The Curious Case Of …

The Curious Case Of ….

….. What happens after my life ends?

How curious are you as a person?
Don’t confuse ‘curiousness’ as being nosey as there is a huge difference between the two …. See Episode 1  for the introduction to this series.

For some, this question will be glanced upon, tutted or laughed at and moved on from with a sigh and ‘ oh another crazy notion’ comment … and yet for others they will ponder upon this a little more than some folks, whilst other folks still will reflect upon this same question with an even greater depth.

“What happens after my life ends?” As a question is not as clear cut as you might think – you will note that l haven’t specifically dedicated the question to YOU, l haven’t asked “What happens to me after my life ends?” Rather l have asked of you to simply consider what happens after your life ends? Your interpretation for this question will be down to your understanding or acceptance of what life will be like after you have gone or indeed what your life will be like after you have gone?

I think as a question it is an important one to ask yourself – equally many could say ‘Who gives a shit? I will be dead and it’s no longer my problem – a classic case of what will be, will be!!” Or is it that simple? Is that what l am asking of you?

Do you ever wonder upon this or just think about your life today? Are you even remotely curious? Is there life after death on any level? What will life be like after your death? Have you considered the question at all? But say if the question isn’t actually about death? Are you now more curious? If so, let us know your thoughts on this provoker below in the comments … what’s your overall interpretation of the question and could it affect you?

I am curious to know …… What happens after my life ends?

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  1. Absolutely nothing. Since life can only ever be what you perceive it to be and you, as the perceiver have ceased to exist, so too has all of life both past and future.
    That’s it. The screen fades to black.

  2. I don’t particularly care, in that I’ll be gone and it won’t be my problem. But no, I don’t see any reason to believe there is an afterlife. The matter contained in my body will return to the earth, and that’s the end of that.

    1. ……… and there we go – Life explained in a simple matter of fact paragraph as Robert Frost says .. “In three words, I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life. It goes on”

  3. I was actually thinking about this today. We’re experiencing some synchronicity, you and I.

    I was thinking about my daughters looking through my writings and forming opinions on what I meant by things I wrote. Just a blip of a thought.

    As you know, I enjoy a Thought Journey. I believe that what makes us, US… our spirit/soul/energy goes on, continues. I don’t know that I’ll be “Angie” after my body dies but I lean towards the idea that we rejoin the “source” or Higher Conciousness… I don’t believe in Heaven and angels strumming harps on fluffy clouds. Or in an “afterlife” per se. This life, is a learning experience, an experiment, maybe a school or “boot camp”. I don’t have a definite concept… more a collection of ideas

    As for what happens to those who know/knew me… the practicalities have been determined. But what my daughters choose to do is up to them. Except for visits, my time on this plane will be done.

    Then there’s the idea of time being non-linear… but I’ll stop.

    Yes, I’ve thought about this and many other topics. No surprise, right?


    1. That’s a good answer Angie and one l was hoping for – so far readers have viewed it from one angle only – their own end …. l tend to look at it as you do – no heaven or hell, but an essence – we still live on in memory even after death otherwise what’s the point to our lives if we are not at least remembered by those who knew of us?

      I wonder at the shape of the world after l am gone, long gone and gone forever – as l said above – Robert Frost says Life Goes On and it will until the day that it doesn’t.

      I don’t wish to come back – EVER – the world will never be the same – we have raped it, pillaged it, damaged it and killed it and then act surprised when it starts to react or seem astonished that it simply cannot keep on taking our crap?

      People piss me off, the dumb ones piss me off even more.

      But of course our lives are not just down to our singular essences – we are all interconnected.

      1. Absolutely! And we’re connected to the animals and plants too. I was having a discussion about the spirit in ALL things as Native American people believe, and honoring our interconnectedness.

        The Earth is alive. That’s not even woo woo… that’s science. And we have upset the balance too far, I’m afraid. The Earth *may* be able to repair itself, but life as it exists now won’t survive. And the humans don’t deserve to.

  4. I think about this often. I don’t believe in an afterlife, but I will live on for a while in the memories of my daughters and grandchildren, as my mom lives on in our minds. I want those thoughts of me to be loving, happy, kind, funny, and pleasant to recall. That’s all. Then nothing. I sure hope the next generations take better care of our earth and each other…

  5. As a Muslim, we believe in hereafter. Life after death in either hell or heaven. Depending upon my performance in this world. But all that is suspended till judgment day. Till then it’s a sort of sleep.

  6. Recently I have been thinking of this… a lot actually … what if I die?

    Not really in terms of what happens after I die? But more so what if I actually die? Meaning that’s it – shows over.

    How do I feel about that?

    There’s not much you can do, should that happen… your time is done.

    But what if I die?

    Will my kids be ok? Will they be strong enough? Will they be ok with my death or would it effect them ? Obviously it will effect them, but I mean in mental health terms

    And for my own self – am I ok to die? Do I feel secure if I die tmrw? Is my life good to where I be at peace to die? I don’t know how to say what I mean there?

    We don’t really have a choice as to when we die… but I have been thinking that lately

    Winter is coming… flu and sickness … plus covid still around and I’m in America …

    I dodged death a few times already – so I dunno… and after all the cancer stuff I really do not think I am strong enough health wise to be hit with covid. I don’t know that I would have the strength to survive that? Unless I was one that be asymptomatic… but my system has been weakened so I dunno?

    I have been thinking of this though – it runs through my mind.

    It certainly doesn’t help I work at funeral homes lol… I’ve worked on many files and I’ve watched many who are my age passing

    Is weird to see my birth year… and I see their death certificates … one had breast cancer like me… was my age… I made it – she did not… I felt for her family cause I could imagine that could have been me. I just got lucky

    And I see other people too around my age… various things … and I do see covid cases also.

    So I dunno. Is in the back of my mind… sorry to be morbid lol … I work for funeral homes so that’s gonna happen

    I think of the emotions my children will have. And I certainly do not want to leave them, and I think of how my own mom is leaving… and also I love life itself

    So I don’t necessarily think of what happens to me after I die… but what happens to those I love? Or those I take care of?

    It’s funny I make my kids have these convos sometimes … when I had cancer – I had to… my oldest son was on my health care directive … if anything went wrong – he would make the decision to pull plug 🔌 if needed.

    I would tell him if I am no longer there and have no quality of life – let me go. Those were hard convos in those moments

    Now I work for funeral homes lol… 😄 so I want to make sure they know my wishes and they be ok

    They listen, roll their eyes… but they listen lol ✌️

    1. A thoughly thought provoking answer Trisha, equal to the question itself – l think it’s one that has been on many people’s minds of later times especially – so thank you for the deep thoughtful input 🙂

  7. I like to think there is ‘something else’ and we will be with our departed loved ones again.
    The thing is the conscious mind will cease to be and all that we are will ‘go’ apart from whatever memories we have made with other people. Those I love may well have passed away before me, or if I precede them, I hope they celebrate life and make the most of it. I have no kids to mourn me, but maybe some people I have come to know will feel sad at my passing.

  8. If there are eulogies, I imagine they’ll be thinking of someone else. I might admire the fella they’re missing but will I recognise him as me? I’m not sure I will. Then I might conclude: did I ever exist for them at all? I have been non existent all along…

    It’s a complicated notion, Rory.

    1. Hey Ian – hope you are keeping well 🙂

      It is a complicated concept – because pending how you view the question – your personal interpretation could bring in any manner of theologies and philosophies to respond.

      Of course one of the aged questions of all time, is do we really exist at all anyway?

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