Dear Blog – 14.15 – 31/10/20

What a difference a day can make!

I can’t help but kind of smile or maybe it’s grimace at the irony of life. Last night l commented on a post made by Di of Pensitivity 101 in Today is Friday, 30th October and l was saying that whilst ‘we could never tell’ in so far with regards the Covid-19 lockdowns and Tiers and the country, that l felt it probably wouldn’t happen as we were quite a distance from London and the bigger cities and yet this morning, l wake up to the news that Boris is now considering the potentiality of another full National lockdown for the month of November.

Don’t get me wrong l am not a Prime minister and therefore l do not have the responsibility of running the poltical administration of either a government and a country – l don’t envy that role. I am not one of these foolish diehards who mutter defiantly ‘“I could do a better job!!” The reality is l couldn’t do a better job.

I have a lot of experience running stores, stocks and people ……….. BUT, they are stores, stocks and people! They were businesses l owned and managed or l managed for other people and more importantly they were not an entire country of stores, stocks and people!!

I don’t envy his job – l question some of the logic like many others throughout the UK – but l don’t envy his role. He is the nation’s leader like it or not and his task is NOT an easy one! But l do raise an eyebrow at the so called strategic logic that has been in place since this ugly mess all began.

l read today’s news and thought “Oh joys – just what we need!” If that is not bad enough, l also read this morning that holidaymakers who travelled to Spain under the government’s new travel policies brought back another variant of the virus with them!?

Oh Goody!! So we have Covid – 19 to worry about and now the new 20A.EU1 to contend with to boot!!

My first thoughts lying in bed and discussing the day with Bluebell and William were for Suze and her cancer treatment – what would a month delay mean to her programme? Suze who is now more compos mentis today than she was yesterday and l had a small conversation via text. She is still completely wiped out by the PEG proceedure but at least is awake and relatively pain-free under the power of heavy co-codamol.

Whilst l type this now, she is currently at her own house – but she is not there to stay, she is there basically to close down the house in readiness for a national lockdown maybe starting from next week. So she is packing a bag that will be able to cope for a month absence from her house.

Her Canterbury friends dropped her off at hers for a couple of hours to sort things out and pack up and baton down the hatches and they will pick her up again for the minimum period of the weekend stayover. But if the country goes into lockdown from Monday then Suze will stay there for the duration of that window. It makes sense – she will be in company – which would stop her going fifty shades of bat shit crazy again like April and she is also only five minutes away from the hospital if there was an emergency or she might still be able to continue treatment.

She is upset she may not see me for a month and some and l have told her that her priority is her health and sanity and to stop worrying. I will be fine with a lockdown – it’s only a month if it goes ahead and l am better prepared than l was the first time around – food wise and stocks wise. I haven’t been stockpiling like a hoarder but over the last few months especially l have been adding a few items here and there into my online shopping.

Since the first lockdown l have become an online food shopper and have shopped weekly to build up the valuable points of being classed as a loyal regular’ meaning that getting it right will mean l don’t have to go outside food shopping during the lockdown because l will be listed as having my food orders delivered within tidy time frames.

Lockdown doesn’t bother me – l rather enjoyed it the first time around! So, even if restricted to one bout of outdoor exercise daily or whatever – l am cool with that. I have the Ramparts Walk and various exercisers at home to keep me focused. Hell, even if we stretched into two months l could live with it – but l can understand how others might not.

I am not being flippant with my cavalier attitude but just being realistic, l am not a social butterfly so that’ll not effect me – BUT – l do worry about the state of this country’s economy and how 2020 is fast becoming a market wipe out. I am wanting to start a business of my own and whilst l know there are still people working, the future is not looking rosy and it will become less so if we don’t get this pandemic under suitable and balanced control.

But hey!! Currently this is ALL purely speculation – it’s Saturday and if a lockdown is acoming – well that’s Monday!! In the meanwhile l’ll just enjoy listening to EVEN more rain and raining!!

Thanks for reading – catch you later!

Edit – Now l read Sean Connery is dead! Sad Loss indeed – RIP

17 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 14.15 – 31/10/20

  1. It’s good that Suze will be with folks who can care for her, whether she needs it or not, and also be near the hospital. Numbers are up in the US and idiots still abound which is why the numbers are up. I have medical appointments for the next 2 weeks at the hospital and they keep telling me I am safe there – I can only hope.

    As for Sean Connery – I had the biggest celebrity crush on him – lord knows he was a handsome man and the accent – *swoon* and the glint in his eye *double swoon*. When my husband was assigned to the Nassau International Airport, Sean Connery would hang out in his office while waiting for his flight since there was no VIP Lounge there. We lived right down the road from his home but I never got a glimpse of him…And no, my husband and Connery never even chatted it seems. My husband would make him a cup of coffee, and Connery would sit on the sofa reading and my husband would continue his work – all silent and companionable till his flight was called.

    1. Well l hope that your hospital appointments go ahead with no obstacles Grace.

      We have the Idjits here too, the non believers and the anti-maskers … l understand what they are saying but l loathe them for their stupidity and recklessness with regards others.

      Wow, l am not sure l could have refrained from chatting with James Bond 🙂

      1. Aside from my husband and Sir Sean both being the strong silent type, the whole point of his hiding out in my husband’s office was that he didn’t want anyone chatting him up LOL

  2. UK was heading down that route for a while. Stay safe my friend. I hope there is no break in Suze’s treatment.

    1. Hey Sadje, you are right, the UK was heading for disaster the moment it didn’t shut the borders down to the rest of the world on March but waited.

      As to Suze and her treatment l too hope, there’ll be no delay.

    1. Sadly so Gary – there is no easy way out of this now … there were other options and choices available – but all were ignored and now we are facing crunch.

  3. Hey JB, I read about Sir Sean this morning… a sad loss. Another one. I’m glad to read that Suze will be staying with friends near hospital. Best place for her really. I don’t see why they would stop her treatments at this stage, but people are rarely logical as 2020 keeps proving!

    We’re holding the line here in San Diego Coutny. It’s the partiers that are spreading it more. Restaurant/bars and the university. Idjits!!
    I am still impressed with the way Newsom has handled things for California. Lockdown was difficult because of no GLYSB and that’s still only part time. But slow and careful is much safer!

    Ugh! More rain?? I’d send you some of our sunshine if I could. Supposed to be 87°F here this afternoon. But humidity is in the teens… itchy dry is almost as bad as soggy wet.


    1. ……….. itchy dry is almost as bad as soggy wet. You know l am laughing at this end line right?

      2020 is all about unpredictability to the extreme sadly and l think it’ll be like this for 21 also .

  4. As of Monday we enter code orange. There is offer of remote learning for kids who have parents at home who can monitor and help. Masks in all indoor public places. I did not work today but one of my girls did and she messaged me on her break. It was super busy and large large orders in range of $5-700. I offered to go in via my girl and then immediately had buyer’s remorse. 🙂

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