Are You Your Star Sign?

Are You Your Star Sign?

I was reading an interesting article in the November issue of Cosmopolitan today about if we dressed like our star signs? Mm, it was an interesting read – according to the magazine – Taurus [that’s me] are into ‘luxury’, ‘classical items of clothing that last’, ‘one offs’, ‘quirky unusuals’ and putting together nicely accessorized looks is your style? Well okay, principally Cosmopolitan is aimed at a female audience and also this feature was very much orientated towards females – alright only females!

But the principles are the same be they for men or women, matters not. I was involved in the fashion industry for years and l was very much into back then ‘stylish accessorized looks’, yes l was hands down. I was very taken with a romantic look in the mid to later 80’s and then a classic professional look in the 90’s.

Fashion wasn’t always a good buddy especially according to my parents when l was younger!

Me with my prize after Trout Tickling 1977 -Trefriw – North Wales.

l had more fascination with trout tickling and falling into the rivers of North Wales or losing one shoe, l hated wearing clothes full stop and there was always a struggle just to get me to wear my school uniform and as for wearing nice clothes after school? No way!!

Me in School uniform 1978 – Woking, Surrey.

A day out with the family and friends 1979! No stylish presence!

Things started to change when l started working in catering while l was still at school, l became a part time waiter at a local hotel and worked all the way up to head wine waiter by 1980 when l was just starting college. The smartest l was when at college was only when l was wearing my dinner suit. Other times l was just scruffy monster!

Head Wine Waiter – Woking – Surrey – 1980

However, it was catering that lit the trend bug with me and sadly there are no photographs in my possession of the years from 1980 – 1990 which would clearly display my love for fashion within catering and the fashion industry which l started career wise in 1985.

There is this from 1991 … which shows the days as an escort in London. This photo was taken by a client as l escorted her to her daughter’s wedding.

Then there are no further photographs of me from 1991 – 1997 then this arrives…

……. then nothing until 1999 when l was working with my animal business in the early days. Fashion was leaving me fast at that point – commercial breeding stocks had no time for fancy clothing!

Then nothing once more till 2011 with this one below when l am mimicking a wizard – at that time l was working with horses and living in a tin box!

These days l am more like the 1990’s me but more practical – l am no longer an escort, or a professional advertiser or a nightclub promoter, or a catering or a fashion manager, l am just me – and there are no fresh and recent photographs as l always seem to be behind a camera. The most recent one was last year.

However, you may be surprised to learn …. that this question isn’t specifically about your fashion style, but how close are you to your star sign? I am a Taurus and according to some, l am pretty close on account of being full of bull, erm as in the Bull, and not bulls … l am sure there is a difference, anyway moooo’ving along!

Classic Taurus Positive TraitsAre They My Traits Too
Love Luxury/qualityYes, l like items of quality – but l class them as classically durable. In other words, they last me years.
Hard workersI don’t believe in half measures when there is a job to be done, let’s stop buggering about and get it done!
AmbitiousI have my moments – but l usually have three stages of a strategy ..
PloddersThere is never any need to rush through things – l am the tortoise over the hare, but l am thorough.
TenaciousLike a dog with a bone … a dinosaur bone – we ain’t going nowhere till this sucker’s out of the ground, ya hear?!
Value HonestyYep, l prefer things that are black and white, l don’t give a shit if the truth hurts, just tell me straight – all the gory details – l will respect you more!
Love consistencyYep, l am not a stickler – but having a firmness to belief helps.
Classic Taurus Negative TraitsAre They My Traits Too
Set in our waysNope, not really, l am very open and accomadating to new ideas and concepts.
Don’t like authority …Yeah, that’s true – l can’t stand authority – l am a rebel with a cause – l hate those in charge – who says everything they say and stand for is true anyway?! When they say jump – l say be my guest you first and why should l?
Taking hedonism too far?Erm, mm maybe, you see, l have this problem with moderation …. l don’t always have a stop button. Be this pretty women, candy, pleasure, entertainments mmm, yum – but there have been times when it has landed me in seriously hot water!
PerfectionistsNo, l don’t think that’s true so much these days – one has to be realistic BUT, there is no harm in being thorough!

I think it is safe to say that l am pretty much a bull, l am a happy Taurus!

But that’s just me …. how about you – how close are you to your Star Sign? Let us know below – come on spill the beans!!

