The Heart and Soul of LivenDen

The image above is the Agents actual online advertising photo in June 2020 of the ‘what l call the’ Lougeroom, but some might class it as a Sitting Room – sorry about the grained look it displays.

The mini gallery below are the photos l took on the 6th July when l collected the keys.

This episode is the last of the current season – a new season will start next year with updates and some stories on some of the pieces inside Willow that l haven’t mentioned in these episodes. Plus in the second season we might see some differences with the rooms that haven’t been mentioned in this season – the ‘Dive-In’ bathrooms which are mostly utility rooms and the third bedroom or what is known as The Burrow.

However …. those above are for next year so for now let me introduce you to …

The Heart and Soul of LivenDen

Heart of The LivenDen

Dogs – Scrappy, Dora and Jake

The moment l walked into the house here originally in June l knew l really liked the connection here – the house spoke to me quite differently to the other houses. Don’t get me wrong, I could never have seen Willow and been happy in the other properties and not known any different – l had deliberately only gone after properties l knew l would have a connection with – that connection was ‘quirky’ – but as it is, l did see Willow and from the time l walked into her hallways l knew l was ‘home’.

I never had to sage this property – not once, we had to sage Suze’s and since then Suze has resaged … but Willow and l share some history – l am not sure why, but we have a connection and it is very strong. I am always calm here, never apprehensive, hardly ever stressed. There are no negative energies here – she [Willow] doesn’t need saging, but appreciates incense and she loves my essence. It’s my job to ensure that l keep her in my life as much as l am able to – Willow fuels my Gift.

I share a connection, a deep connection if you will with a few people around the world – they know who they are – and where l live now, we also have the same connection. Somewhere much deeper in my past our essences have known each other. To the critics of these opening paragraphs and the content, it matters not – what your beliefs are about this ideology as it only matters to me – in many ways it is literally about Matter. Everything usually is – whatever your beliefs.

So with no need for saging the property, no need for any incantations, no bongs or gongs or chants – it’s pure gift and the end result is that both Willow and myself and of course my own companions are very happy here.

All the rooms and hallways that you have seen here in the series speak volumes about who l am. There is no one else in this house character wise except me – l have made it my own and have imprinted my soul into the very essence. In some ways Willow is also like my blog – my fascinations, interests, passions and loves are all here under one roof – l have created the perfect bubble!

The LivenDen slowly coming to life …. but always changing!

The LivenDen or living room had to be an office, a bachelor’s den, a loungeroom and more importantly the very hub of the house. I spend more time in this part of the house when l am awake than any other part. So this room especially had to encourage my imaginative and creative juices for my waking hours like the Master Bedroom does for me at night. The LivenDen is the heart and soul of me and so the decor had to reflect that.

It took Time to achieve the right look for here, and even now as l write this post this room is still only roughly 85% complete – there are items missing from the completed look but l think even at the end the LivenDen will only EVER be 95% complete due to the constant changing. That 5% in my world is 75% in yours – it is always moving!

Some of the bits that are missing are the photos of my dogs – Scrappy, Dora and Jake and the frames await their arrival above the fireplace. The remainder of the current plan to complete the LivenDen sits in the section of future life called “You’ll know these are right for the LivenDen when you see them mate!!”

Here, hedonism lives slightly differently than upstairs but still focused on business and entertainment and Time – because Time is key to everything. Anyway, l will leave you for this season but will return with some of the stories from some of the trinkets, baubles, mementoes and whatnots you have seen in the series next year, because everything and everyone has a story, don’t they?

Everything has a story from pet rocks to large errm … yep Everything!

Hope you enjoyed the tour, see you next season. Thanks for reading.

16 thoughts on “The Heart and Soul of LivenDen

  1. So nice….congratulations. Haven’t heard nor seen hide nor hair of that T’Pau song/video in so many moons. Amazingly I somehow recognized it immediately

  2. Maybe I’m confused here, I think the washing machine is in the bathroom but the dryer is in the 3rd bedroom??? Places definitely have vibes which one MUST pay attention to – hoo-boy do I have some stories about that – I don’t subscribe to the whole saging thing – I absolutely HATE the smell of sage (and the taste – people put sage in food – ick!) – maybe that’s why people use sage to dispel negative spirits? Because no one, even spirits, can stand the smell?

    1. Hey Grace, not confused at all – but l will ease all the same.

      Downstairs utility [shower room] had a fitted washing machine, but no further electrical point for the tumble dryer. It had space on top for one, but no points for cables. The easiest option was to have the dryer upstairs and poke the hose outside the window.

      I don’t tend to use a dryer that much as opposed to a horse or a line, but with winter a dryer is at times the saving blessing.

      The third bedroom is mostly a storage area.

  3. Love the Pan or Bacchus or whatever name! The entire room is excellent! Very comfortable vibe, with plenty of things to discover!


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