Dear Blog – 14.25 – 25/10/20

The Best Way To Pass Time Is Very Smoothie!

I have had the kit to make a smoothie now for several weeks, but l wanted to share the first time experiencing with Suze – or l should say ‘If l was going to sport a new smoothie look, l wanted the guinea pig to wear it first!’ I am always clumsy and Suze is way better at things than me!

Suze was over at mine yesterday, she starts her combo chemo/radiotherapy tomorrow – l got it all a bit confused earlier and thought she was only on this for ten days, however she is actually set to receive this stage of the treatment for 7 weeks not including weekends thank goodness but still 35 days of this and the doctors, consultants, specialists and nurses have all said this is the hardest stage of the journey. So we wanted to have a fun day together before it all began.

The Penny Dropped

Suze cut my hair yesterday which was starting to get longer, we worked on her blog – l have to say l am glad l am not starting a new blog with Block Editor because it bloody sucks! It used to be much easier, but since the change – well l am not impreessed. I don’t mind block editor as in now with an established blog – don’t get me wrong there are still major jiggles l have with it and in layman’s terms it can be a right royal PITA at best of times! It’s over complicated for starters and demographically unfair.

But l am used to it now – but yesterday going through a new set up with Suze and l wanted to baseball bat my feeling towards WordPress!! It’s not the same … the themes are not brilliant starter themes either. I paid for a full year for Suze on a Personal plan, and if she decided she wanted to go further then we would look at a Premium plan and that would l think probably offer her more in so far as Customised Themes in design.

But we spent time on that yesterday, and l will help her this week with her About page.

We went out for a walk before all this annoying rain started – [yesterday at 4pm] which is still giving it droplets now!! Picked up some bits and pieces and visited a couple of charity stores – they are good fun.

Incidentally – l am starting a new series in the new Mini Featurettes called Bargain Hunters which will be about …….. YEP you guessed right – bargains – be these new, old, antique, reclaimed, found, hunted or scavenged out and secondhand. A lot of my house has been furnished this way surprisingly enough! It will also look at recycling and upcycling projects. But you will learn more about the newly styled Hello next week when l create a post about the changes for the seasons 14 and 15.

We had a list of things we needed to tick off our to do lists 1] Suze’s blog, 2] Hardware store, 3] Suze’s Cancer schedule, 4] My haircut, 5] Finance admin and 6] Creating smoothies!!!

All were smoothiely achieved and Suze didn’t get covered at all, not once!!

We learned quite a bit yesterday … mostly that as much as some blenders can handle frozen fruit this blender can’t, so this morning when l made another smoothie, l played the game slightly different to yesterday as in l defrosted the frozen fruits first – because yesterday was so bloody cold we both nearly covered each other with our first mouthful!

The smoothie yesterday was soya vanilla yoghurt, a splash of soya milk, chopped banana, sliced peaches and nectarine and it was very nice indeed. Just too damn cold because we used frozen fruit as opposed to slightly defrosted. Mine this morning was the same blended mix and a lot more easier to drink – l just hope my stomach doesn’t react violently to it!!

Anyway, just thought l would share and so on that note – take care, catch you later!

12 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 14.25 – 25/10/20

  1. 😂😂 Suze’s face in that last picture definitely says “Too cold! Too cold!”
    Bananas are good for thickening if the yogurt causes problems.

    My best to Suze! I will keep her in my thoughts over the next 7 weeks, especially.

  2. Oh, Rory, that sounds so yummy we will have to give your combination a try.

    Looking forward to ‘Bargain Hunters’. Have always enjoyed exploring such stores myself.

    Thanks for sharing! Wishing you a wonderful rest of the day. 🌈 🎶🕊💞

  3. Thoughts and prayers to Suze. The smoothies look fantastic. I defrost the fruit, too…otherwise serious brain freeze. Looking forward to bargain hunters 🌻

    1. Yes, it’s what l now do – however sadly my stomach is telling me that smoothies may not be my friends. I have to strat the process of elimination and find out what is causing me a problem – haha typical, find something, like it and yet!!

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