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Game #6 – October 2020

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We live in a questioning world so it’s hardly surprising that there are so many questions that are asked by people every day, week and month is it? This feature will ask you all sorts of questions – but will only ever ask you 12 questions per month. You can answer them in the comments section below or create a post on your own blog should you wish to – that’s your choice.

In many ways this feature will be a no holds barred styled questions arena – covering many topical areas, controversial, opinionated – taboo orientated and just general and light hearted – just questions about people and things from all walks of life!

Additionally should any of the readership wish to pose a question to be featured within 12 Bloggerz in the future episodes – please drop me an email to aguycalledbloke63@gmail.com

Cheers Rory
If another national lockdown was to occur for you – would you be better prepared for it today as in, have you been in a position to stockpile much needed stocks or would you be no different to the last time?
What do you think makes for a really scary fiction story that would prevent you from turning off the lights before you went to sleep??
Which do you prefer to wear and why out of the following options?
[You can pick more than one – but always explain why]
Cotton, Denim, Cashmere, Chiffon, Lace, Leather, Linen, Wool, Organic Fabrics, Silk, Muslin, Polyester, Satin, Suede, Twill, Velvet, Moleskin, Mohair, Viscose.
When getting dressed and you are putting on a dress, trousers, shorts or skirts and so on, which foot do you lead with, left or right … and why that way?
What is your blog’s prime genre and what are the secondary genres?
Has blogging and as such belonging to a community of fellow bloggers and writers alike changed you as a person or inspired you in any way – explain?
Name 3 television programmes that you watched and enjoyed as a child and then explain what made them good for you back then?
How do you celebrate you when you have time to pamper yourself?
Do you listen to any Podcasts or Vlog Diaries on a regular basis, if so what are they and why are they so good?
Have you ever walked in on a couple having sex and did you 1] Scream in horror make appologies and run out, 2] Make your way out but acting cool about it all or 3] Laugh out loud and say “Alrighty then, game on!!”and join in?
What do you think lives in the 80% of the ocean that is unexplored and unmapped?
Question inspired by Sadje of Keep it Alive

Do you read Book Reviews before purchasing a book new to you or do you simply buy a book based upon what you have read on the sale description or back page and if you do how influenced are you by those reiews?
So there we go folks – you are on your own with regards your answering below or in your own blog – looking forward to seeing your answers either way!
Thanks for reading
See you next month! – October 2020 [New Bloggerz designs too!]
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21 thoughts on “12 Bloggerz! October 2020

  1. 1. We had minimal problems with the first lockdown, so another would not be a huge problem. By accident, we had purchased a large supply of paper products on sale in January before the lockdown was a thing. We’ll keep buying as things go on sale — never absurd quantities, but enough for safety.
    2. The monsters in my head do a better job than anything I’ve read!
    3. Cotton, for comfort. Denim always works, just not for work.
    4. How about laying back on the bed and putting both legs in at the same time? I do that occasionally.
    5. Health and science, finance and insurance, and anything that strikes me.
    6. I do Ted talks occasionally, plus music and instructional videos. Many blogs come across as pompous and vain. A confident speaker with real information to convey is good.
    7. A community of bloggers encourages writing by providing ideas and feedback. There’s no question that I’m enjoying writing more now that I’m interacting more with readers and other bloggers.
    8. As a child I lived with grandparents and had one TV. I ended up watching what they wanted to watch, which included a lot of golf tournaments. (Never grew a real liking for that game.)
    9. Pampering is travel. There are so many places I still want to see.
    10. I’ve been walked in on, but never been the intruder. I thought it was funny. An ex-brother-in-law called me into his room when his girl was standing naked next to the bed — simply to embarrass the both of us. I simply told him dinner was ready and left as the girl dove under the covers.
    11. Submarines and small, oceans are huge, and money for exploration is finite. Look how many decades it took just to find the Titanic, whose location was relatively known.
    12. It depends on whether I’ve read other works by the author, have a particular interest in the topic, or just are in the mood for something different.

    1. Hey Vic, many thanks for taking the time to answer the questions on 12 Bloggerz – it took me a little while to see that you answered 5 twice and missed out 9 this in turn threw me out for a moment but l got there – all good 🙂

      What are your Ted talks about?

  2. Third try on the comment – error messages….. Captain Scarlett. Coolest ever super hero. Evil Captain Black. Really dark stories for a kid show. And the best ever evil catchphrase- ‘This is the voice of the Mysterons’. Just epic……

  3. Stephen Blyse comments …

    1. If another national lockdown happened here I would be in the same situation as the last. Well in terms of toilet paper that is. When the lockdown happened everyone had already started the hoarding ages beforehand so yeah no chance if another lockdown happens.

    2. It was already written and I can’t finish it for some bloody reason the book scares me and I like scary shit lol. I couldn’t sleep even with the light on I have tried to read it front to back numerous times and it just messes with my mind. The book you ask James V Smith Jr Beaststalker.

    3. Denim and polyester. Because they feel good and cotton itches like nuts… Literally.

    4. Left. It’s the first thing in the morning and dark 5.20am actually. I ain’t got time to lose balance at that time of day.

    5. My blog is Binary. No. Mainly it is for my short stories and novellas when I start writing them again. The secondary is poetry. You will notice more poetry than stories that is because they are easy to write, the other reason is it takes Rory a year to respond back with editorial notes…….. Just kidding.

    6. Nope. Honestly, as much as I would love to read all your work I can’t. That being said blogging here is kind of like Facebook some people just like the post without reading it. And that sucks.

    7. Home and Away – I was young and dumb. It was good in the way of a family dynamic I wanted to have that whole closeness.

    Daria – I enjoyed the dark side of her.

    The Simpsons – It was a good show….Was. The comedic side to a dysfunctional family helped.

    8. By sleeping in.

    9. I listen to Crime Junkie, I love crime and Ashley has a gorgeous voice, I just wish Britt would leave.
    Dave Ramsey on youtube. Financial advice. you can never go wrong with that.
    The money nerds podcast. Whitney Hansen it awesome…. and What Really Happened with Andrew Jenks. Go listen to it and you will discover why I like it.

    10. Nope never to any of them. I did hear my parents in the next room when I was a teenager though. And my wife wonders why I am so messed up.

    11. I don’t think anything is in there and if there is they don’t want anything to do with us.

    12. I read the back of the book and if I like it I will get it. Reviews sometimes are done by morons with no taste.

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