Are Images Important to You?

Are Images Important to You?

How important are they to you? Are there images that you find yourself able to respond to or relate to more than others? What images do you find yourself attracted to and what is it about them that you find attractive? If you are using images in your blog posts – how long do you spend trying to get the right one/s?

We all know that a picture can be worth a thousand words .. but why is that? What is about the use of imagery that you like?

Perhaps you are someone that doesn’t like to use images in your posts, or just doesn’t like a lot of imagery in your life – if that is the case – what is it about images you dislike?

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  1. I just now saw your post about scrapbooking. I am bummed that I missed it. But I am going to reply here anyway. I started regular scrapbooking as a kid. I glued odds and ends into cheap journal pages. Those were lost years ago. In the early 70’s when I was in high school I collected every ticket stub, theater program, etc. and put them in scrapbooks. Then with young babies I added every picture and memory item in those awful magnetic albums. When I got into real scrapbooking I had to redo every album. I lost many pictures and items to the sticky crud in the magnetic albums. I have made a few hundred scrapbooks as gifts and currently have about 80 in my living room. I love to travel down memory lane and revisit my experiences.

    1. Hey Lauren, oh l do also remember those the awfulness of photo albums – l am fascinated with your Scrapbooking, l don’t think it is a huge thing in the UK – the moment you mention UK and Scrapbooks to Google we get hits back from craft shops only, so it makes me wonder if there is an avenue for the market here.

      There must be, perhaps it’s just not as big as it is in the States.

      I was surprised when we originally started talking about it as many people prefer to maintain digital libraries but that is photographs, whate happens to the rest of life we collect? It used to be Scrapbooking for me, and it still is for you 🙂

  2. I’m certainly not the best photographer and my camera could stand to be upgraded but I don’t think my blog would survive without the pictures. Rarely do I post without at least one picture. They are pictures from our farm, gardens, chickens, bees, dogs, nature, crafts, crochet, food – whatever is relevant to my writing. I enjoy reading similar blogs with photos included.

    1. Hey Ruth, absolutely – especially with gardening and vegetable growing posts as blocks and blocks of text without supporting images can be problematic 🙂

  3. I don’t get images on blog posts UNLESS they are directly related to the post. This weird idea that people won’t read a post/article unless there is an image is insulting. We’re all grown-ups, right? We know how to read, yes? I appreciate images on blog posts ONLY when they are the bloggers own photos. Otherwise they are just impersonal arbitrary images with no meaning. Whoa! Was that a bit of a rant LOL

    OTOH – I love nature photos, curated images highlighting an art exhibit, personal photos of people, places and things, pets, all sorts of things as long as they are PERSONAL.

    1. Well l think you hid your rant well Grace 🙂

      Bit like a pet rock isn’t it? 🙂

      But l get what you are saying, and l can agree to most of it – if not all in some places.

      Images are very important in today’s world – yes l speak as an ex advertising man – however as they say ‘once an advertiser, always an advertiser’.

      Images can make or break a block of text. Most readers in ‘media’ and blogs is a form of media expect to see an image or two in blocks of text. It isn’t so much an insult to a person’s intelligence or reading level to have images included – but not everyone is the same – some like images, others like colour insertion, others still like visual expression – that is where it effects a person’s reading – it can encourage, motivate and inspire some readers as well as prompt others.

      I agree in using your own images as much as possible and l do use mostly use my images in the majority of my posts, however there comes a point when you just don’t have the right sparkle or colour or vibrancy needed for a certain look to be projected.

      The last few days on The Hello l have used my own photography – it ‘s good photography – but does it incite a response? Nope, because my readers now like to see colourful images and l don’t use specialised camera equipment or Photoshop – l do use in house dilutions which increase or decrease natural lighting as well a cropper to reduce the size of an image.

      Most of the Hello images are Pexels or Pixabay because they are brighter – l receive more comments when using those for that Post type. I receive more comments for my photography when it is in a post that reflects it is my photography ..

      Your comment is extremly valid and thought provoking because you are ‘right’ but there are always exceptions to being right as well.

      The relatability is one of the hardest things to accomplish with regards including images in a post – it can take at times and more so when you are NOT using your own – an hour to find the right image – at times you can scour your own photos and still not have the right image.

      But of course it will always come down to personal taste of whether to 1] include an image/images, 2] to NOT include any – pending the text content and depth and 3] to include images that belong to someone else.

      Quality and thoughtful answer Grace – many thanks. 🙂

  4. We’re walking on a similar path again JB. I have a question about pictures in my post that’s going out today. In about 15 minutes actually…

    I like images and I use a lot of them. Photography has become a new hobby as part of my Science hobby. I only use my own pictures now. Or the photo or image from another blogger if it’s a prompt or award thingy.

    I agree with Grace. I like people’s own photos or artwork. Sometimes there are really cool “featured images” that people have found and shared. But just slapping a picture into a post just because… no thank you.
    It used to take me FOR-EV-ER to find just the right free picture for a post. Now my problem is choosing *which* pictures🤦🏼‍♀️🙄🤣🤣🤣


    1. I also agree with Grace, and l don’t like to see a nonsensical random image in a post – but can be guilty of that as you know, because NOT everyone gets my brain and how l see things – but of course sometimes you don’t have the right image for the right spot and at that point, you should farm out another image where you are able to.

  5. I like images, though I used to believe they should all be my own. I got over that though a while back. I like color and sparkle, so I won’t use dull images or anything I dislike, even for a prompt…

    1. Hey Paula, like you l used to believe in providing my own images however about 2 years ago l realised that it simply wasn’t possible as l didn’t have images for everything l wanted. So Pexels, Pixabay and ImgFlip became my buddies 🙂

      To fill in gaps .

  6. I include at least one image in all of my posts. I try to use an image that will serve to reflect my written words. And when I respond to photo prompts, I will use the image as inspiration.

  7. I like to browse images, but are they important? Most of the time, no, but I do save the ones that strike me in some way (exciting,amusing, or as a muse or prompt for thought) to revisit later. But are they important? Not sure I know how to answer that.

  8. I like my privacy – and I feel protected more when I do not share my own personal images – I share some around my life – but not of me

    I hate when we have to do video conferencing at work… oh I just hate that!!!! Can I be exempt?? I don’t want to do that… I don’t like that one bit – obviously I am at work – why need to see me??? It just bothers me

    I send photos to family sometimes because they beg 🤨🙄 and it’s the only way they stop lol

    I dunno I am uncomfortable with umm things they say. Appreciate their words just makes me uncomfortable ??

    I don’t share my children either …

    I share surroundings or things like that… somewhat…

    I’m very protective on who I allow in? That’s an area I feel I need protection and privacy with.

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