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Saturday 17th October 2020 – Season 13 – Series 9

Gary, Sadje, Ruth and Lauren here’s wishing you all a totally fabulous Saturday!

Welcome to the 70’s folks. Another groovin’ selection for y’all today!!

The Hello – Season 14 – Series 10 – Begins 1st November 2020
The Breakfast Club Collective – Introducing Mini Featurettes – a change of style approacheth!!

14 Days to Go!

20 thoughts on “The Hello

  1. Fabulous Tunes to start the day🎶💃🏼
    Hope your SaturnDay sees some sunshine… you’re going to get pruney being all waterlogged! 😆
    Keep Dancing, JB!💃🏼


      1. Thank you Rory. 😊
        I really enjoyed the first video where John Denver tells the story of his guitar. Sweet story 😊🎶

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