Dear Blog – 15.08 – 12/10/20

Good Golly, The Penny Finally Dropped!

I received an email the other day asking how Suze was and how she was responding to her treatment with regards her cancer and whilst l responded directly to the asker, l decided to also write about it this afternoon.

In a nutshell, Suze’s body is responding very well to the treatment – although she is experiencing and suffering quite a bit with the side effects of the chemotherapy treatment.

The huge swelling on the left side of her neck which had acquired the size of a small turnip or a large golf ball has now gone completely. The internal cancerous cyst on the right side of her throat l believe is greatly reduced also and the prime cancer at the base of her tongue is reducing and that is now the focus of the next stage of treatment for her.

Initially she was to receive three very aggressive chemotherapy bouts or rounds however due to her body responding very well, they reduced these to two, of which the last one was last Friday week on the 2nd October. So she is thrilled that she doesn’t have to undergo any more of those.

Her next rounds are the tricky ones as these are a daily routine starting from the end week of October of radiotherapy followed by short burst windows of chemo.

The one thing – of course there are many – but one thing that did worry her and that is happening today is that with the radiotherapy she is to have a mask made up because the treatment is aimed at her neck. Suze like many people has a problem with having no control and also feeling hemmed in – the radiotherapy masks will be a huge nightmare for her personally l feel. Every person has to have their own mask designed for them. The image above gives you a rough idea of what she is having crafted today.

This doesn’t take all day, but she does have a lot of other pre and post -treatment appointments this week.

The side effects that she is sadly suffering from are numerous and they are eclectic a mixture as you could expect! From hair loss to Neuropathy, loss of taste, increased hunger, cravings, sore joints, fatigue, nausea, memory issues, sleeping problems, toilet issues and the list goes on.

Suze has down days and then l am there to kick her butt and get her motivated again, and she has a very supportive circle of friends and this makes life much easier.

Suze was with me yesterday and we spent several hours together, having some lunch, talking, walking and also discussing her blog.

The last time this topic was raised was a few weeks ago, and as she wasn’t 100% confident on which medium she wanted to follow – l sent her away with a load of ideas and questions for her to ask herself and these were aimed at thinking about – what she wanted to say, who she wanted to say it to and what she wanted long term as in expectations from her audience?

So we discussed her decision to begin a blog yesterday over that of a Facebook page or group and we also talked about her wants, needs, desires and direction for said blog. Later on this afternoon or tomorrow pending upon how she feels following all her appointments today Suze will create a new email account specifically for her blog – give me the details and l will start the ball rolling.

We discussed designs and content, and l will email Lisa with regards the ideas that were brought up yesterday.

Suze wanted to have a blog with an eclectic feel to it and whilst she will be writing about her journey with cancer – it’ll not be just a focus on that. She has a lot of ideas that are kicking around and she wants to write about them. Excellent …. so this week, that will be starting as a project.

Has she settled on a blog name? Yes she has, it was in the title. When it’s ready to launch, l will give you all a holler!

Thanks for reading, catch you next time!

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14 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 15.08 – 12/10/20

  1. The Penny Drops? I love it! Not sure why it has to be so complicated to launch a blog. It takes 5 minutes and you can always monkey with the design and widgets later. Something to remember: all the hours toiling away with the look of the blog will be utterly lost on those who read through the app. Just go for it!

    1. It’s not so much complicated – everything seems longer when we write it down as opposed to speaking about it. Suze can’t make it herself as her concentration is shot and l will make it, however all l am waiting for is for her to set up an email as l don’t want her blog email connected to my own directory 🙂

  2. I’m glad that the treatment is showing great results. You’re doing so well with supporting and motivating Suze. I’m looking forward to her blog.

  3. What happened to the Banshee idea?? Oh well… things change, don’t they?!

    I hope she follows through. I think she’ll love the blogging community!

    Give her my brst wishes!🌊🦄💫🧸💌

    1. The Banshee concept was Suze from before – Suze changes rapidly at present Angie. When the blog is up, changes from the Suze of before will be very visible.

      Suze isn’t a social medium person – whilst she has a FB account, she is only on FB for the groups she belongs to. WP and a blog will be a huge step for her.

      Paula asked why was everything so complicated …….. it’s not for those of us who are more savvy with mediums but of course it would be and perhaps more so with a Block Editor blog over pre-block editor for someone who doesn’t have anything to do with any kind of social medium platform.

      I think she will also love the community – but with the treatment Suze is literally all over tha place .

      Suze was a different woman pre post menopause and came out a different woman, she went into the first stage of her cancer journey a different Suze to the one of today and l should imagine the next stages will change her again and so this new title having discussed it with her in earnest over the last few days l would say is probably even better than the original concept 🙂

      Of course l will and she always says thank you 🙂

      1. 2020 is forcing a lot of people to change… I think its a great opportunity but growth is painful and people generally avoid pain. Until they can’t avoid it anymore.
        You’re already doing great! I hope that Suze is also much happier and more content after these changes.

  4. Thinking of her – not easy to go through – I’m glad you are so supportive and she has good support and people there for her… that helps tremendously!!

    Very glad to hear she took well to the treatments

      1. Well stay strong beside her! She will need that!

        You are probably right and it’s a terrifying thing to go through… you face the illness and also death and that strikes a fear … you want to be ok and the treatments are a lot to deal with making you feel sick and it’s very very hard.

        I will pray for her and think of her 🙏

  5. It is wonderful that you are there for her. It is a very difficult thing to go through. Every day is different just as every person is different. I hope she decides to blog as a means for her to document her journey. Give her a hug from me.

    1. Thanks Lauren l will do … currently she wants to blog, l have said l will set it up for her, but l am just awaiting her to make a new email for the blog – because the last thing she needs is loads of email from WP filtering through her regular contact port.

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