. Bent over double wishing I could just die and be done with the pain. GI issues are NOT fun!

    I’m so very happy to see the Sun shining on you! At least you can get your Vitamin D without upsetting your tummy.😉 I love your Village… it’s so beautiful!


    1. Hey Grandma, oh l know damnations to GI problems, and more damns to Covid and not being able to see a doctor and even more damn yous to the dentists who told me today that they MAY start seeing patients for repair in May, by which time l told them l will be in a hell of a pickle!!

      I am now having to really field strip down the little l do have and reduce it down to the bare minimum.

    1. Hey Gary l know, there’s stress in the air even when we are not stressing about it. I am experiencing more flare ups now than l did a month ago, trying to pin point the aggressive is proving very hard.

  4. I totally empathize with the docs not being able to figure out what is wrong with you. It is frustrating. It can also be frustrating for me when friends say. “I have a friend who tried X, Y, or Z and they did A,B or C and were cured.” I have multiple conditions and the first thing most docs say is that stress causes it. Stress is a factor. Stress elevates the pain levels. But in my case, I doubt stress is the cause.

    Good for you for trying everything you can to help yourself. If I did nothing to help myself I would be bedbound and at an intolerable pain level 24/7.

    We try to make our lives as livable as possible. I hope you find something that works for you.

    1. Thanks Lauren, life makes me laugh at times. We can chase down cures for this, that and the other, we can put men on the moon, and plan deep sea diving expeditions, we can rediscover the lost Titanic yet we are still simply not able to determine with medical accuracy what causes most Gastrointestinal problems in the 25 foot length of both our small and large intestines?

      How does that work then hahaha 🙂

      1. It is a mystery for sure. I have been diagnosed with IBS, with diverticulosis not diverticulitis as well as numerous other conditions. I have severely limited my “allowed” foods to accommodate my finicky intestines, bladder, bowels, etc. Good days come and go at their whim more often than at my “fault.”

        1. Yes, that’s exactly it Lauren, bouts, attacks and flare ups are just the norm with us who suffer. All we can do many a time, is do what we can and hope and pray that we avoid flare ups for as long as possible.

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