Dear Blog – 12.55 – 18/10/20

Fancy Smancy Shiny Leggings and Puffy Balls and Butt!

Following the groin injury on the indoor bike and let’s be honest, the reason that occured is because my Butt was painful following a curry, so l shifted my seated position to assist and ease and suddenly the mount decided to annoy the left side of my groin! That’s how that happened … but it’s basically just a little under two weeks since that injury and about three days since l have managed to get back onto the indoor bike properly and start riding again!

I have to start fresh on the routine so as to not overdo it – two weeks ago l was on 3 times 13 minute routines building towards 3 times 25 minutes – now l am being a little more cautious and targeting for 2 times 25 minutes for the day – and l am currently on 2 x five minutes and slowly building.

I still do my arc bends or swings or whatever they are called which is why you can see the broom next to the scales … the video below displays the exercise l mean and l now do those twice a day for 3 minutes a time.

I have dropped the dance exercise and replaced it with Steps which will help build and rebuild the knee which is what the groin injury seriously effected. To further assist me with this form of exercise l have just purchased a Adjustable Aerobic Stepper which will make things easier for me. I tried other methods but on the wooden floors slid around everywhere!!

But l am now 13 stone, which is good admittedly – it bounces between 13 . 1 and 13.0 so l am on the path of weight loss with my 12 stone target firmly in sight.

In addition to everything else, l decided that at my age perhaps l had best be a tad more careful with my bits and so first off, l now wear a knee brace again which makes cycling a lot easier but l also invested in two pairs of ‘fancy smancy legging things’…. 3D Gel padded undershorts and leggings – NOT to be worn together l hasten to add but seperately!

They are the weirdest things going it has to be said! It’s like wearing an jelly inflatable butt plug …… but they protect your balls and your saddle areas, making your mount ride more enjoyable!! Make of that as you will!!

They finally arrived yesterday and this morning after my shower, l skivvied into the leggings first commando style and felt like l was trying to wrestle with an overly tight G-string!! But despite everything – they did make cycling easier – so there you go – my balls and butt are now protected by sponge and that prevents further injury!!

The Furry Football is still on schedule for leaving the building by January 2021.

Birds Lovingly Luvvin’ Garden Feeders!!

So far Mr Tiddles has not had any joy with any of the birdlife in the garden and l hope just by writing that l haven’t jinxed it … but the new systems are working well. I utilised two of Scrappy’s old weighted feeding bowls and placed them onto the table in the garden, they have a small layer of seed and peanuts present and l have seen the pigeons using them, so that also means they are even higher off the ground again.

A Leaky Leak If Ever There Was Such A Thing!!

The shower has developed a leak, not from the head itself – l have taken the head off and emptied that, but the fitting is leaking and that means there is a leak somewhere else – probably one of the pipes is leaking maybe – l am not sure as l am not a plumber – BUT it’s a problem – a big wet problem!!

The above images display the leak itself – the very top image was the empty container placed down when l began this post at 11.50am and the final image is the container at 12.10pm – so that water is twenty minutes worth and l am a tad concerned. It may be that l have to call out a plumber – which means l will have to cover it myself and l know this is not due to something l have done, but the house has an issue somewhere.

I am trying to turn off the water, l have notified the agents and now rung the plumbers emergency number direct as for some reason, l can’t turn the water off with the stopcock!!? Joys.

I was supposed to be at Suze’s this afternoon, from 1pm to help with the garden just had to cancel that as the plumber’s now going to be here at 2.30pm. Oh well there is always Tuesday, it was just that the weather today is quite nice and the weather’s been really shitty of late.

I have come to the conclusion now having spoken to all very able and savvy people that l am useless when it comes to Stopcocks!! I have turned this damn thing, left, right, all over the place and what’s happening??

Well the water is still leaking out for starters!! It’s going to be one of those irksome Sunday afternoons!!

Oh well there we go a small round up for you … today is my Father’s second anniversary of his death. 18th October 2018 at 3pm he died – a victim to a very quick form of aggressive cancer. We never really got along, although l would not have wished his death on anyone let alone him. I think about him occasionally – l miss him also occasionally. I have not heard from my sister now since May 2019 and l doubt l ever will or at least until our mother passes – as far as l can make out, my sister is more like my father than she may realise herself.

Oh well … l hear from my mother occasionally, my family is very strange. I call my mother once every couple of weeks and yet she hardly ever calls me – apparently it’s my sole duty to call her and not vice versa.

Thanks for reading catch you later 

12 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 12.55 – 18/10/20

  1. Good for you in your fancy shiny leggings! Enjoy the bike ride. I remember when I started to blog, and follow your blog, this was one of the first news I got on it. Two years have passed!

  2. I had an exercise bike which quite frankly I liked a lot but boy oh boy did that seat hurt my butt. Gel leggings? Interesting idea but I think I would prefer a gel seat instead, but that’s just me. Ah, families – my family is made up of people not related to me in any way. My bio family? Not many left except for tons of cousins – 1st, 2nd, 3rd – most of whom I have never met. 2 siblings I have nothing to do with; 2 nieces – one who passive/aggressively contacts me every few years, the other I’ve never met, female DNA contributor died this past May at age 103, hadn’t had any contact with her for over 25 years; beloved father gone 47 years ago. Talk about dysfunctional LOL

    1. Hey Grace 🙂

      I also have a gel seat on top of the regular seat cover, and although that made it a bit more comfortable, it still made certain saddle areas difficult.

      As to dysfunctional families, l sometimes wonder if once we leave home if they are supposed to be functional anyway? Is dysfunctionality the only way they can go?

    1. Why?? Does that appeal to you??? [He snarkles running off giggling into the wilderness muttering , “Well l never knew that about Ashley!! But we live an’ learn!!”

      LOL 🙂

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