The Beginnings of Hello

The Beginnings of Hello


After reading some comments recently, l just thought l would write this post as a bit of fun and a walk down memory lane.

Something l always try and do when l meet new people is to make them feel relaxed. I have a gift, a way, a gift of the gab with people. Many people, many a time, people l don’t know or those who have just met me tell me, that l make them feel calm. I have a ‘way’ about me that they find ‘calming’. I don’t intimidate people, l don’t make them feel threatened. Within five minutes most people start telling me things and they sometimes say “I don’t know why l am telling you this seeing as we have only just met, but l feel l can trust you and that we have known each other for years, why is that?”

Not blowing my own trumpet, but l hear that a lot from people “I don’t know why l am telling you this seeing as we have only just met, but l feel l can trust you and that we have known each other for years, why is that?”

The reason 95% of people tell me this is because l do have a way of making new people feel welcome to me – l ask them questions about them, l make them feel good about them … but l am attentive to them – when l talk to new people, l make it all about them — l have over the years begun to understand people more and what they like and don’t like.

I love questions as many of you know, l ask questions in the hundreds every month both here in the blog and in real life. Without questions we cannot produce answers and without answers we cannot produce understanding and without understanding we cannot produce knowledge. All of these things … questions, answers, understanding and knowledge make us better people …. worked to the right configuaration it can make us welcoming as and of people.

Life’s too short to be rude all the time if at all, why be hostile when you can be polite, why be stand-offish when you can be open and why be discourteous when you can be welcoming?

Willow – my house – is very welcoming to people – those that have seen it – are bowled over by it and many feel a calm sweep over them – why? Because the house is actually a reflection of me – the house is very much a reflection of my blog. If l am calm, my house is calm, if my house is calm, l am calm and so too is both my writing and my blog.

There are two things l do to people l don’t know and l do know alike when l first meet them or see them again … l smile and l say Hello. There are variations of my greeting – Hello, Hey, Hi, Howdy, How are you doing, Good morning, Good afternoon and Good evening and a few more, but principally they are all universal greetings.

The Hello as you know it today started way back in January 2018 under a different names – Good Morning Folks!/Have a Great Day Folks!

My blog started in September 2017 and l tried to find my direction with my blog for the remainder of that year, and by the first quarter of the new year, l realised that one of the things l wanted to do was to say Hello daily to my readership and make that a permanent feature..

If l can say Hello to people l know and don’t know in real life – then l should easily be able to say Hello to those who read my blog virtually and daily.

Yesterday Lauren made a comment on the Plenty for 20! [11] ….

“Having as many followers as you do, I see the benefit of a HELLO each day. Have a great day/afternoon/evening/night.”

Lauren of ISS Attitude of Gratitude

…. so too did Grace.

 “Yours is a very welcoming blog, I enjoy the hell out of it.”

Grace of Just Tawkin’

Those two comments specifically deal with my feelings on The Hello and how l feel about saying Hello to people – l want my readers to feel welcomed by and to my blog. That’s what we all want as bloggers anyway. I am always gracious for all the comments l receive from my readers and l thank you as much today as l do always for your interaction with me.

However as l started saying … The Hello hits its Third Birthday January 2021.

It has come from relatively humble beginnings and over the last 33 months has changed the way it is delivered, seen and received by the readership. We are currently experiencing Season 13 – Series 9 and come November we will be having fun with Season 14 – Series 10.

I keep a record administratively of all the seasons in blog – but below are the seasons we have had so far. Some were long seasons, others much shorter – l have always tried to offer variety every time l changed .. as we approach the 14th season and the 10th series l am finding that The Hello is really finding its feet and direction finally. The reason there were so many shorter seasons was that l always wanted to try and introduce a newer feature.

During the various seasons we have had music, dedicated music, quotes, call outs, community call outs and more ….

Season TitleSeasonsDates
Good Morning Folks!/Have a Great Day Folks!01 – 0201/01/18 – 14/03/19 –
I Just Wanted To Say03 – 0415/03/19 – 24/08/19
Hello, Howdy, Hi There0525/08/19 – 19/09/19
Well Howdy Doody Folks0620/09/19 – 06/10/19
It’s A Beautiful Day and Greetings To You All!!07 – 0807/10/19 – 01/12/19
Have a Great Day Folks!0902/12/19 – 09/01/20
The Hello10 10/01/20 – 03/05/20
The Hello1104/05/20 – 21/06/20
The Hello1222/06/20 – 31/07/20
The Hello1301/08/20 – 31/10/20
The Hello1401/11/20 – 31/12/20
The Hello1501/01/21 –

Whilst we have had 14 Seasons, Series wise we are only on S10, this is because for the first four seasons l wasn’t classing them under Series as well. Series as in ‘distinct changes to the routine of The Hello’ were only really introduced with the Well Howdy Doody Folks Season and then truly came into their own with Season 10 of The Hello.

