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June 2020

These two images above were the photographs that the advert displayed concerning the house l now live in aka ‘Willow’ – showing the kitchen and the dining room leading to the back door and the outside garden.

The gallery of 3 above is from July 8th a couple of days after l collected the keys and started getting the house prepared for my move in date on the 17th July.

You may recall when this series first began, that l said each room of my house would not only have a name, but the name would be associated with an animal that was/were dear to me over the last 20 years of my life. Many of my new readership may not know that l worked with exotic animal species for a good twenty years and my business closed it doors to the world and business alike in October 2010.

Season 2 of Stories and Tales will begin in the next two months or so – it was due to start much earlier – but you know – life got in the way of that and stress – but animal stories will return!

I have wanted to salute some of these animals which were both mascots and companions to me over the years but never really had the opportunity to until now with the arrival of Willow.

Just in case any of you wondered was there any deeper reason for naming the rooms of the house? Yes, there was.

Kingdom of Vibrance

Kitchen – Mascot Cockerel

Back in the year 2525 ……… no, sorry that’s wrong, let me rephrase …. back in the year 1999 – l had a cockerel called Plucky – sadly l have no photographs of him. He was a Gold Brakel. He was awarded to me as a gift … well he was a youngish rooster to be precise who was going to be slain for food production. I was sited on a farm in the early days with my business and this rooster escaped the clutches of his captors one day and ran to me squawking his head off and when l bent down he literally jumped into my arms and it was almost like he was begging for me to save him!!

The farmers told me he was a noisy 18 month old rooster, full of himself and uncontrollabe and yet, they had never seen him show any affection to anyone and still he ran directly to me and jumped into my arms without shredding me from the shin up – as far as they were concerned the pair of us were odd and suited each other! A fine compliment indeed l thought!

I considered the escape and run to me as ‘plucky’ which is why he was so called it … He was a very charming character and he stayed with me till his last days in 2004 when he died of old age. He served as a form of security to my building and this was a task he didn’t take lightly!

Cockerel fighting is illegal quite rightly – but maybe so too should be cockerel security on account of how very aggressive Plucky could be to people he didn’t know! If anyone came visiting l would hear a rooster screech and then hear Plucky racing the full length of the 45 foot building at full speed getting ready to deal serious injury to intruders!

To me he was very affectionate and loving and would often just talk to me as l worked – he was a good companion and l used to take him home with me in the evenings and so Willow’s Kitchen here is in salute to Plucky. Colourful, vibrant, in your face and yet welcoming once you settle down and chill.

One of my biggest issues with living alone is that l am often if not careful only found to be residing in one room of a house and so l wanted to make the house here which is large – a lived in residence – might sound strange to some folks – but if you think about it – you’ll have favourited rooms in your house, apartment or whichever and you’ll spend more time there. So for me l had to make damn sure that l spent balanced time in the rooms that l lived in.

For this to happen l had to assign them various attributes to make me want to spend more time in them – basically to have a reason more than just a basic function.

So the kitchen in addition to basic functions has a nice feel to it, is colourful and stimulating to me, which is very important to my Asperger’s and encourages me to cook, dine there [as opposed to in the loungeroom or sitting in front of the screens] and the dining room has a chill out zone and education aspect to it.

I have always been in favour of the philosophy that pictures on the walls of houses give further character and soul and so this had to be incorporated into this area as well which it has been.

As this area is also connected to another passion of mine – gardening/composting – there had to be elements of that present with the small alcove but also, because this was to be about relaxing and chilling down, l wanted to highlight the country theme to support a rural way of life with a spin.

So there we go, a little introduction for you and now to the gallery. Photo’s taken this morning.

There we go folks – that is one of the main rooms in Willow now completed – the Kitchen/Dining Room leading to the back of the property and the garden – now a functional kitchen – relaxing area with the beanbags where l can read, study, learn and relax and watch the garden birds as well as dine comfortably.

Hope you enjoyed the first part of the Willow Tour, catch you next time – thanks for reading.

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18 thoughts on “Plucky Cockerel Security

  1. Looks great! I still don’t like the tile thoughπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ it’s too 1970s.

    My grandmother had a picture in her kitchen of a rooster that was made out of different beans, legumes and corn… I wish I had it. It would look great in your kitchen!


    1. Well as a rental l can’t control how the landlords choose to decorate the kitchen – however l loved the colours and in truth maybe it’s 70’s American? As colour tiles are making a huge trend statement now in the UK.

      But l can understand how colour minimalists might not like too much colour in their house and prefer more of a neutral colour – Suze likes plain and prefers to add prime colours in to warm up the ambience πŸ™‚

      Wow the Rooster pic sounds awesome πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Lauren – yes it’s really starting to come together now πŸ™‚ It’s reflectional on my personality so l am very chilled with it πŸ™‚

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