The Teddy Bear Stories – Pussyfluff The Dirty Nosed Bear

Meet Pussyfluff The Dirty Nosed Bear

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The Teddy Bear Stories – Pussyfluff The Dirty Nosed Bear

The Teddy Bear Stories

Welcome back to The Teddy Bear Stories – it’s been a while and because of the unintended break we experienced earlier this year with the arrival of the you know what! So I decided to restart the series and call it Season 2. You may recall our last episode was back in June [26th] about 4 months ago really!

The Teddy Bear Stories – Bruno Bear”‘

I would like to introduce you today to a lovely member of the Bear clan and her name is Pussyfluff The Dirty Nosed Bear.

She is a feline and some might say she is not so much a Bear – well according to Henry and Mickey [and bear in mind that Mickey is of course a mouse!] They say anyone who joins the clan is a bear at heart even if they are a mouse, dog or cat, giraffe, tiger and or even a horse like Nayonlii! It’s not what you look like, but your attitude that matters! If you think you are a bear, you are a bear even if you are a mouse, you are a mousebear! Therefore Pussyfluff The Dirty Nosed is indeed Pussyfluff the Dirty Nosed Bear!

Above is the original bear family pre-my father’s death in 2018 and his bears joining the clan – this image is taken in Willow as opposed to the below image which was taken in Hillyfields [previous house to today].


Pussyfluff used to live beneath Nayonli. But you can see that the original members of the clan have been mostly covered – not completely, but mostly. We still have Rosie Bear, Wild Thing Gorilla Bear and Chokolatty Bowed Bear, Flatsy Dawg and Tiggery!

After that we then start to tell the stories as best as we can about my father’s bear clan and finishing the series will be the newer additions to the clan “The Bears of Willow!” Now with the latter well, there may well be future additional ‘Specials’ if you wish to the series on account of the fact that l have acquired several new bears since being in Sandwich. Hence the inclusion to the series of “The Bears of Willow!”

Just sitting here thinking about it there are six new bears to the clan – not new as in totally brand new, but new as in old bears – but they each have their stories to tell. I am very fortuneate to have here in this town a bear rescue centre!!! I know what you are thinking … “Well he doesn’t live with Suze anymore, so what stops his over rescuing now??!” Simply put? Nothing – but l do exercise moderation – but l have rescued of sorts these new clan members! I may even rescue some more!

Anyway l digressed ….

Pussyfluff joined the clan way back in 2011 – 9 years ago, at that point l believed her to be roughly 6 years of age which would place her birth with Fancy [manufacturer] in 2005 which means that she is 15 years of age.

She wasn’t so much of a sympathy rescue as such, but more of a ‘Please give her a better home than this smelly old box Rory’, kind of rescue.

Back in 2011, l was helping with the tidying up of an elderly ladies large double garage, mm, well that’s an understatement really of sorts …. her double garage was next to her house and l had already tidied that up, but next to the garage was a huge barn!!

You see, back in 2011 l was living in a forty foot metal box called a static caravan on the fens in Lincolnshire. My landlord’s wife asked me to help her mother move some boxes in her garage … to do so would mean a reduction on my rent which was appallingly high for what l received … but anything that assisted with the reduction meant l could buy more food for myself and my two girls – Scrappy and Dora.

I agreed, but l also did with reluctance because when ever l did work for the landlords l was never paid properly – l considered receiving £2 an hour good wages [long story not for today!] but much of the time l was seriously underpaid if at all. However there wasn’t much choice in truth.

When l arrived down at the mothers, l was met by a lovely woman who l did like immensely and she showed me 12 boxes in her double garage and said if l could move those boxes into the barn and tidy that up she would pay me £30 in addition to whatever the landlords knocked off my rent!

I was shocked! £30!!? Well l agreed ……….. what is the problem with a mere 12 boxes being moved 30 feet into the side door of the barn?? Well for starters – if that had been it … nothing! BUT, inside the barn was an additional fifty boxes that needed sorting!

The instructions were quite simple — tidy up boxes, go through and sort out for charity jumble sale, pack up remaining boxes and stack against far wall.

Still worth £30 in my books …………. l sorted through toys, books, crockery, cuttlery, glassware, cobwebs, small ceramic ornaments, candles, rotten linen, shower curtains, old pipes and the list went on and on and on. It was dusty, smutty and dirty work. The boxes had been collected over a period of five years from assorted house clearances she and her late husband used to do as a hobby. They would then clean the items up and sell them at bootfairs and award the proceeds to charity!

But when he died, so too did her enthusiasm and passion and so all that really happened was the boxes of once prime charity profit just gathered dust.

It may have been box 55 or something when l chanced upon the Fancy Cat which is what she is. Her brand name is Fancy and she is a cat. But the mother informed me that when the Fancy Cat had been donated by a lady her name was Pussy Something after one of the Bond films [you may recall, a favourited Bond girl from yesterdays post?]

“Galore?” I ventured, “Strange name for a cuddle cat isn’t it?”

“Well yes, but her husband had a strange sense of humour and he also had a strange sense of marital duty, he had several affairs with her friends and was always calling someone else Pussy Galore! She divorced him, took him for every penny and promptly donated this cat to me to seek a better home!”

“Oh right, wow that’s a serious bit of history for this fluffy cat. She has a very dirty nose you know?” I said.

“Yes, she does, l doubt it will ever come out, she has been in this box for a few years now. We may as well throw onto the fire.”

“Oh no, you can’t do that Helen, that’s not fair for this catbear!” I quipped.

“Do you want to keep her? Why? Ooooooooooh wait a moment, you collect teddybears don’t you, Shana was saying that. Well l tell you what Rory, keep her, maybe you can get her clean again?”

That’s how ‘Pussy’ came into my clan of bears. But, l couldn’t call her simply Pussy or Pussy Galore – but l could call her Pussyfluff and l did. She became further known as The Dirty Nosed Bear on account of whatever l tried to do to clean her snout nothing worked. It appears that in addition to everything else – someone tried to brush her muzzle with glitterpaint. So the ‘dirty’ aspect is fixed. After that, she was officially name Pussyfluff The Dirty Nosed Bear!

I can’t even remove the dusty smell and scent she has – but it awards a very homely lived in personality.

So there we go another tale for The Teddy Bear Stories – my thanks as always for reading.

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  1. Goodness Gracious! I’ll bet she has some interesting stories to tell. Gold paint, eh?
    Well, nevermind… she’s lovely and it was very nice meeting her and reading her rescue story.


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