The Curious Case Of …

The Curious Case Of ….

….. The world is filled with questions and so am l??

How curious are you as a person?
Don’t confuse ‘curiousness’ as being nosey as there is a huge difference between the two …. See Episode 1  for the introduction to this series.

I have to be honest and say l am tiring of all this prolonged rainfall we are experiencing – it has been an extremely wet autumn, this could mean a seriously bad winter. They forecast a bad winter, but then ironically they also didn’t forecast ALL of this rain! So what are we to believe?

Last year we had a mild autumn, but some of you may recall from the various series l ran, we had an absolutely appalling winter. Then of course we had the start of this year ……….. England was drowning and yet Australia was burning. a bit later on then China was dying! Then not long after that and the world started to die with them!

Why can’t the weather centres get it right? Is it because it actually IS rocket science and they are only meterologists? Is there a huge difference between meteorology and rocket science? I mean the meteor folks have to understand atmospheric chemistry and physics and rocket scientists need to understand the dynamics of aerospace and the ins and outs of rocket design.

Yet, sometimes my right knee acts funny when it is about to rain and then it does …….. rain!! Farmers who are NOT remotely concerned with the likes of rocket science or meteorology can tell the weather and what it is going to do …. so why can’t the damn weather centre folks get it right? The average salary for weather forecasters ranges between £28 – 35, 0000 per annum! The average salary for a rocket scientist is nearly £120,000 per annum!!

Farmers can expect to earn anywhere between £25 – 35,000 per annum …… why don’t we simply make farmers weather forecasters and forecasters farmers?

Just one of the many questions l think of!

Other things l think of when thinking of questions to ask are — what are really dumb questions and why do people ask them and is asking what are really dumb questions a dumb question in itself? Do l honestly want to know the answer to the really dumb questions?

Maybe l do, because is a really dumb question really a really dumb question in the first place? Is that not just an interpretation from someone else’s thinking and that maybe what l might term as a really dumb question from my perspective is actually an unanswerable question from someone else’s perspective? I mean, what or how does one even begin to describe a dumb question?

All questions have answers – right? Even the supposedly dumb ones have an answer – a question requiring a simple yes, no or maybe still gets answered by either, yes, no or maybe?

Just another question l had … you know?

Something else that was on my mind was – why are the current candidates for the President of the United States so old?? Why is it seemingly only the elderly running for this office? I mean sheesh, Biden and Trump are both in their mid to later 70’s?? Is it the belief that the elderly are completely wise?? Because that’s not entirely true as we well know. Are the elderly more progressive than the youngers?? I think there is a minimum entry requirement age of mid thirties or something? Yet, the candidates are 100% older than that! Why??

Is it a trust thing? An experience issue? I don’t get it .. we have enough problems with the UK and we have had a huge age range of Prime Ministers in Downing street. Boris is 56 and yet William Pitt the Younger was PM at 24 – okay that was a few hundred years ago – BUT Still … you know? I think the average age of UK PM’s is around the early 50’s. But mind you, John Major was no spring chicken when he took up office at 70!!

Yeah, that was also another one!

Does curiousness mean you ask more than normal questions or does it mean you ask more questions than normal? Also, what is a curious question? Is a question looking for an answer otherwise unknown not asked by a curious questioner? What are they after if not purely an answer to their question? What point in time does a basic question become a ciurious question?

Why exactly did Alice say ‘Curiouser and curiouser?’ When she simply could have said ‘Oh how strange!!” As opposed to simply saying’ Stranger and Stranger!” Because Stranger and strangerer may not have been answered, but merely questioned further in a curious manner!

Of course, NOT all questions require a curious answer, sometimes it is merely a inquisitive probe seeking answers? Although one might enquire why someone is probing anyone inquisitively??

So l guess, l should ask, about now from you all – what do you think makes for a curious question and by curious l don’t mean bycurious, just curiousby the way?

