Winged Radiance!

The image above is the Agents actual online advertising photo in June 2020 of what is currently my Guest Bedroom, but was classed as Bedroom 2 – sorry about the grained look it displays.

I sometimes wonder why l selected this house? I mean, l had seen a few houses prior to this … not in the usual fashion of course – since the arrival of Covid in March, house viewing changed accordingly – you couldn’t just get an appointment easily to view a property – so what you had to do was take a Virtual Visit that the letting agents published. This amounted to a walk in video and l took about a dozen of those. Yet all the properties l virtually toured, l could have been happy in also.

I ‘actually viewed’ in the flesh two houses. One over in Deal about 10 minutes walk from the town centre and this one in Sandwich at literally 2 minutes walk from the town centre.

I’ll not lie, both houses spoke to me, l know l could have been happy in either however ………. as a Town, Deal didn’t appeal – despite living in Kingsdown with Deal just down the road, as a town it didn’t dingdong my dingaling! But Sandwich did!

Now, in truth – as a single guy with very little sociality to his name and no longer living as a partner to another, l didn’t need the property l have here. This is a big piece of property. It’s actually in some respects bigger than the bungalow Suze and l shared in Kingsdown which was large – admittedly it had a massive garden because for most of our residency there we had a dog, we had Scrappy and we got the large garden for her.

What were my basic requirements?

Well …. ideally l wanted a garden – smaller and more compact than Kingsdown – l battled to and fro with this and l knew that with all the houses l was viewing l had wanted to shift away from the conventional gardening and composting l had been working in and with. I knew that my next garden would more than likely be container gardening.

I knew l needed a large office space or a space l could combine with the living room, l needed a bedroom, and a room for a guest bedroom. A kitchen and a bathroom. It didn’t bother me if it was all one level or there were stairs. It needed to be convenient to amenities or that they were within easy walking distance on account of the fact that l am a non-driver. But l also needed some dry space for storage of both furniture and boxes and if possible, it needed to be quirky!


So from that, l was looking for a 2 bedroomed spacious quirky town property with a small garden and what l have is a 3 bedroomed spacious quirky town property with a courtyard garden, a downstairs utility room and an upstairs bathroom and a really nice decently sized loungeroom. In respect of expectations l didn’t do badly – in terms of the WOW factor, l think l did really well!

Suze tells me that she is glad l ended up with Willow, because despite the other properties being nice – Willow won my heart, she spoke to me and l listened and whilst the other property in Deal spoke to me also, Canada as it was called fell through. It wasn’t meant to be …… whereas Willow told me we were supposed to become an US!

I couldn’t argue, there was something delightfully quirky about this property, everything about it spoke to me in a different way. So as nice as Canada was, l am glad it fell through.

Willow is bigger than l need by about 1 large room, but l manage to fill the spaces here pretty well considering.

The gallery below are photos taken on the 1st July a few days before officially picking up my keys on the 6th when l was allowed to come in and take measurements of the rooms.

The guest bedroom is a good sized bedroom, it is situated at the back of the property and away from the road – it’s a very comfortable room, l know – l slept in here for a good few weeks prior to moving into the master bedroom at the front of the house. It’s quiet and faces the back garden which as a courtyard is enclosed and private. All the houses around the guest bedroom are distanced from the windows, so no one can really see in.

It has a good nice boxy shape to it, it’s generous in portion and situated well as a bedroom for the house with the bathroom right next door. I’ll not have many visitors to my house that ‘ll use this room, most probably just Suze and maybe …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. maybe, my mother! You would have to actually know my mother and then you would understand my hesitation. But she MIGHT stay.

So, for this episode l give you the Guest Bedroom – aka Wings of Radiance – mascot ‘Winged Wildlife’

Many of you will know that l am very environmentally conscious, l have been eco orientated properly now for a good 35 years – l became hyperfocused on the plight of nature way back in 1985 and l have always had a respect for the planet. For the last 15 years, l have where l am able pledged support to conservation charities in either finance or volunteer activity.

There are no singular mascots for the this room – they are just Butterflies, Dragonflies, Bees and Birds and together they make up for what l think is a really lovely and charming, relaxing bedroom of conservation. Additionally to the winged species mentioned there are the usual quirks one should expect with me and that is the room has other aspects included in the decor such as animals, flowers and herbs.

Of all my rooms in the house, l have tried to make them all welcoming, but this room especially had to be way above and beyond the norm – so that any guest would hopefully feel at peace with both nature and themselves.

As far as completion goes l would say the room is close to 97% done and so without further ado – here she is! The photos in this gallery were taken yesterday over a two hour window 4.20pm and 6.20pm. The curtains are only half open because at that time the shadows in the room conflicts with the afternoon sun. The evening images were taken to show the room with the two lamps on.

