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Season 4 – Autumn 2020
Series 4 – I Am Who I Am
Tuesday 20th October 2020 – Walk Time 45 Mins
Oh well, as they say shit happens!

Oh well, as they say shit happens!

“Life happens. Shit happens. And it happens a lot. To a lot of people.”

― Colleen Hoover

Squirrels out in force burying their acorns!!

So far this week, the weather’s not been that bad – sure, l know it’s only Tuesday – but still, it’s been way drier since Sunday of this week than it was Sunday to Tuesday of last week as an example!

I have a bit to do today, l need to go out into the garden and prune back the roses in readiness for winter, but also because they have blight – which was with them before l arrived and it occurs because of temperatures at the right and wrong time and rainfall. It can also happen through poor maintenance and gardening upkeep – but Rose Blight is produced by the fungus Diplocarpon rosae and for it to flourish it requires water and with the right kind of water as in damp conditions and prolonged rainfall the spores of the fungus will speedily develop.

Was quite astonished at the height of the River Stour – normally it’s only around 6 feet, they tell me it’s now closer to 12 in some places because of the rains.

Last winter in the UK and l speak from the Eastern England Kent side we had prolonged rainfall throughout all of our winter, then a warm spring and then some more rain and then solid heat – it was an unusual season. In the old garden at Hillyfields l had also inherited blight there – so as a problem l am not unfamiliar with it.

When l first saw these roses , they had small blight spots – anyway the task this afternoon is to prune the plants down to a nice even balance and clean the debris and the ground and lay some mulch down for them as well as mulch the garden. I have some nice mulch brewing in the compost cubicle.

I am running late on my day by a good 90 minutes on account to the fact that l got up terribly late – by this l mean l swung my legs out of bed at 8.40am as opposed to 7am! Why?? Because my room’s dark and as the days get shorter the room gets darker and darker and sometimes l forget to wake up!

You’ll see in the next couple of weeks that in the master bedroom, l have ceiling to floor thickly woven curtains. The master is a front bedroom and it faces the road in the town. So having heavier curtain is a must to reduce the noise, but also they provide a wonderful darkness, a pitch black darkness at night – but – also first thing in the mornings even now [a few days before our clocks go back] when it’s not dark at 7am, but it’s not as light as it was at 7am four weeks ago.

I love the ducks – l am not a bird watcher – well that’s not entirely true there are many types of birds and some have feathers too – but moving along .. l like to see the ducks and the pigeons and l didn’t have the heart to tell the grandparents here that bread is actually bad for ducks.

Also, my room is seriously, seriously comfortable – l have a bedroom that l love, that relaxes me, that stimulates me, that motivates me but above everything – l have a room that encourages seriously deep slumber! I have gorgeously deep pillows and l love being snuggly – my bed cuddles me and l cuddle my bed right back!

Which is terrific, but sometimes and more so if you are tired – it makes getting up harder! I had a busy day yesterday mentally and physically – l had the computer guy Stuart over and we were discussing an upgrade to my pc or dropping the three screens l have and replacing them with an ultra wide screen of 48″ or something like that. I might upgrade the desktop next year, but will change the screens this year.

Then l had my two cycles for the day at 10 mins, 5 minutes of arc swings and my first five minutes at step ups [the gym master arrived yesterday]. I also had an afternoon walk and spent 90 minutes in the garden turning the compost cubicle over. I went to bed at 11.45pm and my lights were out at 12.25am, and l was asleep l should imagine in five minutes if not quicker.

So l had no reason to get up late ……… l am a lazy swine at times!

There is just something peaceful about morning sunny walks in autum……..

….. you know?

BUT, yes there is always a but and this but is more like a BuuuuuuuuuuuT it has thrown my day out of synch and so everything l am now doing l am doing 90 minutes later than l should have been! Oh well, as they say shit happens!

I had my sit down shower, can’t stand up in the upstairs shower because of the gravity thing, spoke to Suze briefly, l am working on her blog creation this afternoon at some point, finally got out for my walk at 10.40am got back in the house at 11.47am as l had a couple of chores to complete for Suze and myself in town [mine included the acquisition of two adorable Canterbury Bears [Bluebell and William] and sorting out a potential commission for Suze.