25 thoughts on “The Curious Case Of …

  1. Bi-curious? Uh….slippery slope there dude. As to the USA ‘question’, I personally think we have old fart candidates (who are neither one any good IMHO) because nobody younger will step up to the plate and try to be elected. Even if someone younger did, it’s entirely possible, that right now in U.S. History, that the general public would never hear of them anyway. The ‘big’ parties (Democrat and Republican) have hogged the field too greatly and influenced, bribed or intimidated the news sources (including internet ‘news’) so greatly that nobody dares to promote an ‘outsider’ candidate. I strongly feel that America is doing herself in by allowing the current situation to exist and that the old farts are going to further ruin our country. The Orange Faced Baboon has done a lot of the job already, whomever gets in this time will only finish the job. It’s terrifying.

    1. I dread what may happen to the States.

      If Trump wins another term in office …. well that’s pretty scary – but equally if Biden was to win – what is he taking on board except a major and colossal political situation with no easy win.

      Trump could lose office, but still rue the day because of his appalling administrative handling of the USA and yet l hear and watch the news and as much as he is hated, he seemingly is also loved.

      I don’t get it.

      But l think it is sad that there are no other candidates for the position.

  2. Don’t all questions come from being curious? I haven’t the foggiest idea what bycurious is.
    When I was teaching one part of every lab was to have the students ask questions they still had, after the lab. It was often difficult for them because they were so used to answering questions with just one specific answer. It frustrated them to have to think outside the box.

    1. Hey Lauren, yeah a lot of people don’t like asking and or answering questions from outside of the box – because it means they have to think sidewards and conventionally they have been taught and trained and have learned the behaviour to answer straight 🙂

  3. Old white men seem to hold a lot of power in general in the U.S. There were some good younger candidates in the Democratic race, but the party decided to go old.

    I like questions that start off leading to refrigerators but end up leading to black holes. Not those two things specifically, but questions that open up multiple areas of bycurious curiousby.

    1. That second paragraph is a fluffing awesome saucesome answer Ashley 🙂

      As to the first part l shudder at the prospects of the old guard winning the day.

  4. Asking questions is a sign of curiosity. And inquisitiveness. You want to know, you ask. But the rhetorical questions are just time fillers or wasters!

  5. All of life is one big question and living is the search for answers.
    I want to know EVERYTHING! I want to know about the stars and the deeps of the ocean… I want to know about every country on Earth and all the people, plants animals, buildings and beliefs… EVERYTHING!

    Rich Old White Men have the power… CEOs of Corporations… they control the politics with their moolah. The gun lovers and bible thumpers love Trump cuz he tells them it okay to hate anyone not like them.
    I’m terrified the US may see another Civil War, or the gun totin’ wingnuts may go shooting up anywhere and everywhere. I think the only reason everyone is supporting Biden is they think he appeals to enough Moderates or Independents to take votes that would otherwise go to Trump by default. There are a LOT of places here in the States where your Father would’ve fit right in. Tueday night is gonna be a very nervous night! We may be celebrating Bonfire Night with you guys on Thor’sDay… without the fun☹

    1. Well l seriously hope that your Bonfire Night does indeed become a night of fun 🙂

      You are quite right, l have also observed that those who follow Trump are in many respects minorities that believe they should be majorities – tyrants, racists, homophobes, gunnies and Bbashers and the list goes on and THEY support him, because he is those very traits himself. You are right my Father would have fitted in very nicely in some areas in the States.

  6. Hahaha… 😂 too many questions…and not sure every question has an answer 🤪
    A curious question? Not sure as every person has its curiosity…🤪 So maybe a curious question for me is not a curious question for others…hahaha…

  7. I have sometimes had a question over the person who trains me to do a job at work. For weeks they train me, pointing out my mistakes, insisting I perfect the skill, constantly correcting me. My manager highlights what they think I did wrong and show me the process all over again. Then they tell me from now on it will be part of my job. Then I go on annual leave or I am away with Ben so have to work remotely, so I cannot do that task because I am not in the office. When I get back my manager says nobody else knew how to do that task when I was away. My manager does not know, the person who trained me does not know. Did they have complete amnesia? How is that what they made themselves seem like tyrannical experts in – they now do not know how to do? Hmm.

  8. Here’s a curious question (I think) – why do they make shoe laces whose job it is to stay tied, out of slick thread that definitely does not stay tied? I much prefer the cotton ones that stay tied 😊

    1. Haha indeedy Suzanne, why do they do these things? Incorporate improved ideas and ideals for ease that if anything always seemingly defy the logic of the end user? 🙂 Like you, cotton all the way for me too.

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