Oh! I Am Textless!!

Over the last couple of days l have noticed comments from readers who have commented that they were unable to comment [l know that may not make immediate sense – but it’s fact]

This post therefore acts as a visible question to the WP Engineers as well as to my own readership ….

First and foremostly as bloggers with blogs unless we have very deliberately disabled any thing to do with our Comments in Settings – we need to be able to interact and engage with our audience and like wise vice versa. So when there are problems being experienced l tend to take things quite seriously … however this is not a new issue – l have read about these things before and some of my own readership have expressed concerns over the last eighteen months also. Previous commenting problems have been resolved but it appears this is a new current issue…

I know that both Angie of King Ben’s Grandma and Melanie of Sparks from a combustible mind experience comment issues here at times on a daily basis. With Angie, despite lengthy investigations by engineers last year to the point of exhaustion – l still have to manually approve her comments when l do not knowingly have any reason to perform that as you will see shortly. Melanie experiences issues with commenting on not just my blog but several blogs and maintains this is the case since she changed plans with her own blog.

However in the last couple of days – three bloggers that l know of have had issues with my blog with commenting through the Reader …

The Hello


If you get this comment, I want you to know that I am unable to comment on your posts through the reader. The message I get is that there was an unexpected error.

The Saga of the Furry Football!

King Ben’s Grandma

On an unrelated note, I’m finding that I can’t send responses to your coments on my comments, if that makes sense. I’m only approve for one it seems. It wont even send a 2nd.

12 Bloggerz! October 2020


Third try on the comment – error messages….. Captain Scarlett. Coolest ever super hero. Evil Captain Black. Really dark stories for a kid show. And the best ever evil catchphrase- ‘This is the voice of the Mysterons’. Just epic……

Now Sadje, Angie and Gary are the ones l am wittingly aware of, there may be others who haven’t commented or have given up trying – so l need to know a few things please from you, my readers …

If you are experiencing problems and you are able to comment on this post please let me know where you experienced your problems from?

Is it the Reader or directly on/in the blog itself? If you can provide also the following details …

Problematic Post Title, Your Location, What Application You Are Using to view the blog/reader itself and your search engine and also if you have any Plug-Ins activated and or installed – l ask these questions because this is what the Engineers will ask of me and have asked of me over the last couple of years, so l guess there is something to them.

This morning, l visited via the WP Reader – a feature l don’t actually use – and planted the word Testing on five of my last posts and l can see those words on the posts via the blog direct and l was able to comment via the WP Reader direct.

I have again checked my settings and my own Plug Ins – l have very few active Plugs

My appologies for the qualities of these images, but l wasn’t looking to take top notch quality images of my settings this morning, as l sit here in my PJ’s just about to take a shower, however – l will contact the engineers today, but before that happens any information in addition to what l have already requested and supplied l can award them, it will help them, to help me and us together. But you can hopefully see, that l have absolutely nothing ticked that would prove to be detrimental to my readership engaging with me.

Jenna Kirkpatrick has raised an interesting comment also – see comments below and please read her post.

Ps – I don’t have a problem with spam comments – truth is – since l changed my own plan from Premium to eCommerce in June of 2019 l have very few spam comments perhaps 5 over the course of three months. I check spam daily and it is always empty.

I occasionally have a few comments pending and sometimes comments left by bloggers go astray in the WP system and turn up much later than they were initially left – sometimes up to three days later do they show up for me to read.

Commenting – l don’t tend to drop many comments daily on other blogs, although l do respond to all visible comments on my own posts. I do daily present many blog links in some of my own posts such as the Hello – although this shouldn’t reflect upon readers commenting on my posts.

Comments via email from readers who were simply unable to comment on my blog to this post…

Suzanne of Ellie894 FYI – I always have trouble “liking” and commenting on your site itself.  That isn’t new.  It’s always been that way, especially if I click over from email.  I can access your site from the emails but I can never like or comment from that way.    I have far greater luck in reader.  But I have had trouble leaving comments there as well lately.  Wp specifically tells me that comments cannot be accessed.  Hope this helps. 

