Nights Filled With Passions!

The image above is the Agents actual online advertising photo in June 2020 of the Master Bedroom, but was classed as Bedroom 1 – sorry about the grained look it displays.

The mini gallery below are the photos l took on the 6th July when l collected the keys.

Nights Filled With Passions!

The Dappery Sett


The Master or Main bedroom however you term the place where you finally hit the sack for the night is the largest of the three bedrooms here in Willow. It faces the street directly whereas the Guest Bedroom faces the back garden and yet despite that whilst not 100% quiet, it is quieter than where l type now in the Livenden.

There are many reasons for that but mostly because the bedroom is the final room l am in of the day. Of course l start the day there too, but at night when l retire which is around the 11.45 – midnight mark – the traffic has eased off considerably and then the thicker curtains take over and block out the noise quite well really.

But also, you get used to the traffic in the main and it’s only the seriously and deliberately louder individuals with oblivion in their brains that make the noises of the noticed – boy racers and boy bikers? Is that a term? You know them as “Those absolute nobs on two wheels that insist on revving through a street when there is only one speed anyway!” It’s not even an older observation, they were Nobs when l was in my 20’s, 30’s and 40’s and they are still Nobbers in my 50’s!!” Their bike has more than brain than they do!

But it’s rare that l hear traffic of an evening when l am upstairs and as busy as Sandwich is during the day, from around 10.30pm it drops off!

When l saw the master bedroom, l knew that was the room l wanted for myself … it would be ideal for ‘expression’ and ‘personality’ it was quirky with it’s cupboards and it would be a good size for inspiration.

Bedrooms are not just places of deepened sleep or sensuality worship, they are the very hubs of inspiration. If you want to enrich your dreams then enrich the slumbersome, immerse yourself into a colourful vibrancy of diversity, allow your wildest deviant to run wild and paint the walls in a debauched manner if needs be. Whatever you do and whatever you allow yourself to do, then just make it yours completely.

Living again as a bachelor l allowed myself to wallow in an enthusiastic and almost obsessional passions – l allowed my brain free reign! My brain didn’t disappoint!

It might be hard for someone else to ‘room’ with me, although – who really knows what that means anymore anyway – but that’s why there is a guest bedroom — they don’t have to room with me, they can room by themselves and the only problem they might experience is if they didn’t have a fondness for nature!

I spend roughly on average between 6 – 8 hours in my bedroom [obviously l am asleep] – l have a bed that is simply divine and l adore it. How very odd to say that one adores their bed – but l do, it’s incredibly comfortable – but what helps that is when l retire for the night – l am always relaxed. It’s incredibly dark when the lights are out – to the point you cannot see your hand or really anything apart from a small sliver of silver above the top of the curtains as the street light reminds you it’s still there.

But it’s also deathly quiet apart from the casual ticking of the clocks – l have a thing for clocks – functional and ornamental alike – l like Time and when eventually you see the Livenden you’ll see that l have here five functional clocks displaying UK and International Time [l aim to add another 2 soon] and all l can hear when it’s quiet is Ticking and it’s so peaceful! But in the master bedroom l have several clocks, but only two that function.

The master bedroom embraces to the fullest measure my take or philosophy on Hedonism – which for me is entertainment, pleasure and business. It is the ultimate in satisfying and quenching my desires.

Here within The Dappery Sett the mascot is a Badger. It’s a species l have a lot of time for. They are omnivores from the family Mustelidae and Mephitidae and there are a few species such as the Honey, European, American, Hog, Japanese and quite a few after this .. the list isn’t infinite, but it is respectively long. I have seen so very few badgers alive in the UK even after all these years of residence which is now forty plus, l can still only count on one hand the amount of European Badgers l have seen in the flesh!

Badgers live in burrows beneath ground which are called Setts.

I was very fortuneate when l first moved to Sandwich to discover two sculptures for sale from of all places a ladies fashion store! They were of a Hound and a Badger in a Steampunk style which some of you know is a passion l also have and both pieces were ‘quite dapper’ – hence you can see now, where this room acquired its name and why and from which animal.

So in order for me to dream deeply and be totally relaxed and immersed into my creative imagination … l had to have a bedroom that was totally and unmistakenly me and the only way to do that was to encourage my passions and so my bedroom is quirky and eclectic to the extreme! Here you’ll find tasteful erotica and pin up, steampunk, motivation, militaria, horology [clocks], a fascination with Time and philosophy, a sense of forever fun, bawdy tongue in cheek and boyishness, animals, the unusual and the unexpected, kettles and antiquated ornaments, cushions and of course a love for teddy bears!

Like most of the house, this room is roughly 95% completed But l am very happy with it.

Do l dream now? Oh yes indeed, now and how l do so dream!

Hope you enjoyed the tour, see you next time. Thanks for reading.

16 thoughts on “Nights Filled With Passions!

  1. I must admit this post did make me laugh – at the variety and vageries of personal tastes and preferences. I’m a minimalist…less makes me happy. I’m a bare bones person…tho over the years I have caved into adorning my walls with photos and other “decor”. I’m looking around my living/dining room as I type this and while there is little rhyme or reason to the wall decor it does please me…and I could easily strip the walls bare and still be happy. I could never sleep in a totally dark room, I need light all the time, I need to be able to see outside…is that my claustrophobia kicking in?

    1. Hey Grace it could well be either claustrophobia or an anxiety phobia of darkness and confined spaces. Suze loves darkness but needs light all the time for her SAD – there is an irony there.

      I lived with plainess for too long and the variation of the variety stimulates my brain – but everyone is different 🙂

      Some would find this overwheming and others would not be bothered and l am of the latter and yet Suze would be like you 🙂

      1. I don’t call it plainess I call it light and bright and airy and open and free! (Liking Suze more and more all the time LOL How is she BTW? I read your posts, I think of her…)

        1. Thanks for your wishes Grace, sadly Suze is poorly, l will write of it tomorrow. I always tell her of everyone’s greetings and she is always appreciative so thank you 🙂

  2. Love your room JB! Every single piece. When you wrote about the glass head, gas mask & top hat I was hoping that’s the way they’d be displayed.
    All those steampunk animals and no Giraffe? Too bad, eh?
    Light, dark… noise, silence🤷🏼‍♀️ I either sleep or I don’t. The external environment rarely determines. It *can* affect my dreams, and I am a light sleeper so some noises wake me… others don’t.

    I’m sure I’ve seen badger… at the Zoo. Our Zoo is “World Famous” you know.😉😂


    1. Hey Grandma, I know, but there wasn’t a giraffe available at the time, although l believe there is now ironically!

      I knew you’d like the room and l also knew you’d love the combi – l just saw it as a set and the ‘head’ wasn’t part of it, but l said l want all three pieces and they were like “Well okay then!!”

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