33 thoughts on “Are You Your Star Sign?

  1. Well dang weren’t you a cutie of a kid and a handsome devil when you got older! I’m a libra and yes, I like my leather and lace…and silk and satin. I like elegant and classic. I don’t dress that way anymore, no reason to but in my younger days…Oh yes and sexy…hot pants, the mini-est of minis and I was known for my fishnet stockings and stiletto heels…Ah, the good old days when we were young and beautiful!

  2. You tell me JB… am I a Pisces??
    I rather think I am like most of the “qualties” but with Aquarius rising, I’ve got enough logic to keep me from getting lost in the clouds.

    And since Pisces is the 12th sign, it does have traits if all the others… as do IπŸ˜‰


    1. All the signs carry traits of the other signs, it is always reflective the individual. It’s strange though how so very few people look deeper than just the commercial surface … mind you, l always knew there was something fishy about you … just saying πŸ™‚

  3. That 1991 wedding pic is #stylegoals!
    So awesome! 🀭🀣

    I’ve never looked into my starsign basics tbh. Not my niche. I’m assuming that a Cancer trait is that they’re skeptics 🀭🀣

    1. Ha ha there are quite a few signs that are profoundly skeptical Zowiezoe Taurus is ironically reputed to be so of Astrology, Pisces are of medicine, Aquarians are wary of advertising, Capricorns pet hate is the supernatural, Sagittarians doubt their abilities, Scorpios look with hooded eyes over conspiracy theories and Cancer can be highly skeptical about love and romance?

      Yet, with the trait of true skepticism l would suggest pending one’s life experience we are all skeptical to a degree – it all depends upon what has burned us the most.

      Personally l am skeptical about people’s honesty in principle and yet in truth l am mostly skeptical about everything – but then l am a healthy cynic πŸ™‚

  4. I’m also a Taurus. Some traits fit me and some don’t. I am not into lux stuff, but i need a nice clean organized home. Staying home is my jam! I’m loyal to the loyal. If someone is disloyal to me, I can be horrible. Stubborn sometimes but also go-along in many cases. I’m generally okay with authority and rules…

    1. Like you Paula, l like my home to be tidy and organised, it is my bubble and it needs to be orderly. I like quality items, but mostly l love bargains. My mother was insatiably frugal so l learned how to buy quality at a fraction by keeping my eye out for bargains πŸ™‚

      The reality of people seeing my home [well ha ha ha apart from fellow bloggers] but in real life – Suze will be the only person to really see the bubble l have created – but because it’s my bubble and l spend a lot of my time here – it has to be comfortable and richly rewarding πŸ™‚

  5. Pisces. πŸ’™πŸŒŠβœŒπŸΌπŸŽΆ Classic dreamer. Always swimming in two different directions. Am I total Piscean? Im not totally sure. But my brother was a Taurus and loved his clothes. Was stubborn and a loyal friend. Go Bulls! 😘❀️

        1. It can be VERY dangerous if you panic. You just have to relax. I am working my way up to becoming a master diver. I about 60% there, with 350 dives and I am also a rescue diver. it is my passion. πŸ™‚

        2. You can NEVER panic. t can be VERY dangerous. I am working my way to becoming a master diver. I have 350 dives and am a rescue diver. I am about 60% there. It is my passion. πŸ™‚

        3. What? That l panic when l am underwater and not in control of my own breathing? Yes, that l know πŸ™‚

          Hence, kudos to others who can manage it πŸ™‚

  6. My sun sign is Cancer … and yes I fit that very much (although I completely despise the name of it)

    My moon sign is Gemini … so I have slight influence there also ✌️

  7. I’m a Taurean born in the Chinese year of the Monkey (1956, yeah, I’m old). I had a book with all the combinations but the person I loaned it to never gave it back.
    From what I can remember the list included loyalty, honesty, loving, caring, generous, musical, poetic and romantic are all traits. I’m not a romantic though have my moments and I’m good with money. I am also impatient and quick tempered.

    1. 1956 doesn’t make you that old Di πŸ™‚

      I am 57, so only 7 years your juinor and 64 isn’t old in my books – merely just starting to use the wisdom acquired.

      I recognise many traits, but in truth the reality of each of the astro signs is we carry traits and attributes from all the signs πŸ™‚

      Thanks for commenting.

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