Ooops!! Just How Dropsy Plopsy Are You?

Ooops!! Just How Dropsy Plopsy Are You?

Yesterday l was in the Bear Rescue Centre here in Sandwich, it’s not called that, it’s actually called Basil & Rose. They are listed as an Antique and Modern Collectable store. They are great, because the store is basically like Willow here as in it’s filled with all their passions from childhood as well as their teenager to young adult years. It’s eclectic and diverse and fun and entertaining and l love it!

Rose is principally the main bear rescuer and Basil is the repair Doc … but l wasn’t there yesterday specifically ‘rescuing a bear’ .. l mean yes l did, rescue another bear – these are complex rescues – if anyone asks, that’s what l tell them. I donate to rescue them and award them a home filled with as much love as Rose and Basil award! Currently l have three ‘such rescues’ here that make up for The Willow Bears. But those tales are for another time!!

No, yesterday l was there because on Saturday l had seen something that l couldn’t resist for the house here … a Top Hat and a Gas Mask and a Glass Head! It’ll make more sense soon enough and more so when l create the next The Blokes New Digs post that deals with it. But that’s why l was in there … well and the rescue and a couple of other bits, as well .. moving along, say no more, ahem!!

As l was talking to Rose and Basil in my typical masked up jovial and laughing animated manner – as in arms and legs at times everywhere, l accidentally walked backwards onto a large plate!!

“”Ooooops!!” l suddenly gulped, when l heard what l thought was breaking ceramic! Luckily for me as the plate was around Β£40 that it wasn’t breaking, it was merely a case of l had slightly scuffed it with the back of my heel and slid it into a pile of ceramic plates – hence the sound!

We joked at that point and l recounted the story of the Accidental Gem Stone of 1973 when l was 10 and living in Springvale South in Victoria in Australia. At that time, my mother was very much into gemstone jewellry and not just the collection and wearing of it, but the crafting of bespoke pieces for sales.

She had all the kit needed, polishers, buffers, tweezers and everything else and every Saturday we all had to trek down to the town and visit the local gemstore. Whenever we were there, we were under strictest instructions to NOT touch anything!!

I loved going … but l hated going — because for a fellow like me who adores pretty sparkly colours, a gemstore is an accident waiting to happen! This day, two accidents happened, both scarred for life!!

You see, l had a real passion for some of the Amethyst displays, they were just so pretty and they were like little tiny glitsy glittering sparkly slivery rocky caves all wrapped up in a stone!! [Yes it is a mouthful!] I saw one and it was huge – my parents were busy and l thought “Well only a little touch, what’s the worst that can happen??”

Some things shouldn’t be poked and some things are not designed for ten year old boy fingers to poke at or in. It was a little hole in the centre of this glittering Amethyst and l had to poke it ……….. what happend? $500 of accidental poking happening and my finger shattered the internal workings of the stone … we had to buy it or somehow replace it – the latter impossible because it was unique!!

Damn, but l was smacked so hard and so much that l was smacked right out of the store, l was smacked on the sidewalk, l was hurled against the car and then my fingers were shut in the car door, not intentionally – but l was smacked, injured, and grounded for like … 3 months. My pocket money was docked for a year ……….. it was a poke too far!! Dropsy to the extreme!!

Maybe, l will write the story of that one day, but what’s the point now haha, you get the jist. The question however is this…

What is the worst clumsiest and most costly of accidental errors you have ever had the misfortune of making?

Let me know below.

23 thoughts on “Ooops!! Just How Dropsy Plopsy Are You?

  1. Oh that level of punishment was totally unwarranted.
    As for how clumsy I am? You need not ask as I have listed my many oops moments. I have so many of them that I cannot even recall most of them. Maybe my mind has intentionally shut them off because of the embarrassment I feel about them. The latest was a few days ago in a mall. I tripped on the step of a small staircase leading to the food court. I fell to my knee and ultimately on my right arm and face. Lucky for me that there was no lasting damage but a bruised shoulder and a small bruise on my nose. It was the fastest get up and go that I executed in my recent history.

    1. Haha – l can just see you doing that Sadje and l can see how you suddenly got up and left – l know l shouldn’t but YOU know l am laughing right ? πŸ™‚

    1. Oh l hate that!! Having to replace a perfectly good glass of water!!!

      That aside of course …. l can imagine the air that surrounded you that day Blue and Sparky tensions. Replacing a laptop, damn that hurt.

  2. So happy for your wonderful connection with Basil and Rose, Rory and wishing I could go there, too! So sorry you had to experience such drastic retribution for simple childhood curiosity and wish I could have helped somehow. πŸ˜‡πŸ’–πŸ€—

    As for my accidental errors, about 40 ago, I made a tremendous effort to mentally go back into past memories and deliberately erase such incidents (right or wrong it was necessary at that point for survival) and replace them with happier ones. It is a technique that has served me well ever since. 😊 Maybe I now live in “LaLa Land” as a result, but it certainly is a more pleasant place to be.

  3. I have horrible oopsy dropsy. Recently I was dropping just about everything. I was starting to wonder if the nerve damage was worse.

    As far as cost… I tend to stay away from breakable things. But… when I was young, 8 or 9 I *begged* my mother to let me wear her aquamarine ring to school. She finally gave in… and I lost it on the playground. I felt horrible and dear ol Mom made sure I felt worse for many years after. She *still* occasionally brings it up.

    Mostly these days I just drop my body onto objects, causing injuries to my body. The latest bad one was when I landed on an ornamental wrought iron fence and bruised my liver and ribs. That hurt for weeks!
    Before that was falling and splitting my shin open. I refused to go get stitches, so Older Daughter patched me up and a month later it was completely healed.

    Gravity sucks!πŸ˜‰


        1. If we’re giving me extra for the clumsiness, you better add more than one foot… make it 11 feet tall! 11 is a reoccurring number in my life.πŸ˜‰πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£

  4. I’m not a dropsy plopsy person at all – or rather the only thing I have ever dropsy-plopsied on a regular basis was myself. I can trip over a non-existent wrinkle in a rug…and I used to fall UP stairs on a regular basis – now I just avoid stairs LOL

    1. Haha, l know that feeling well Grace, l have the most dreadful corner on the stairs in this house and before the master bedroom was ready l used to sleep in the guest room, well if during the night l stumbled out of bed for a pee if l had take the wrong turning, l often used to feel the edge of the steps under my toes!! They are the stairs that would kill a person!

      But l understand all too well tripping over air also πŸ™‚

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