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Plenty for 20! – 11

Slightly longer than normal post …

Introduction ….

In last month’s episode Plenty for 20! [10] you may recall, l discussed the downsizing of this blog and l further discussed the 9 genres that would be staying with A Guy Called Bloke as permanents.

Question PostsFilms/MusicQuirky Fun Features
Morning GreetingsTopical PostsCreative Writing
Reality StoriesLifestyle PostsPoetry

So over the last six weeks since the post was published l have been working on the reduction of series and features. Back then l started with roughly between 30 – 35 assorted series with a downscale target to achieve of 18. Which would then be created and published over a 30 day period.

Some series and features disappeared completely, whilst others were adjusted to simply be presented as monthly series only. I wanted to NOT produce any more than 3 published posts a day and if l only ever produced 1 post a day, l wanted that post to not just be ‘basic post’ but more of a feature post.

The fixed or permanent post the blog sees daily is of course The Hello, created the previous night and post dated to publish at 6.15am the following day. In the main , this is a community greeting post – the concept behind it is simple – a way of saying hello to my readership daily’ That’s it, it aint rocket science.

I am always behind on my blog reading, best intentions in the world l can’t always keep up with weekly readings of those that l do follow devoutly – l get to my friends and followers alike always mostly once a month – l try for three times a month and l am amazed at those who can hit their favourite bloggers daily. There are of course several ways to achieve this and l am working on that somewhat realistically and ruthlessly at the same time – however until l discover the elixir of the longest day in the shortest time – l say Hello to you all via The Hello as an interim!

I dedicate music to you even when many a time WordPress fails to notify you that l have done so – however on the new season of The Hello that will be changing.

The final episode in this series – Plenty For Plenty will be called “My Blog Journey To Date’ and will be published in December.

Configurations Grid 2020/2021

Genres FeaturesAction Required
Films/MusicTheme TimesInteractions
Quirky FunRandom QuotesSocial
MorningThe HelloPrompt
LifestyleGuest StarsBusiness
RealityDear Blog

So, 35 Series/features was where l was at last month – that ran daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly – where am l today number wise on series/features etc? Well strangely enough the blog despite losing 27 items last month – l still stand at 53. But in defence they are NOT all regulars for a given month.

Some bloggers/writers and so on plan post dated publications three weeks in advance – l don’t do that with posts – l simply can’t, as my writing and what l produce on the day is usually as a result of mood and temperament and what l am doing that day.

I don’t really plan anything daily – l open up my scheduler , look at the dates that series or features were last posted and then decide if l wish to write in that feature on the day?

Of course the beauty of my planner is that l don’t really have to plan anything daily – l have a huge selection of topics, features and series to choose from. The Hello is only marginally planned and that is in the evening of the previous day – l just know that l need to create it daily so that at least one post is published to the blog each day as a given.

If last month, l started with 35, how have l managed to acquire 53 this month? Well, the true number of items last month once it was broken down actually equated to roughly 76 items over a 2 month period – but that also included old series that were in an ‘off season stage’.

The 53 of today includes old series in ‘off season’ as well as ‘new series’ in resting season and pilots of new series. So working on that, how many are actually current now?


….. and of those how many are currently weekly and or every ten days?


So you see, the blog runs on a nucleus of 12 features every ten days or so…

Why do l have 53 then if l am only really working with 12? Because as much as l don’t plan daily, l never said l don’t plan monthly or quarterly or yearly – because THAT, l do that all the time. The 53 are mostly permanent features and are based on a 12 month period.

We can all agree that this year has been a very difficult year on so many levels for all of us. Personally, emotionally, stressfully, financially and even medically – never find fatigued – l think we all want to see the end of this year!

For me personally, 2020 as a year has been wrought with stress, trial and tribulations – plans l had for this year were thrown out of the window in March and then stomped on by the shit we know as life – something of which l feel sure many can relate!

Series l was writing and working on in season in March had to be stopped and shelved, new unplanned series began as a result of the slow down and planned topical or business series were put on halt and ground to a slamming stop!!

