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Sometimes you have to stop and look a little deeper into the detail … and you spot all sorts of things.

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Season 4 – Autumn 2020
Series 4 – I Am Who I Am
Friday 30th October 2020 – Walk Time 35 Mins
……. Sometimes you just gotta look a little deeper………

……. Sometimes you just gotta look a little deeper into the detail………

I managed to get a walk in this morning thankfully – l have not done badly this week considering the weather front we have had which has been WET, WET and more WET! But l did manage to get morning walks in on Monday, Wednesday and this morning – so l am quite pleased.

Admittedly they are not early morning walks now, on account of the clocks going back on the weekend which did throw me out a bit, but they are still morning walks because l have managed to get out of the house at just after 9am.

I have had a busy’ish week so far, not slamdunk busy, but busier than say … last week!

Suze started her thirty five days of combined radio/chemotherapy on Monday and they weren’t ‘that bad’ according to Suze. But Wednesday she had to go into hospital to have a stomach PEG fitted and as this proceedure had to be performed under sedation it meant that she had to stay in overnight.

From the time she arrived in the hospital to the eventual time she was admitted was around three hours. She had already had her radio/chemotherapy session prior to the admission, so she was a little tired. So waiting three hours further for everything to start was even more of a fatigue to her.

To the layman, the stomach PEG is a feeding tube which in inserted into the stomach. It’s not a lengthy proceedure but she had complications from the start on account that they couldn’t attach her cannula properly nor in the usual place, so that was a little bothersome. It had to be inserted [PEG] because of the radiotherapy treatment is on Suze’s throat and this could/can make swallowing nearly impossible – so a stomach PEG is considered critical so that nutrients can be injected directly into her stomach.

However from around 13.30 Wednesday to 20.00 Suze entered radio silence. When she awoke she was in excruciating pain following the proceedure of the PEG insertion and that her body was reacting very badly to the PEG itself.

She should have been released Thursday morning, but wasn’t released until later yesterday afternoon and then had her radiotherapy on top. I have only written to her marginally [via Facebook Messenger] on account of her being completely wiped out physically and mentally and still in quite a bit of pain. Currently she is staying with friends in Canterbury who live close to the hospital [5 minutes]. She will stay with them for a couple of days most likely as she really didn’t wish to be on her own.

Suze is looking forward to this coming weekend and being back in her own house. She is very grateful to her friends, but nothing compares to your own bubble and bed. I will see how she is this weekend and if she is up to a visit l will pop over for a while and award her with all your well wishes and greetings which she truly looks forward to.

But l am glad that she has got through her first week in one piece’.

I was admiring the colours of the leaves when l heard a little ‘wooo’ noise and l thought, what was that, so l got closer and closer and looked up, to find this sleeping pigeon!! Who knew pigeons talked in their sleep??

This morning’s walk was much needed – l have been feeling not ‘stressed’ but a little out of sorts this week with regards to Suze’s health. It wasn’t a sunny walk, it had moments, but the sun was fleeting … but instead of briskly walking it, l semi strolled it and took time to look a little deeper into the detail of the trees, grounds and foliages because many a time you can be surprised what you find hiding in there!

Today l have been really busy, l have my first house inspection by the agents next Thursday, apparently they carry them out every three months which is l think a little invasive, but hey ho in conparison to what my last landlord practised which was in the whole four years we were there – one visit – l guess l shouldn’t grumble!

But l am quite pleased with today so far – housekeeping, gardening, washing and internal window cleaning and now writing this post up. Afterwards l have more to do with the lower part of the house. I break the cleaning up into lower and upper over three days. It is not untidy nor dirty, but l like to keep on top of things and more so with a house like mine with all the pictures and ornaments and so on.

I was very pleased with being able to get out into the garden for a long overdo tidy up and a weeding. So today has been a good productive day…

Someone asked me the other day how was the exercise going? Very well, as l said jokingly to a friend recently – my gluteus maximus has the ability to crack walnuts and with enough practice l could probably then shoot the spent shells direct out of my ass with accuracy! I now cycle for roughly 10-20 minutes a day, do perhaps 300 steps and 40 swing arcs and the fat is no longer a big issue, but the muscle is now toning up. I still weigh 13 stone, but that is mostly the muscle that is dominant.

I feel good.

Anyway, just a touch base with y’all and l hope you enjoyed the walk and the photography – catch you next time.

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20 thoughts on “Morning Musings

  1. That last picture… those trees have such character!! The water rats look well fed and the squirrels look squirrely. Very pretty birds too.

    A brisk walk is good to get the blood pumping, but a nice slow stroll is good for the spirit!

    Poor Suze! I’m glad she has friends near hospital to stay with. It’s a good idea to have someone close by, especially since there were hiccups. Give her my best.

    Cracking and shooting with accuracy now, is it?? That’s talent, that is!!😂😂😂


    1. I will do, many thanks Grandma 🙂

      Absolutely that’s a 100% straight ass shooting talent!

      The water rats do very well indeed. They only come into the moats during the winter months and they do so because they learned that come winter/autumn etc, people start feeding the ducks 🙂

      The squirrels are afoot and asunder with burying their nuts deep in the bush ………… oooher!!

      Snarkle!! 🙂

      Yes l have noted with a keen interest the character of the trees too.

  2. Enjoyed your lovely nature photos, being able to join you mentally in your walk and musings very much, Rory. Thank you for sharing. I continue to hold Suze and you in my HEART, wishing you well. Hope you are having a good night and sweet dreams.

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