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The Hello
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The Hello – A Jolly Good Morning To You
Sunday 25th October 2020 – Season 13 – Series 09

Here’s wishing all todays guest stars a truly fabulous Sunday – to help you get the most of today here are some of the albums of the music you enjoy to listen to!!

A special welcome back to Betty of Guideline’s Web who recently returned to the community a few days ago after an absence of a few months. Good to have you back again!

My Sunday Album Choice

The Hello – Season 14 – Series 10 – Begins Sunday 1st November 2020

It’s A Beautiful Day – A Jolly Good Morning To You!

The Breakfast Club Collective – Introducing Mini Featurettes

2 Guest Stars Daily – 4 Favourited Musical Tracks – 1 Daily Feature – Sociality

New Publish Time 6.00am

Just a few of the special looks the Ramparts circular had for me over the last week or so. We had surprise surprise quite a bit of additional rain – so the days of sun or dry weather were few and far apart – but we are now in the phase where winter is just starting to creep in and take a hold. The trees are displaying some absolutely stunning appearances with the sun and it’ll not be long before the vast majority of leaves do that impressive drop all move they have at times overnight!

But also the smaller gallery is part of the preparation of the new layout which starts a week today when Mini Featurettes comes into its own.

Thanks for reading and remember to have a thoroughly great day!

20 thoughts on “The Hello

  1. The first video/group was new to me. The rest are happily in my wheelhouse. Have a great Sunday. I treated myself to some freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and milk for a bedtime snack.

  2. Hey JB, lovely photos! Sorry to read that today was rainy again☹ The Guessers were predicting rain for us last night and this morning… it’s been completely cloudy, but Mr Sun is valiantly trying to burn away the clouds.

    What kind of camera is it that you just got? I know you wrote about it, and I meant to note it down but 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️ I forgot. I want to get an actual camera instead of always using the one in my phone.

    I hope your evening is going well!

    1. I have a Sony DSCWX350 Digital Compact Camera that l bought as a back up to my monster and oddly enough, it’s all l use when in town.

      We still have rain and the damn clocks went back today and with the amount of clocks l have in this house hahahahahahahaha NOT! Nightmare Lmao!

      1. Yikes! I didn’t think about time change with all your clocks.
        Ours doesnt change until next weekend. So we’ll be 7 hours apart for a week. That’s enough to confuse anyone🤪

        1. Yes. For one week, then our clocks go back at 2am next Sunday and we’ll be 8 hours apart again. West Coast anyway. East Coast will be 4 & 5… confused yet?🤣🤣🤣

  3. Thank you so much, Rory, we all thoroughly enjoyed this! Bud and I enjoyed the variety, but I think we liked Prince’s album best. The Featherlies had a great time jamming along to them all throughout the afternoon. It is so nice to be back and have the opportunity to benefit from your expertise again. Wishing you a wonderful night and sweet dreams. 😊

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