Dear Blog – 22.00 – 14/10/20

One of those busy, busy ….. busy days!

It’s been all go today – Jeremy arrived at 9am sharp this morning and didn’t leave till just after 6pm – all the pictures went up, the new curtain rail, the new pigeon feeder and the cubicle covers – in all the house is now maybe 99% complete and l am very pleased with it.

After he went l then had two hours worth of housekeeping and cleaning up, and addressing the rooms bling, then l had a later dinner, answered some comments and before bed l must mop the kitchen floor.

I will write about various things tomorrow and the house will make its gradual completed appearance in the next couple of weeks. I worked in the garden quite a bit on Monday making it more pigeon friendly and less predator safe, but l will write about that tomorrow.

Just wanted to give you all a heads up as to my absence today and later responses to your earlier comments.

Thanks for reading catch you later 🙂

23 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 22.00 – 14/10/20

    1. Hey Lisa, yes l think so too – l am super pleased with the end results – l’ll be honest it’ll not be everyone’s cup of tea, but l am not everyone and everyone doesn’t live here – l do ha ha ha – thanks 🙂

  1. I just finished painting an ombre wall in my guest room. I am in love with the outcome. I tried to take pictures but my phone does not show the true colors at all. It is not everyone’s thing but it makes me happy. If you are happy, that is all that matters.

  2. Also been busy with life myself… not enough hours in the day!! Lol and days are now getting shorter!!

    The earlier it gets dark the faster I want to go to bed lol

    But yeah my life been busy too currently

    Glad you getting your house all sorted – gives you a sense of peace totally

      1. Yes… here comes winter 😮

        I am unsure with winter this year… I want it because fires been rough…

        But I cringe with the cold, gray and all that… and then added other stuff

        Way prefer sunshine and warm (preferably without covid)

        1. It really would … but whatever is what we have to deal with for now. 🤨😝

          Just have to take it as it comes unfortunately – can’t turn back time… only forge ahead bleh – can they hurry up with this stupid vaccine?? Please hurry up!!

        2. Hahahaha yes unfortunately I am all too aware of this 🙄😄

          MUST be medically approved – not by some crazy lunatic who just says and does whatever 🤨

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