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Friday 16th October 2020 – Season 13 – Series 9
Omatra7Madam Kristian

Trisha, Kristian, Ribana and Di here’s wishing you all a Fantastically Fine Fffriday!

Welcome to the 70’s folks. Another groovin’ selection for y’all this Thursday!

The Hello – Season 14 – Series 10 – Begins 1st November 2020
The Breakfast Club Collective – Introducing Mini Featurettes – a change of style approacheth!!

15 Days to Go!

22 thoughts on “The Hello

    1. Hey Ribana, great capture – thank you and corrected. I had a lot on my mind when l was creating this post last night and my concentration was elsewhere 🙂

      Have a lovely Friday evening 🙂

  1. Fantastic tunes for a Friday!! 🎶💃🏼🌠
    I saw the Ramones & I saw Sabbath when Dio was singing… gee gosh, darn… I missed the Village People🤣🤣🤣
    Hope you get some Sunshine! See ya in a few hours.


  2. My foray into memories has The Village People etched in my brain. My elder daughter was a waitress at a very upscale hamburger restaurant in Beverly Hills while attending UCLA. The servers all had to sing and dance at assigned times. I was there as she was singing YMCA in full costume on top of the tables, along with all the other servers.

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