Afternoon Strollings ..

Afternoon Strollings … Directory
Season 1 – Autumn 2020
Sunday 18th October 2020
35 Minutes
”Thank My Lucky Stars For Regularities!”

Well, plans for today went awol with the shower! I had to cancel spending time in Suze’s garden to wait for the plumber to come over and mend the problem. He said he’d be there at 2.30pm and finally arrived at 3.45pm – better late than never.

In the interim however, bless her – Suze came over because the continuous dripping of the water in the shower basin was driving me insane and for love nor money, l couldn’t turn the damn stopcock off! Typically, Suze arrived and turned it and it went off … her comment, thank you for making it easier for me …. was received with a warm smile …..

“Oh think nothing of it darling…” l said through gritted teeth! Trying to figure out, how she did it with one simple turn??

“No, you were practically there babes, honest!” Suze said, “But l think your stress about irregular noises threw you off!!”

Maybe who knows? I thought, matters not …. because despite turning off the stopcock still the waters fell, no longer just drips, but a gurgling rumbling of water cascading down the shower coil onto the basin below!!

Turns out that irrelevant to the water being in an off position … the downstairs shower hasn’t got a seperate isolator so it can’t be turned off from the mains, so the continued leaking and dripping was caused by the cold tank emptying out anyway.

Suze and l had some lunch, which calmed me down, talked a bit and then l sent her home, she and l are shared household bubbles, but l couldn’t have her here with a stranger in the house, especially given her immunity levels with the cancer, so she left here at 2.30pm – the time the plumber was supposed to be here ……… mm!

Anyway, the plumber came and explained that the shower has blown the cartridge – no, l don’t know what that means either – but he capped it, so it’s no longer leaking and making undesirable noise! He will call the agents tomorrow and request to order a new ‘bit’; but for the time being the downstairs shower is out of action … of course l have the upstairs bath – and it has a shower head, but it’s not a stand up shower because of this silly gravity feeder fitting. Meaning, l have to sit down in the bath to take a shower!!

Of course, you might rightly suggest to take a bath? i hate baths, a sit down awkward shower is still way better than a sit in your own grime bath!

So with the day mostly taken up with the stresses of unregulated water droplets, late plumbers and missed garden schedules – l decided to take a small afternoon stroll and thank my lucky stars for regularities!!

A walk well earned and one has to enjoy the peace wherever and whenever you can.

Thanks for reading.

Catch you next time, thanks for joining me today!

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19 thoughts on “Afternoon Strollings ..

  1. You’ve had quite the day! I’m glad Suze came over and the plumber too. You definitely earned your walk and the peace that must have come along with it as well – if the lovely photos are any indication. I hope you have a very boring and humdrum evening 😊✨

  2. We’ve developed a drip in the bathroom sink. I will wind up fixing it. I’ve done odd household repairs forever, even though I’m renting. It’s just easier to do it myself.

    Yours sounds different from our standard plumbing. I guess that’s what happens when you live in a really old building… lots of odd ways up upgrading for plumbing, electricity, cable, telephone… still… old buildings have more character.

    Great idea to spend some time in Nature! Always recharges me and calms me!


    1. One of the biggest problems with olden styled buildings is usually the plumbing and the pipework – l have still got the issue with the hidden chamber and its ledge 🙂

      Nature is always a win win 🙂

  3. Ah. Could have put a towel under the point where the drip hits the shower tray to silence it. Until the plumber comes with his new cartridge, you could still use the thing. 😌

    1. Hey Ian, good idea, wish l had thought of it at the time. Sadly l can’t use the shower, the droip was more like a running tap and so he capped it off.

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