Emily Mae Hood of New York Family Adventures I saw your post on comments not going through. I couldn’t leave a comment! So, I though I’d email you while I have WordPress trying to figure out what is going on. I’ll post as soon as I can and let you know if there’s any resolve. I’ve already tried clearing history, clearing cookies, and trying a different browser.

Paula of Light Motifs II

Hi Rory,
I’m in the group who can’t comment on your blog via my newsreader app. I don’t really like reading blogs in the browser. I feel bad about yours though! I’ve tried probably a half dozen times in the past several days and nothing goes through. I get an error message. This doesn’t happen at other blogs. 

If you can help me out with this, that would be great.

Many thanks – catch up with you later .

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  1. If a you get this comment, I usually can’t comment through the reader on my WP app on iPhone.
    Do I wasn’t able to post this comment. Same error message

    1. Hi Sadje, many thanks – it was indeed your comment this morning on The Hello, that sparked me into action, after seeing Angie’s and Gary’s comments over the last couple of days previously, l realised that there maybe an issue, once can happen, twice a coincidence – but thrice as a problem means there is an issue – so thank you for this comment now 🙂

  2. Thanks Rory. It does a so frustrating when I write a long comment and it just disappears. It’s not just you I’m having this issue with a few other bloggers too.
    I couldn’t post it on my app. Had to visit your page to do it

    1. Ah Sadje, now that is interesting – so is this perhaps an issue with the WP App and the Reader direct maybe ? That’s great information – many thanks – yes it is frustrating.

      In truth most of the problems l usually experience are people’s settings – l work only from a desktop, l don’t have a Smart phone and no Laptop and therefore don’t have access to those apps.

      Also as you know, l also only ever write directly on a person’s blog page so never experience issues with the WP Reader – so this information is brilliant and l think very helpful.

  3. I think the problem is not at my end as I can comment on most posts. But there are a few where I get the error message. It’s a recent thing, 2-3 days

  4. I never comment from the reader, I always go from the reader to the site. Since my blog is on Blogger I have a blogroll that updates itself and that’s how I access your blog. So, I have no problems commenting anywhere but then again I use either my desktop, iPad or laptop – no apps involved.

    1. Same here Grace to a certain degree, l have all my favourited bloggers linked in a directory on a hidden page in blog – so when l am specifically spending time reading l go to that page and it takes me direct to the blog l want.

      I can’t stand the Reader it annoys me, so l don’t use it and it is only on the odd occasion that l do use it directly and that is because the blogs l visit have awkward navigation for me to work with or the colours on their blogs make my own navigation difficult.

  5. I’ve had a couple people mention to me lately that they couldn’t comment on my blog.

    When I looked at this post of yours in the reader, I kept getting an error message in the top right hand corner or the window saying “Could not retrieve comments for selected posts.” When I tried to leave a comment, it said “Sorry – there was a problem posting your comment.” I’ve noticed this on a few other blogs in the last few days. It seems to be a different problem than when WordPress randomly signs you out or won’t recognize that you’re signed in.

    1. Hey Ashley, l have experienced this myself on a few blogs and l remember earlier this year having problems with your site also – it’s most assuredly a definite WP issue, that they seemingly have glicthfixed yet. Thanks for the input.

    1. Yes, have heard this before, in fact Angie and Gary have said this is the case. What l will try and do is get as much feedback into/onto this post as l can. Contact the engineers and direct them to this post and that way ”hopefully” they can maybe come up with a solution.

    1. Now, that’s also an interesting comment because l have noticed things like this as well.

      I use for WP Mozilla Firefox and l have a much better response – and yet if l use my other web browser which is Microsoft Edge l experience major problems.

      Last year the engineers told me that certain web browsers are no longer compatible with WP – ME was one and several others.

      I have an iPad that l mostly use for browsing and that is Safari and it experiences no problems.

      I think the Block Editors which keeps changing even now, l keep noticing ‘tweaks’ is causing conflicts with the main frame of WP. For something that was Beta tested l find it astonishing at times that there are still some alteracations with structuring.

      1. I use Chrome and to a lesser extent Safari. Chrome works better out of the two. I have no idea how the block editor can still have so many problems when it’s been around for this long.