I am really pleased with the end result and there are only a few small titivations to add to the finishing touches. I have some easy peel on and off Hummingbird stickers for the mirrors and the windows [the latter to prevent birds flying into the glass] and l am awaiting a couple of photographs to arrive to slot into the frames below the table.

Suze loves it – whilst reminding me that it, alongside the rest of the house would require dusting, but that’s a small price to pay in reality. She also asked if this room had the most images up on the walls? In the house in total there are 171 actual items that adorn the walls. The Guest Room has 24 items on the walls that include 1 wall clock and an additional wire that holds 10 decorative cards. Does this room have the most bed cushions or cushions in total? No, the master bedroom does!

Anyway, so there we go folks – another part of the tour completed – not much left to go. The bathrooms are not included in the tour because they are merely functional rooms and the other thing is that they are completely tiled floor to ceiling, this can make for more problems with hangings.

To come are The Loungeroom and the Master Bedroom and maybe the third bedroom… maybe, maybe not and then the tour will be done, however until then – thanks for reading – catch you next time!

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30 thoughts on “Winged Radiance!

  1. Bottom line, you need to be content in your own home. I’ve had many that jangled on my nerves when I couldn’t afford a change, and I’m so grateful to have this peaceful place now 💖

  2. This is looking so good Rory. The pillows and the spread are a seasonal special or will stay on after Halloween?

    1. Hey Sadje, they are not actually a Halloween design but they could be, they are in fact an environmental design about the natural decompostion found in nature 🙂

  3. Oh yes, I will be quite comfortable there! Birds and flutterbys and dragonflies… it’s like you decorated especially for me. You still have my “reservation” yes? 😉


  4. I do not know you or your mother – but I am kind of excited for you to have your mother over 👏👏👏❤️

    That will be soooooo special!!!! Just accept her for who she is… we are all just human. And she gave you life – laugh with her – have fun with her… be quirky and be yourself ❤️

    Yay!!!! Sorry I saw that and stopped reading – let me continue 😄✌️

    1. We have had this discussion before Trisha about my mother.

      The biggest issue is my mother subjected me to a form of cruelty when l was younger – it was munchausen syndrome by proxy – mum has bipolar [she never knew until much later] but she would ensure that in order for her to get attention she always made out her son was ill or would make him ill.

      I love my mother, but she can be awkward and she is not always considerate to how others live their lives.

      Bringing my mother over would be a very tough decision and just because she gave me life – yeah, l don’t buy into that she uses that when she tries to win an argument.

      As said it would be a tough decision for me.

      1. Oh I’m sorry… I did not know she mistreated you like “that” – I was not aware of those details ☹️ I’m sorry you went through that.

        I see why is hard for you now. That is kinda a tough decision

        How is your relationship now?

        1. As said, l love my mother and despite everything – l can sympathise with her BUT l have my limits also. I also have milder bipolar l can relate to her behaviours, but my Asperger’s struggles with her logic at times.

          For mum to visit she forgets that she is visiting her son per se, and suddenly uses visits as a kind of weapon against her friends [it is once more the MbProxy all over again and can make me wince] and comes across as vanity [others sometime see it as pride, but it’s not always that].

          Mum has a thing about always needing to be centred upon – l get it – l do – munchausen began for my mother because she wanted to be loved by my father, but as you may recall he was a brutal bastard who hit her] As she wasn’t getting attention from him, she tried to find solace elsewhere and for many years she subjected her son [between the ages of 5 – 14] to countless hospital visits. At 15 l became problematic with anger issues and demanded that it all stop!

          The knock on effect for me is that l now have a dreadful reluctance to EVER go to the dr’s or hospital, l could be dying and l just don’t want to go .. that stems from my mothers antics when younger.

          I love mum, but for her to come here there has to be boundaries and terms sadly.

          1. Ahhh I see. Yeah I know the condition you speak of but I have never actually known anyone with it… I can imagine is pretty intense and difficult.

            Just out of curiosity … you don’t have to say – you can always just tell me no / I ask stuff ✌️

            But do you know what her childhood was like? Before she met your father?

            Also on side note… cancer did that to me… the constant stream of doctors and hospitals just totally ughhhh nope!!! So I totally understand you there – I have to drag myself in there!!! Is awful… I hate the feeling – I hate the smell – I hate going!!! I hate everything about it!!

            Boundaries are good… you have to be sure can handle and if she will oblige

            That must be weird… cause on one hand as a (somewhat) normal person I think she must be so proud of her son!! But I see what you mean possible brag.

            But yeah how was her childhood?

  5. Ooohhh I like that room!!! Very cool!! Hahaha you were not kidding with how much you hung! Lol 😄

    Looks really nice – love the choices!

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