I always try and fine tune and change the deliverance of the Universal Greeting Post – offering more in variety and entertainment and sociality … it should be easy, but at times it can be one of the most complex of posts to create daily.

But it is ‘always worth it’ and as dear friends of mine recently said when l was discussing the new Season 14 with them off blog with regards the introduction of The Breakfast Club Collective and the Mini-Featurettes….

……. choosing music and photos takes a great deal of time and energy and then trying to get them installed properly, a veritable maze of technology.   


“Everyone seems to land on your morning post, even if they don’t read the other ones, so it’s a good place to put everything”.


These comments are true – we all know that it’s not always easy to work with the editors in WordPress and more so since the introduction of the Block Editor – it makes things harder to insert at times. When you then try to custom arrange music for individua//group tastes it can become difficult – but l like challenge and l genuinely like to make people smile – it becomes them, and smiling is still free!

So if l choose a pretty picture, add some nice musical listening and viewing in, throw in a quote occasionally, a couple of personal dedications and smile and say Hello to boot and if that makes some one feel special, inspired and or motivated and most assuredly not alone but welcomed and included in our community – then folks my job is done and my day is complete at that point ……….. that’s what The Hello, the Universal Greeting is actually all about for me.

That ‘s why l started it – to make my readers feel welcomed.

Thanks for reading, and l hope you enjoyed The Hello, the beginnings.

Who remembers these ?

29 thoughts on “The Beginnings of Hello

    1. Actually – l had that as a meme in 2018 Jeanne, it was one of the early ImgFlip memes in the very first season of Good Morning Folks!/Have a Great Day Folks! – l think mine was of a chicken Hollering ..

      Gooooooooooooooooood Morning WordPress 🙂

  1. Hello Rory. After saying I was taking a sabbatical from blogging I actually got mine to work for a change. A little balder than when I started, but at least I only tugged gently and used only almost nice words while writing. Didn’t get a chance to edit because it took off while I was trying to tag it, but after a couple of hours I’m ready to relax for a bit. Kinda feeling chatty tonight.

      1. I haven’t decided which is the worst, Rory. WP and FB have both made their sites almost unusable for me. I can’t find anything on FB now and have let them know how much I hate it. I let WP know as well but they let me know they really don’t care. Ah well, this too shall some day pass!

          1. Mostly because I’m in an exacerbation with the MS at the moment, Rory. I have about half of a brain cell left after 66 years of living with this disease and now, two months away from my 78th birthday I just don’t have the energy to waste on trying to figure out how to operate things that are changed and forced on me like these have been. The fact that I am even able to use a computer astonishes my friends and cousins from school days. I get calls from them asking me how to do things on their iPhones and at one time I could help them figure out what to do even though they are using Apple and I use Windows. Now none of us can figure it all out. Add to that the questions my aunt asks about what to do to make things on her cell phone work and you can probably understand that I’m on brain overload right now. I only hope the pandemic is over before my aunt passes away so I can visit her and try again to show her how to use her phone, but wish someone else could help out on that front. Two of my cousins were visiting her more often than I was able to but neither of them could get beyond texting, so she asked me almost every time I was there how to do things. Now she is in a locked down tight nursing home where they don’t allow any visitors at all so she calls me and asks how to do things. I don’t have the qualifications to explain technology to her without having the device where I can see and work with it.
            More answers than for the questions you asked but just poured out all the frustrations that have been building up since late Feb. Sorry ’bout that!

          2. Hey Angela, worry not – more details gives a deeper answer anyway – so always good. I can understand your frustrations though.

            The new block editor still frustrates me and l am not 100% techno orientated either – so l do understand perfectly well what you mean.

  2. Your morning greetings post is such a generous gesture Rory. You include everyone and make them feel welcome.

    1. Well, it used to be something that took me forever, now l guess with creating posts and interaction l spend perhaps 6 hours a day with, which is way better than the 12 of two years ago. I still work hard at making the best quality l can, but try not to spend all day doing it 🙂

  3. I don’t even remember when I started following your blog… it was fairly early I think. I remember seeing you as the t-shirt guy in comments on Dream Walden’s posts. And in comments on Laina’s posts too.

    I get the same reaction from people. I wind up chatting with people in line at the grocery store, or the doctor’s waiting room. Lots of “life stories”🤷🏼‍♀️😂 I hate people, but I like people. Ya know?

    Your Magic Stars were 99% effective in producing Stellar days! That’s some good magic!!


    1. Well when l was researching the Hello seasons, l saw you were a follower back in February 2018, so you are quite right, you were an early follower 🙂

      Guest Stars are back properly.

  4. I often come back to “The Hello” later in the day just to listen to the music, I’ve heard a lot of ‘new to me’ songs which is great. There are only 2 blogs I totally look forward to and would never miss – yours and Gary (of Bereaved Dad). If either of you missed a day I would be severely disappointed.

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