What Really Freaks You Out??

What Really Freaks You Out??

Does anything freak you out, l don’t mean makes you feel uncomfortable as that is different – l mean stuff that has a weird unpleasant effect on you maybe physically?

I have two things that freak me out ……..

Anything to do with eyes!

I am really a big wussy when it comes to my eyes being fussed over – trips to the opticians are major events in my life – because of the puff thing that blows air into your eye – l squeal when that happens – literally! It’s a brave person that can get anywhere near to my eyes with eye drops or anything that gets them to within an inch of my eyeball and irrelevant to who they are .. l will flatten them! Which is terrible coming from someone who really doesn’t like violence!

But l can’t even watch operations on other people’s eyes on television or the big screeen or even in real life either!!

Slugs/Snot or Phlegm!

I am better with slugs these days, but when l used to live in Lincolnshire in the fens we had a black slug variety that measured maybe 7″ and after the rains they came out of the ground like waves of zombies!! They used to leave behind them long trails of slug slime which used to make me throw up – just by looking at them!!

But l am better now with slugs and more so since composting – not all slugs are bad and thankfully we have more snails here than slugs ….. BUT, l still have a problem with both snot and Phlegm – snotty kids, mothers wiping snot off their children’s faces and people hacking up that other stuff from the back of their throats and l can still throw up – just writing about it and l am already freaking out!!

I know where it started as well – years ago l had a cat called Pooh and sadly as she got older she developed a major Phlegm problem. Pooh used to sleep on my chest – l adored Pooh, but not her Phlegm disorder — anyway, one day l fell asleep and she fell asleep and when l awoke l yawned at the exact same time that she sneezed………… well that’s where my phobia with snot, slime, slugs and Phlegm began!!

Anyway, that two of my of my prime freaky phobia issues – what about you?

Does anything freak you out??

Let me know below!

49 thoughts on “What Really Freaks You Out??

    1. ………… any chance of an ocd issue there ……… l have moments of ocd madness and l can relate to that very much – a place for everything and everything has its place – provided it’s in order πŸ™‚

  1. Vomit. My stomach does flips when I see someone else throwing up. Short term, I put the chance of Trump getting re-elected in the same category as vomit.

    1. Actually, l know what you mean Vic – what is it with carrots and sweetcorn why are they seemingly there even if you haven’t eaten them?

      I used to see a lot of V when l worked in the catering industry in bars or after concerts – totally relate to that freakout and yes, l also would put the two together.

    1. As in with this blog? If so, you might try having a conversation with the engineers – in chat, provide as much information as you can and always include the blog links you are having problems with and they can then check that out.

      I had the engineers check out the blog about two weeks ago with this post https://aguycalledbloke.blog/2020/10/08/oh-i-am-textless/ and they sorted out the issue for folks.

      Or do you refer to something else?

  2. Eww vomit is gross even though the one who has vomited is probably just as upset by it. I don’t understand how people with anorexia can make themselves sick. I know it is a control think.

  3. American Cockroaches… the big ones🀒😱 and OMG they can fly…
    One crawled into my bedroom one night and I couldn’t sleep in my room. I was crying and rocking on the couch… Younger Daughter tried to find it and get rid of it for me… I stayed on the couch that night.

    I am also better about them… if I have a shoe to smack them with and as long as they don’t fly at me. I will run away, blubbering hysterically!

    1. Oh yes l know about them, l did a study once on cockroach species for a client – thankfully the American cockroach is a true flier otherwise l think everyone would have a huge fear of them – BUT , the fact that any cockroach can fly is still creepy enough sadly. I can honestly imagine the horror they could bring to someone.

    1. If on your left hand side of the screen in your dashboard you see the Word Plan with a drop down menu option, drop the menu and then you should see the word Plans. Hit that and it will bring up all the WP plans available and at the bottom right, you should see a Blue circle with a white ? in the middle. Hit that, and that opens up a panel – there will be a contact us in that panel and that will open up a chat window for you.

  4. I don’t freak out at much of anything … except (shudder) fish! To me they are creepy with their staring eyes and their mouth going open and closed …and gills …horrors! I have nightmares about them rising up out of an aquarium and floating toward me. I’m better than I used to be, though, if I see one on TV, I’ll just hurry and change the station or leave the room in a hurry. πŸ™‚

    1. Hey Barbara, l remember reading a post you wrote about your fear of fish πŸ™‚

      Isn’t it funny about the things that freak us up, wonder what caused yours?

  5. Being in med school for four years has cured my utter dislike of body fluids. I don’t like them but I know they are natural. What I don’t like are the bugs like cockroaches or lizards in my space. If they are far away I won’t freak out. And I hate gory movies, the so called horror movies.

    1. I always find it weird with the medical profession, l once knew a brain surgeon who could do all sorts of things but if he saw an ant well he was gone like the wind – they freaked him out – strange.

      Body fluids you are fine with and yet bugs and lizards and you are like ‘aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!’ πŸ™‚

  6. I have never seen the large sized slugs you described or they would be on my list. Snot/phlegm is for sure a grossness to the max. Spiders don’t bother me. Cockroaches OMG get me out of there. I freak out for sure. Mice and rats are horrible and anyone who has them as a pet, INHO needs a thorough examination by a shrink.

    1. Ha ha – excellent – l know that sensation very well – l used to when training to be a chef and spending time in larder deliberately create the fish dishes to have their eyes set in a particular ‘freaky way’ for diners πŸ™‚

  7. Spontaneous Combustion. No I have not seen anyone do so nor have I come close. Was close to getting over my fear when I discovered on my washing machine a warning about spontaneous combustion and it returned. πŸ™‚

    1. Do you know how rare that is? That’s rarer than rocking horse poop! 200 cases in 300 years so 1 death per 1 and a half years , mm – maybe that’s quite high?

      Then there is the collective that says 150 cases over 2000 years …. l think however there is probably a higher chance of your washing machine self imploding though πŸ™‚

      1. This is seriously one of those absolute crazy fears. I use to screech when the ex would flick his lighter at me. As if that tiny little flame would set me agulf in flames. πŸ™‚

        1. Crumbs!! That’s really bad. I know people who live in the middle of the country that will not swom in the English sea in case a Great white attacks and kills them??? I am like what?? a Great white here, eating you??

          And they are like ‘Don’t laugh it freaks me out just thinking about it!!

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