So below l am going to show you the 12 month scheduler for this blog, some series you will already know from today as current and long standing , others you will recognise as old series that were placed on hold and others still, you’ll not recognise unless your memory is phenomenal and can recall my posts and ideas from June 2019.

++Denotes Current Series

* Denotes series stopping by the end of 2020 with no renewal.

** Denotes older and newer series recommencing later this year or early in 2021.

***Denotes Series Starting in 2021 TBC

++The Hello++Theme Times++Afternoon Pootles++Morning Musings
**Waistcoat Weekly++Gifting the Compliment***Confessions ofTopical Post
**The Grumblies**The Wildlifer***Guest Star Days

***In-Blog Life

***The Question Hub
**The Teddy Bear Stories
**Stories & Tales***Coffee Chatz***Magazine on a Bench++Poetry Directory
*The Blokes New Digs++Walks in Time++The Dug Outs Secret Garden***A-Z Gardening Compendium
***The Studio Workshop [7 Features]***Sneaky Sneakers++What Are You Reading Then?++12 Bloggerz
++24 Hour Blog Question++Friday Four++The Curious Case of …***The List Tinkerers

As you can see, some of these series you’ll recognise already as regulars, others you’ll probably remember from the start of this year – before the world got hiccups – some you may remember from last year when they were in trial pilot and the last few you may recall being mentioned in this very series at the start of the year.

Below are series/features and one offs that are only seen occasionally or as special features … or in the research stages only.

Being True DogA Man on Pause Too!
Guy Called Bloke PublishingThe Happening
RedbubbleThe Huge Hug Club
I Am OkMiscellaneous
Musically SpeakingXXXX

Now some of you may well be asking yourselves – is that all the series, are there NOT some missing from these grids? If you are asking yourself that question – you would be right … the missing ones are these …

Epic CaptionsRandom Quotes
Blast From The PastFind Me A Film
Well You Prompted MeQuestion Fun

That is now all of the series, features, specials and one offs as well as future pilots and trials.

If you are a regular reader to The Hello then you will have seen the promotions grid for the new season of The Hello.

The Hello – Season 14 – Series 10 – Begins Sunday 1st November 2020

It’s A Beautiful Day – A Jolly Good Morning To You!

The Breakfast Club Collective – Introducing Mini Featurettes – a change of style approacheth!!

This is the new approach to The Hello in so far as it will now become more of a ‘Daily Feature Post’ as opposed to simply being a ‘Community Greetings Post’. The New season is titled … The Breakfast Club Collective ..

… it will be a feature incorporating The Hello, the new season variant of The Hello, Dedicated Music and on occasion Film Trailer and The Guest Stars of the day. In addition to some of the usual, and by this l mean what you have seen for most of the current Hello – Season 13 – Series 9 will be changing – the post will become more ‘personable and community orientated’ as well as instead of it being a slice of toast to start the day so to speak – it will become more like a full breakfast with the new added features.

These new mini- featurettes you’ll recognise as previous series on their own merits where as from November they will only ever be featurettes for The Hello. This was one of the ways of reducing down relatively popular series that just didn’t require a full post.

It will become clearer from November

So there we go – if you have read to the bottom of this post 10 Happy points to you.

Anyway thanks for reading – catch you all for the very last episode in December!

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25 thoughts on “Plenty for 20! [11]

  1. Holy moley – that’s a boat load of planning and content. While I blog on blogger and follow and read a lot of blogs there, I think as far as WP blogs yours is the only one I comment on. Yours is a very welcoming blog, I enjoy the hell out of it.

  2. You are amazing at organizing. I try to blog daily. I rarely schedule ahead of time. I like to just go with the flow. Having as many followers as you do, I see the benefit of a HELLO each day. Have a great day/afternoon/evening/night.

  3. Yay… 10 more points! Last time I looked I was in 2nd or 3rd place on points. 🤔

    My life would be constant frustration if I tried to organize it like you do. I totally get why you do it, but it just doesn’t work for me. Way too many uncontrollable variables, not to mention Mr Murphy and his cousin Sod 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️


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