My first drink of the day was some water at midday, l keep forgetting to drink at times and then l made myself a later breakfast called Brunch at 12.30. Here l am typing at 1.40pm the post for publish at 2.30. But l have to get out into the garden and do the roses. I will get there.

I haven’t done any exercise per se, but did have a thoroughly excellent walk this morning, which you can see from the photos and the weather today was nice, very autumn and thankfully dry too.

It’s just so tranquil.

In addition to everything else ongoing in my life l also have chronic tooth pain. Some of you may recall the 10th March this year when l started a very long and overdue journey with the dentists. My first official appointment would have been 17th March, but that was cancelled due to the Covid crisis. My teeth were painful daily back then, now 7 months on and my teeth are most days in a form of mild agony that can scale up to extreme at the drop of a hat! I have a swelling developing in my right upper jaw which is telltale to a possible abscess which is not good.

However my dentists are not offering any dental repair work now till 2021 and that is also TBC [To Be confirmed] which is also really bad news. I have to try and ring to get a triage appointment [a medical dentistry appointment over the phone] to hopefully get something for my problem. But my teeth are wearing down to dangerous and painful levels. I think the stress of this makes me tireder on the physical level and that might explain this morning’s sleep in. The tablets [paracetamol] also cause me further complications] which may add to the sleeping.

Anyway, what do they say …….. shit happens!

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Now to the Roses – thanks for reading, catch up with you later.

20 thoughts on “Morning Musings

  1. Oy – No dentist til next year? abscesses can be ugly, dangerous things not to mention PAINFUL. I hope they can get you in even for just a little look-see and some antibiotics! As always, I envy you your beautiful walks

    1. I do hope so, but at this rate, British dentists are letting people down babdly, at their rate they are saying emergency dental only, but repair work isn’t classed as emergency. They think they will be back to regular service by March At that point if l don’t get any help, sadly l may well be emergency.

  2. New Jersey was hard hit, but got things under control and the dentists are back in business. Love your pics. My wife has a special compost for roses that seems to product remarkable results, a formula that includes banana peels, egg shells and coffee grounds.

  3. Drinking is an important part of living — I put a jug of water at the point where it’s clearly visible in the kitchen, with a glass next to it. I have to decant the water (Adelaide water usually tastes bad), so this helps me see how much I’ve had to drink for the day (refreshed every morning).
    Mouth washing with salty water with a bit of that brown stuff (for toothaches) and swilling it hard through the teeth may help with easing some of the infection, but not necessarily the pain. You need antibiotics if there’s a swelling. Infection is an emergency, in my book, because it can lead to sepsis.

    1. Yes, l have been doing the swilling of the mouth. Thanks. Emergency yeah l agree Cage, but currently the UK isn’t classing that as emergency only triage. Normally l drink between 2-3 litres of water a day, but some days l forget 🙂

  4. JB… we are on the same path again… only, instead of 90 minutes, I am HOURS behind! I was up at 5:30, when HRH commanded, saw him safely onto the GLYSB, sat with Older Daughter and we filled out our mail in ballots (everyone in California got a mail in) I used my Coffee scented Snifty Pen😉

    Then I started my WP stuff and it was suddenly noon and I was clawing my way to consciousness.🙄🤦🏼‍♀️
    The rest of the day was just interruptions…
    Ah well… tomorrow is another day…

    I do hope the dentists can see you! Your mouth is probably adding to your gut problems, and it can cause heart problems too. I remember all too well the constant pain, the abscesses, the swellings… and the solution was the worst pain I’ve EVER endured, but now there’s no more pain.

    Keeping you in my thoughts! Suze as well. 🌊🦄💫🧸💌

    1. Thanks – yes that’s an issue not many people think of, you will and l will, because we are/were in that arena when teeth and gut combine to make hell for us. The sooner l can start the repair journey the better.

  5. Sounds like a busy day. The photos are fabulous and the description of your bedroom made me want to go back to bed 🤣🤣🤣 I also love a dark room at night enough that I can’t see my hand in front of my face. Unfortunately in my job I usually get the spare room and that usually has paper thin curtains…

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