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Top All Time Favourited Bond Films! – 15/10/2020

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Welcome to Find Me A Film

You know there are thousands of films out there, but at times it’s just not always easy to find an excellent movie when you really need it and more so on the genre you want!

Considering there is the likes of Netflix and Amazon and Sky and cable and a whole host of variety and YET when we want to find a film to watch – what happens?

We can spend up to an hour flicking through options and then losing interest …. but there are some truly excellent films out there … so what are they in your eyes?

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Todays Topical Genre is – …

Top All Time Favourited Bond Films!

Inspired by Paula of Light Motifs II and Sadje of Keep it Alive

Below is the current listing of the Bond Films

1962Dr NoSean Connery
1963From Russia With LoveSean Connery
1964GoldfingerSean Connery
1965ThunderballSean Connery
1967You Only Live TwiceSean Connery
1969On Her Majesty’s Secret ServiceGeorge Lazenby
1971Diamonds Are ForeverSean Connery
1973Live and Let DieRoger Moore
1974The Man with the Golden GunRoger Moore
1977The Spy Who Loved MeRoger Moore
1979MoonrakerRoger Moore
1981For Your Eyes OnlyRoger Moore
1983OctopussyRoger Moore
1985A View To A KillRoger Moore
1987The Living DaylightsTimothy Dalton
1989Licence To KillTimothy Dalton
1995GoldenEyePierce Brosnan
1997Tomorrow Never DiesPierce Brosnan
1999The World Is Not EnoughPierce Brosnan
2002Die Another DayPierce Brosnan
2006Casino RoyaleDaniel Craig
2008Quantum of SolaceDaniel Craig
2012SkyfallDaniel Craig
2015SpectreDaniel Craig
Let me know your favourites below and also in your eyes, who was the ultimate 007 Bond character and the worst, the most bad assed villian and the best Bond Girl and, yes AND who were the best M’s and the best Q’s – but more importantly and to all of these questions – in your eyes why?!
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18 thoughts on “Find Me A Film – Top All Time Favourited Bond Films!

  1. I haven’t seen all the Bond movies, only Goldfinger with Connery, Casino Royale with Craig and most of the Roger Moore ones.

    I’m not a huge Bond fan. They’re good, but🤷🏼‍♀️ Moore is the Bond I “grew up with” so he’s who I think of. I like Craig too.

    I know Connery is the “original” and lots of people prefer him.🤷🏼‍♀️

    Sorry, JB. A whole lot of words used to say nothing.🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. That’s too much to answer. My fave Bond films were From Russia with Love, Live and Let Die, and Skyfall. I enjoyed all three actors as Bond, but not the others. My favorite minor villain was Fatima Blush in Never Say Never Again who killed someone with a snake and is in turn killed by Bond due to her own ego.

    1. Hey Paula many thanks – l wouldn’t expect you to answer all of the questions but thanks for the ones you have. However if any huge Bond aficionado’s were viewing like one of Suze’s grandkids for instance ha ha – they would have fun there 🙂

  3. I think Connery made the best bond. He had just the right amount of arrogance and charm. He is a great actor though and I have seen almost all his movies.

  4. I am more of a “Back to the Future” type woman lol … I like light hearted, fantasy or comedy type movies

    If we talking action films – I like Chris Rock, Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg ❤️, and Jackie Chan lol

    I just watched this love story movie not to long ago and that was really awesome … usually I don’t go for those but liked this one – Letters to Juliet ❤️ was sweet but I am usually not overly excited about love stories – they have to be done right – many are not … I liked that one though

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