Through The Hallways of Hedonism!

July 2020

The 7 images above display what ‘Willow‘ looked like on the 6th July when l collected my keys and came in to carry out the inventory check. Very few people ever think about the Hallways of a house and yet quite often they are the very soul of the house – the connective arteries that carry the life blood of the residents, the very essence of who lives in the house is usually found in the hallways – l say usually – because that doesn’t mean it always is.

Now in all honesty, l will not see many visitors to my house, l can list them on one hand – Suze, the Letting agents during their six monthly inspections, the occasional tradesman, maybe Suze’s cousin – so what’s that? 4 people? It’s a shame in some respects because Willow is now a truly lovely looking house – she is not everyone’s cup of tea, she doesn’t have to be – she just has to be mine and to me Willow is now my coffee!

I am not that bothered about visitors – because my house here is my bubble – my sanctuary from the bedlam and manice of the world outside!

Willow is a very true reflection upon my inner personality and now that l am living again as a bachelor and as such l can dress and adorn my home as l see fit as opposed to living in a couple in a same house relationship where upon each personality dwelling together compromises on the likes of decoration.

The last time l was a bachelor was in fact prior to Suze and l getting together in 2013 – however l have changed significantly in those 7 nearly 8 years. I am no longer a companion to dogs, as l now have no pets. I have no children, my partner lives 8 miles away in her own house, l have no responsibilities to anyone except myself and a garden full of birds and if you are counting maybe half a million brandling worms! However!! The latter two are the garden ‘s domain and not the house!

I have allowed my lifestyle to run wild here and to display that behaviour in the house of Willow. Passions, enthusiasms, desires, fetish, indulgences, temptations, hobbies, interests from my younger to my older years – they all combine together under three main topics – business, entertainment and pleasures!

I have made the house reflect those three especially and what some may not know about me is that l have always been a devout follower of Hedonism – in the continued pursuit of pleasure! For many years l simply wasn’t able to allow myself to really escape into it – however, here l have.

The Hallways here reflect who l am, who l was and in many ways who l will always be. The house is 95% complete – l created and crafted a home to be lived in – and maybe the 5% missing are the titivations to be carried out between now and the end of the year that will be the final touches. One of those items to be completed is the making up of the actual ‘room signs’.

In the episode Plucky Cockerel Security you were introduced to Plucky and the Kitchen or better known as Kingdom of Vibrance!

Vilma eating a pear!

Today l introduce you to “Vilma” who was a North American Porcupine that l used to have ownership of and she is the mascot to the Soul of Willow – Hallways of Hedonism.

Why a porcupine? Because despite being outwardly prickly, they are soft and cuddly on the inside! Those who know me well, know that l have a real fondness for porcupine species and throughout the years of my business, l was lucky enough to have quite a few species in my collection.

They were all named and in time, l will start to sit down and recommence my stories and tales and you will meet them all again – but porcupines get a bad rap as being hostile because they look dangerous or come across as aloof and yet, take time to get to know them – understand them and you’ll never be disappointed that you do know them! Well that’s no different to me in real life and that is why Willow has Vilma as her mascot to the very essence of the house!

What do the Hallways reflect about me? Well l hope visitors and viewers alike will see a man who is passionate about many things generally, but has real genuinely deep seated old and new interests in sharks, gaming, exercise, photography, cars, miniature life, history, fun, collecting and collections, travel, olden ways, reading, sneakers, drawing, wildlife, animals, exploration but above everything else – they’ll see a man who loves eclecticism and quirkiness!!

The Hallways to Willow, start obviously at the bottom of the house and the porch and work their way upstairs and they connect everything to everything else and as we progress through the house and the series, you’ll hopefully start to piece the jigsaw together and see that everything actually slots together really nicely.

Hope you enjoyed the third part of the Willow Tour, catch you next time – thanks for reading.

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16 thoughts on “Through The Hallways of Hedonism!

  1. I agree, hallways are fabulous places to ‘decorate’ as well as the wall along the stairs – perfect picture galleries. I do so love the stained glass in your front door.

    1. Hey Grace, cheers, yes l agree the stained glass is very nice indeed – when the sun hits the right spot it shines through quite nicely – l am thinking of getting a glass prism chime on the inside to make it truly magical when the sun hits in πŸ™‚

  2. Tried to post, not sure the first time worked.
    I love the metaphor and the uncluttered beauty of the home — quite the opposite of my own cluttered comfort. That said, the owl pic really caught my attention. Great!

    1. Hey Vic, many thanks – and l totally agree, the owl photograph is simply stunning – how l wish l was the photographer of that capture πŸ™‚

      Comfort is comforting comfortable Vic as we both know πŸ™‚

      β€œI discovered that what most people call creepy, scary, and spooky, I call comfy, cozy, and home.”
      ― Zak Bagans

  3. That Owl must’ve been wicked scary to hang. Your man Jeremy did a fantastic job.

    I like all the pictures and bits and bobs… I still love that the “soul” of the house has “sole”!🀣🀣


    1. Hey Grandma, Jeremy had a zip ladder which made the hallways pretty easy in truth … that part of the house has a ridiculously high ceiling to it above the owl is another 9 feet of open air – bottom of the step to the ceiling l think is roughly 20 feet so yes he did exceptionally well in that part of the stairs πŸ™‚

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