        1. Totally agree with you ref B/Editor – it’s almost like it was not Beta Tested at all, now l know that’s not the case – but like you considering the time it has been on the ground – we shouldn’t be experiencing these flaws.

          But then, keep adding bits to it, like the ‘Page Directory’ recently changed it’s format – now okay, fine, but was that also Beta Tested? Is that causing conflicts?

          As l am not a programmer l haven’t got a clue, but as a User of the product l at times become a little irked…. you probably feel the same.

          1. Yeah, they changed that, but didn’t do anything about the fact that it starts off ordered by date created, but then once I started scrolling, it abruptly changes to reflect the parent/child page organization.

  6. You know that you and I have had this issue for a loooong time. Ever since you switched to a business blog format (.blog versus .com). In the past (until about a week ago) I could go to my Reader and comment without having to do the special sign-in that I do on your site, no problem. Now I’m getting the same message/failure to comment on the Reader as everyone else, so I have to do the special sign in ON YOUR SITE to ‘talk’ to you at all. It’s WordPress that’s to blame. They’ve done something else (apparently) that prevents or tries to prevent the free interaction between ‘free’ (hobby’ (derisive snort)) bloggers from interacting with business (paying) bloggers. I found the work around, which is to go to whichever post I wish to comment on, filling in that annoying three line log in (email, name, my site address) and it then allows me to comment. A lot of fuss for what should be a simple act. WordPress has some serious ‘user friendly’ issues. They’re getting worse too, IMHO. Good luck Rory and to those who want to comment and talk to you.

  7. Have been able to comment on your blog Rory, but likes have been touch and go (I did a post and screenprint of the message I had come up).
    Following my post earlier about problems, Jen Goldie suggested it might be my browser, so Hubby got on the case as he too could not access notifications from his dashboard. Turns out the browser was the issue and perhaps the new whizz bangs on WP we are all being subjected to are not compatible so we’ve had to change back to Firefox. All seems OK at the mo.

    1. Hi Di. Yes last year the engineers explained to me that WP sadly is no longer compatible with all web browsers and once the new block editor swung into action – a lot of blogs would experience problems with their web browsers. I think what we are experiencing now is basically that.

      The engineers confirmed to me that my blog is healthy and the problems are not stemming from me but most likely a glitch in their mainframe.

  8. I just did a test comment from chrome on your Hello. A reply to your reply. It disappeared… im assuming its waiting to be approved. I didn’t get the error message, doing it from my reader in the dot com gives me the error🤷🏼‍♀️
    WP is SUPER glitchy!

    1. Yes, you as you know Angie are a blogger that for some reason l have to manually approve with every single comment – l know the images from this post are not ideal but you can see, that l haven’t got anything ticked that would disrupt comments and you should also see that me having to approve your comments manually shouldn’t be an issue – because it shouldn’t be happening.

      …………and yet strangely enough l have all my boxes ticked to NOT receive notifications from my blog, but excuse my French here, but l receive a fucking notification for every single bloody thing that happens on this blog – so whether l tick things or enable or disable or whatever – things still think for themselves ha ha.

  9. Yesterday I had the same problem….I couldn’t comment from reader….I went to your website and I’ve commented from there…😅 It happened with another blog too…😒

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  11. You aren’t the only one who has made a post about not being able to send a comment or see or whatever … I have seen other bloggers also mentioning this.

    I use my phone only – I have not gotten any error messages and as far as I know my comments have been fine – but then maybe I wouldn’t know? Lol

    WP is always weird… since I started – I never have any idea what they doing lol

    I just do my thing and kinda ignore their tech issues – cause they seem to have many issues from commenting or comments going to spam – to changing platforms or things not loading or annoying things when you are trying to create a post 🤨😄✌️

    So whatever … I just come here to enjoy writing and enjoy the people here – and like I said “since I started” they been all wacky!! Is status quo lol

    I would like my stuff to post and have it all go as I want it… but eh… life is the same way … many glitches 😄✌️

    You can’t really do anything cause at mercy of technology and WP

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