Gifting the Compliment

Gifting the Compliment

Season 2 – Once a Month Series

I display links to posts from blogs that l have visited, read and commented on and these in turn are complimented in this series.

Gifting the Compliment Directory

“I really liked what you did here and l really like what you do and l think others will too!”

This is a compliment from my blog to both you and your blog … it’s not an award, there is no need for the receiver of the Gift to do anything further … it is purely a gift to you for the blog that you manage and run. It is an acknowledgement of your writing style and genre, what you do for the community and for your audience and readerships respectively.

From my side of life as a reader to your content it is an appreciation of what you do, what you create, write and publish. It’s a salute to you, your imagination, enthusiasm, inspiration, knowledge and dedication to your craft ……….. a compliment is just that … a compliment.

A published post of yours caught my attention whilst l was reading and l wanted to let you know. I liked it and l liked it a lot. I liked it so much l wanted to display it again to my own readership for them also to appreciate the content.

There is no ‘ceremony or pomp’ attached to these Compliments – there is no call to action to respond – there is no additional tagging, no questions to answer – it is a thankyou for the ‘style’ that you have and the way that you deliver it to your readership!

However, what is the point to being complimented if you don’t even know that? So in addition to this published and linked post l will drop a comment on the last post you have created to let you know you have been complimented.
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Suzanne of All My Heart Sees
Is the world crumbling
Gary of Bereaved Single Dad
Saturday Smiles
Victor of Mercury Twin
Flying off the Canvas
Chris Hall of Luna’s on Line
The image shows an incomplete watercolor on open pages of a notebook. There are tubes of colors next to it and some painting paraphernalia.
Summer Whisked Her Away (Final Bow)
Jeanne of wabi-sabi
Pumpkin Recipes
Ruth of Don’t Eat It Soap
Death’s Dame
Jay-lin of The Wonderful and Wacky World of one Single Mum
Life is Fragile
Saania of Fun with Philosophy
white flower on a white background
Photo by Karolina Grabowska on
Is Disney writing my life story today?
Tazzie of Echidna Home
What the What? – Random Thoughts & Pics
Barbara of Teleporting Weena
Wordless Wednesday 75 – Photo A day, Weeks 45-47
Kristian of Life Lessons from Around the Dinner Table
Who You Read On the Page
Penny Wilson of Penny Wilson Writes
Rise above criticism!!
Tanvir of Beauty Lies Within Yourself
red and blue hot air balloon floating on air on body of water during night time
Photo by Bess Hamiti on
Changing the unchangeable.
Thoughts on being 40-something
Laina of Who Loves Kitty
The long way back
Ortensia of Truly Madly Ordinary
Kritika of Undressed Thoughts
The Keep Going Song (title track)
Betty of Guideline’s Web
man in brown shirt standing on train rail near coconut palms
Photo by Oliver Sjöström on
Raspberry Rippling Conclusion
Jenna Kirkpatrick
Do you blog anonymously? Why or why not?
Sadje of Keep it Alive
Blogging anonymously
Fandango’s Provocative Question #92
Fandango of This, That and The Other
Where Have All the Bloggers Gone?
Ashley – Mental Health @ Home
Blogging word cloud
Lunch? [flash 150]
Paula of Light Motifs II
That One Sister!
Stoner on a Rollercoaster

10 Happy Points to you all!!

See Happy Points Counter Directory

Gifting the Compliment Directory

Thanks for reading – catch you next month!!

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        1. We are all amateurs Lauren, the secret to full knowledge as you well know my good friend The Teach – is to keep on learning and stay on the curve. The biggest fool of all is that who seemingly thinks there is nothing left to learn.

          Therefore we are all amateurs Lauren – give yourself more credit 🙂

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