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Wednesday 07th October 2020 Progress Report!

I have had a rough week since last Thursday, l weighed myself today and l am 13.1 which isn’t bad. My last walk was yesterday morning – much slower due to a groin injury l have now experienced and l first felt on Monday evening. I thought it was just a small pain in my right side, but by Tuesday it was very sore indeed. Pretty tender there and last night l was so unwell, l ended up going to bed at 8pm in the evening with lights out at 9pm.

That is unheard of in my world – it really is – and the only time that happens is when l am seriously unwell or ill! This morning upon awakening my groin was still very tender – so l have had to cancel indoor cycling for a while and now will only perform upright exercises as in arc swings and now l am having to also perform some groin strengthening and repairing exercises.

I can walk and l will resume that tomorrow .. but l had to speak to someone about it as l was beginning a fever last night and began to think the worst – but that was most likely the strain of the sprain. If l am lucky it will only be a small issue with the tissue and l can get back in the saddle next week but if l am not, l might be off the bike for several weeks.

It’s my fault of course, the curry is only to blame because the spices have affected my stomach so badly and in turn really did a number on my bowel which in turn made cycling in a normal position very uncomfortable and so a small shift seemed okay, but then placed a bigger strain in my groin!!

My typical bad luck! Oh well as they say “Shit Happens!! And that’s what got me into this mess!!” We live and we learn! I can still exercise of sorts just not cyclecise!

07th Sep – 112th Sep – 2
The Saga of the Furry Football!The Saga of the Furry Football!
07th Oct – 3
The Saga of the Furry Football!

The Saga of the Furry Football!

Part 3 – The Worry of Hurried Curry!

Sadly, my exercise regime is ‘Orff for a while!”
It’s been a little higgeldy piggledy all this week!
…. Circumstances beyond my control have been hostile…
And left me feeling rather weak and bleak!
It all began with that blessed Curry!
… Silly really but all it’s done is stress’n’worry …
My insides something really quite terrible..
Temporarily rendering me a little unrepairable!

To make matters even worse, if not bad enough!
… The weather over the last few days has been atrocious!
Ensuring that any entertainment taken was to be rough!
… Foolhardy, unkind, and otherwise bloody tough!
For sure, the rains did indeed spoil and stop many walks,
But l worried not, l at least had my indoor cycle!
… On pavements unwalked, l just continued to detox ..
I actively pedalled like a true exercise disciple!

However, the curry had wicked intentions…
… and continued to work its unsavoury spoils,
Upon my stomach and bowel combined with evil perfection!
… Weaving its way around my intestinal coils,
Until it decided to make my rear end quite the hot spot!
… This alas, caused me more than a little unpleasantness,
Of which we shall NOT discuss as it makes me quite fraught,
… and my verbality normally so joyful loses its finesse!!

Now, when one has a tender rear end, sitting becomes ….
….. mm, how does one describe this sensation?
Well your buns manifest into the very opposite of numb!
… Simply put your bum is a bed of agitation!
So when sitting atop of the cycle’s saddle,
Instead of the usual balanced straddle,
One has to adopt a more strategic position,
Which makes cycling more of a transition expedition!

Of course, one didn’t know that a slight shift
…. To the right, to ease up the left central bun
Would result in some horrible testicular drift!
Causing the exercise routine to become undone!
This last week, l have been in some serious pain,
…. General discomfort in one’s inner loin!
Recovering from what is known as right ball strain!
To the novice, l pulled a muscle in my groin!

Alas, l can no longer cycle my indoor two-wheeler …
… for a wee while at the very least,
I must now rest my injured and sprained inguinal,
… until the folded parts are released!
To think, l was annoyed unnecessarily with the rain,
.. and upset at the delay it awarded me!
Yet, who knew that the real culprit for my sprained pain…
…. Would be the worry of hurried curry!

© Rory Matier 2020

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6 thoughts on “The Saga of the Furry Football! [3]

  1. Yep! Compensating for an injured area always throws a different area out! Do we learn? Nope. Do we rest? Nope. Do our bodies get fed up and MAKE us rest? Yep!🤷🏼‍♀️

    On an unrelated note, I’m finding that I can’t send responses to your coments on my comments, if that makes sense. I’m only approve for one it seems. It wont even send a 2nd.🤷🏼‍♀️


    1. Yes l have seen this a couple of times, l don’t why either, it’s not anything l have done – l think it’s some kind of glitch with WP yet again.

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