Do You Have a Great Looking Pair?

Do You Have a Great Looking Pair?

You know, l think everybody benefits when you have a great pair! Years ago, l had nothing but great pairs all the time, day in and day out, then l sort of outgrew them because they became way too itchy and where there is itchy, there is uncomfortable!

But occasionally, l indulge myself and allow myself to not only handle a decent pair but have them draped over my body and more importantly where it counts!

There is nothing worse than having an uncomfortable itchy pair! Nothing you do can soothe that itch!! If you have an itch, scratch it as a theory doesn’t always work! Because you end up looking like something that Elvis would sing about if all you are doing is walking around visibly scratching yourself and usually in awkward places! You know?

But, you know you are onto a goooood thing when your pair, when your great pair completes you!!

Now, what am l talking about??

Genetics, Pears, Pairs of genes maybe or maybe a good pair of jeans!!

Do You Have a Great Looking Pair ……….. of Jeans??

I have five pairs of jeans, zip and button fly, straight cut, slim and baggy or l should say loose. Not so loose they hang off my butt or down my butt, but loose as in easy wear all day comfort when writing behind a desk. The image above on the left of the five pairs are the two worn the most whilst the three on the right have seen very little action in the last couple of years.

I don’t have any tight jeans although l do have slim cut which are kinder and more flattering as l have aged, although l used to have tight fits when l was in my later twenty’s and early thirties. But you kind of outgrow them for a while until l think you get older and then like a good bottle of wine you ease yourself back into them and yet having said that since moving, l find l am wearing more relaxed fabrics like bamboo or organic cotton with the occasional day only, all in denim.

Rather frustratingly l find there are days when l wear five different types of longed legs – if l go for a morning walk l wear cargo walking trousers, come back and switch into an exercise trouser, then if l am doing some gardening switch to rough jogger bottoms. Coming back in l then might wear a denim although probably an organic material and then in the evening after five pm usually a casual jogger material.

Suze always looks great in denim and in truth a lot of woman usually look way better in jeans than men do, but that’s just my opinion. But l do like seeing women in denim admittedly. I think their success comes down to the fact they seem to be more aware of how denim looks with them and on them and NO that’s not me being sexist just honest.

Women seemingly are more denim mindful and make fewer mistakes, whereas men tend to just put on a pair of jeans and go with it whether the cut or colour and or style is right for them. Hence why it is that many a time men don’t look always that good in denim.

But of course … not everyone likes jeans or denim. I wear more denim shirts at times than l do jackets or the jeans themselves, although l would NEVER wear denim shorts – that would be absolute suicide for me!

However, this is just me … what about you?

Do You Have a Great Looking Pair…

.… or is denim not really your thing?

If you DO have a great looking pair, what makes them great?

Let me know below – thanks.

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33 thoughts on “Do You Have a Great Looking Pair?

  1. I never liked denim tho I did have the ’60’s requisite denim jacket with patches. I always felt that denim was restrictive. I like my clothes soft and stretchy or floaty – While I wore leather skirts and jackets I never owned leather pants – too restrictive. I need to move. Yeah, I’m a total softy, floaty, ease of movement person. I like my soft leggings with a floaty silky top…

  2. I don’t think I’ve had a button fly since the 90s. It’s been about 2 years since I last wore jeans, because leggings are infinitely more comfortable.

  3. I have to disagree with you, JB… a pair of classic, button fly 501 Levi’s will make a man’s rear view a thing of beauty!! I can admire a woman’s rear view as well, but…πŸ˜‚ butt… a guy’s is better in denim, IMO. I’ve worn denim shorts, and shirts, but long pants need to be legging or sweats. I need freedom of movement since I’m bound to wind up on the floor or scrunched into a small space, or who knows what.

    Comfort over fashion is my main concern!

    1. If you are talking comfort 501’s are not a comfortable jean. I lived in 501’s in my 30’s with the escort casual wear basics and whilst l don’t deny they looked good, they only looked good on the right butt – because there are particular ways to wear the 501 and not all blokes appreciate that. They think the brand alone is enough … not always the case πŸ™‚

  4. Yes! Love the way you weaved around to this.

    I used to be more into jeans. I have a couple of pairs I never wear. I wore shorts and capris all summer. I have been wearing hiking gear outside.

  5. I do have a great pair of denim shorts, and why are they so great? Because I bought them 10 years ago and I still wear them today πŸ€ͺ They’ve been with me in all my travels πŸ€ͺ

  6. I used to love wearing jeans but since I have limited mobility, they just don’t sit right so leggings are much easier for me. Plus they are cheaper!

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