Walks in Time

St Clements Church – Sandwich

Episode 4

History of St. Clement’s Church, Sandwich

I photograph St Clements Church more than St Peter’s or St Mary’s mostly because my circular walk around Sandwich takes me into closer proximity to St Clements than the others. Also, of the three l find St Clements more welcoming in so far as ambience. It’s more peaceful – the other two are just as attractive architecturally speaking but St Clements feels like more of a church if that makes for any sense? I could comfortably sit in the grounds of this church in comparison to the other two. It has almost a mgical quality to it and it makes me feel calm instantly .. when l take a stroll through the grounds l am always relaxed.

St Clements is a Norman church which is found on the eastern part of Sandwich and stands in a beautiful churchyard lined with trees, shrubbery and fruit blossoms. It is situated close to the Ramparts walk l take almost daily – weather permitting of course – and visitors can gain access via either Knightrider St or Church St. I tend to normally enter through Knightrider and exit through Church, as well as on occasion enter through Sandown Rd.

St Clements was quite probably built originally around the 11th century mark and completed in stages between the 12th and 14th century. The tower and the nave are the oldest parts , the chancel and north chapel are from the 13th century with the south chapel added during the 14th century. In 1948 it became the parish church of Sandwich and it is also listed as a Grade 1 building.

It has an extensive churchyard although as of yet l have not walked through the second part – l have photographed it from a distance – but it is hidden from view on the Ramparts walk and you can only see it and therefore know it is there once you are walking through the main churchyard itself. There are many intricately carved headstones present here also.

I would have gone in yesterday to take photographs as l couldn’t see a sign that forbade me to do so, however – there were people in there in prayer and l thought it not right to act all touristy. However all that aside it truly is a lovely, lovely church.

I will try and see about photographing the interior next time – but if you follow the link there are images there of inside also. Anyway, thanks for reading episode 4 of the series, catch you next time!

11 thoughts on “Walks in Time

  1. Ooh, I’d like to climb up the tower! So old… I wish we had things like that here.
    Thank you for sharing more of your beautiful village!


  2. I wish there were places like this here. This is one of my favorite series. You are right, this is a magical place. I hope when its appropriate you can explore more. Cannot wait to see 🌻

  3. The link is great but I look forward to a time when you can share the inside with us from your own perspective. It’s a beautiful church and yard. Its longevity amazes me. 😊

    1. It’s something l am also looking forwards to. But also some English churches are very odd about that kind of thing as well instead preferring to sell postcards to raise income, but we shall see πŸ™‚

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