Tis The Season Of The Scary .. Right?

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Tis The Season Of The Scary .. Right?

In October’s Episode of 12 Bloggerz Question 2 was this …

What do you think makes for a really scary fiction story that would prevent you from turning off the lights before you went to sleep??

.….. and we got some absolutely stonking answers from people which l shall share here now ..

Jennifer of PaperkutzA serial killer that is in my area, but authorities have no idea about who it is or even what he might look like..
Vic CrainThe monsters in my head do a better job than anything I’ve read!
Lauren of ISS Attitude of GratitudeAnything with people being chased by violent marauders. 
Sadje of Keep it AliveI think it would have to be a really well-written story about someone breaking into your home that would scare me to that extent.
Christine of Stine WritingThat the main character is getting ready for bed, maybe reading, and there is a clown or a creepy doll under the bed.
Ian Kay ofThe Moon Is RisingWhen I was a young boy, I had a fear of the dark. This would mean going to bed with the bedroom door ajar and the light outside the door on; until my folks went to bed.

When I was a little older and more self-conscious, I cured myself of this embarrassing phobia. I don’t think there’s anything fictitious that would bring me back to that state of mind.
Stephen Blyse WritesIt was already written and I can’t finish it for some bloody reason the book scares me and I like scary shit lol. I couldn’t sleep even with the light on I have tried to read it front to back numerous times and it just messes with my mind. The book you ask James V Smith Jr Beaststalker.
Melanie of Sparks from a combustible mindAnything that ‘sparks’ (hahah) my imagination enough to bring on a nightmare.   I take certain medication to help me sleep anyway, and even if I’m ‘scared’ (which I deliberately avoid before bed) by reading or watching something, I’ll still fall asleep.  With the light OFF.   

But I have woken in the morning with only a vague recollection of turning the light on at some point.  I don’t know if it’s a fear thing or what I call ‘drug brain’ making me do that.  I can’t sleep with a light on (not well), so it’s irritating and frustrating when I find I’ve done that.
BernMusingsI’ve been too exposed to horror movies/stories since I was young, they don’t have that effect on me anymore. Doesn’t stop the stories from continuing/evolving in my dreams, though.

This is the book that Stephen Blyse Writes struggles to read …

Christine of Stine Writing and l enjoyed a good conversation of the subject of what freaks us out and we agreed that Annabelle comes damn close and l shared with her this .. short Horror Movie – l feel sure many of you have also seen it.

I can no longer watch horror films – as l said to Christine – July 2015 mid morning – bright sunny day – 15 minutes in to watching the Annabelle film, l freaked out – l haven’t been able to watch a horror film since then, although l ‘juuuuuuuuuust’ managed to watch The Haunting of Hill House in 2018 on Netflix – it also scared me [l had a big cushion] – but it was well made.

Now prior to this l could eat, drink and sleep horror movies – not any more. I can read horror fiction … but l find this quite pointless these days because it doesn’t seem to be a genre that is written into that well … l used to be in the 80’s – millenium a huge fan of many of the big horror crafters in the business of writing frights – but l haven’t read a good quality scary book for years. I will look up the book Stephen is trying to read …. but prior to that – the scary books l last read were

Pet SemataryStephen King
Ghost Story Peter Straub
Amityville HorrorJay Anson
The ExorcistWilliam Peter Blatty
JawsPeter Benchley
ItStephen King
The EntityFrank De Felitta
So what makes a scary story really scary ….
…. from a writers/readers point of view?
How many of you read horror fiction and how many of you write horror fiction?

What do you think a writer needs to include into their writing style to make a story suspense filled, fear driven, frightening and so on?

As a reader, what do you look for in a book to provide you with the right edge of seat fear factors?

Finally, what are in your eyes, seriously disturbing and frightening books to read or you have read?

Let me know below…

18 thoughts on “Tis The Season Of The Scary .. Right?

  1. I really don’t like horror as a genre. There were some good movies that fall into this category but weren’t purely horror movies, like silence of the lambs, the omen or the exorcist. They had good stories behind them. I don’t read horror, if it’s just that.

    1. You didn’t think The Exorcist was a horror movie or not purely? That’s interesting as a comment, do you mean in so far as it was more ‘supernatural or occult’ or something deeper Sadje ?

      1. It was not made to scare people. It had a story to tell. Unlike most of the horror movies of today which are so predictable and mostly funny!

  2. It scared me when I read it. Also a book called “Little Brothers”… cant remember who wrote it. About a group that gets lost in a cave system underground and the creatures that live down there.

    I like King and his son Joe Hill and enjoy reading anything they write. Life has handed me enough horrifying situations… fiction doesn’t really scare me anymore.🤷🏼‍♀️


    1. I haven’t heard of Little Brothers admittedly and a small search reveals all sorts of things 🙂

      I suppose it comes down to the level of imagination and that is not derrogative, l mean in so far as if the imagination over reacts to something. Everyone is scared of something – what activates that fear is whatever the trigger is and it may be that their activation has not yet been triggered.

  3. There are so many different subgenres related to horror. I write scary stories which I label horror, but it’s more suspense and fear than gore. The story needs to be a real story, have something that readers can relate to themselves, or the suspense and fear won’t work. No connection, no story — and that’s in all genres, not just horror. I write to create a sense of freeze, flight, fight syndrome, and then let the character make choices. Just like life, really.

    1. Hey Cage 🙂

      Totally agree with you on what makes people more scared – fear of the unknown, but more so relatable fears 🙂

      Things that could really happen in the blink of an eye or quicker or even over time!!

      1. Survival fears is where it all ends up — will this/they kill me? All creatures try to protect themselves, but a story about a cricket chewing a weed won’t enable a reader to empathise with the story. However, if that plant were the means to their survival, the cricket becomes an enemy, and the community rally around to sing songs about how dangerous it is, how to kill it so the people grow strong, produce children, etc.

    1. This IT as in this and not as it or it, took me a long time to understand on account of the fact that l didn’t see IT, but read it more as It so l saw …. this ….

      It was hard work. I like his books but that was too long and with just too much jumping about.

      …………. and l thought Dang, Gary’s lost the plot ………… but then l saw it as this IT …

      IT was hard work. I like his books but that was too long and with just too much jumping about.

      Ah the book IT, yes, l know exactly what you mean 🙂

  4. Ha!!! Lol… I am alone with my daughter but still … I do not like horror unless I have someone to be all up against lol… nope

    My favorite Halloween story is The legend of Sleepy Hollow 😮

    But that’s as scary as I wanna get currently lol

    The others you mention send a fear shock wave so nope lol

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