Afternoon Strollings ..

Afternoon Strollings … Directory
Season 1 – Autumn 2020
Monday 05th October 2020
35 Minutes
”Something’s gotta give!'”

All things considered l was quite impressed that l managed to get a walk in today. Once more when l awoke at 7.30am the day was wet, l could hear the splash backs as the cars drove through the street and l debated whether there was any point to getting up to the day with yet again more rain? But that’s the attitude of a seven year old not wanting to get out of bed to go to school!

It wasn’t supposed to be raining this morning, those damn weather folks got everything wrong again … it wasn’t supposed to be brilliant – BUT it was supposed to be dry!! Yet, pulling back the curtains all l saw was dank grey sky and buckets of water cascading down from murky looking clouds! I sighed inwardly and outwardly, cussed and cursed, but thought ‘Oh well the show must go on regardless!”

I still wasn’t feeling dandy, not 100%, maybe 75%, l also noted that l must have slept badly and at a funny angle, because l had a strain in my groin on the right side … great!! Stomach dirorders, constant trips to the loo and now the right side is the wrong side of me today. But l hobbled to the toilet, had the morning pee – stood there looking at myself in the mirror and greeted myself good morning! The day is young, maybe it’ll get better!

The rains stopped once at 11am which gave me enough time to get out into the garden and replace with fresh seed and suets the bird feeders as well as check the garden was alright – we have had a lot of rain these last few days and mild flash flooding in some of the streets so l have heard from passers by. I hear a lot of snippets of conversation here where l am, this close to the people! The garden was fine, all bird feeders filled and then by midday it was raining hard again.

I figured l was lucky to have been on the recover, albeit this particular attack is taking longer to repair than normal, but l managed to resume indoor cycling again to routine rather than simply here and there. I am on 13 minutes now and so far have completed 2 bouts, with a third to come at 10.30pm tonight – provided my groin allows me to complete the trio of runs. Some days l just feel l am falling to pieces one muscle at a time!

Suze messaged me in Facebook – her second and final bout of Chemo which was given to her last Friday had made her quite unwell, but she was pleased to be getting the pump detached tomorrow. [Despite chemo therapy at the hospital – patients then leave and have an additional four days worth of chemo dropped into their body through their PICC lines] and would be glad to see the back of the stomach injections for a few weeks at least till the combined chemo/radiotherapy begins later on this month. Despite everything she had managed to squeeze a small walk in.

By 2pm, the rains in Sandwich had ceased and the sun was out and so l also took a small strolling/pootling of my own – a bit slower than normal on account of the right side of my groin being a little painful – but by golly – ‘l got me a walk in!’ the first since last Thursday afternoon!

I got back at 25 to three and was very lucky as ten minutes later the heavens opened up again, the sun disappeared and raindrops the size of trucks started to fall to the ground! Phew lucky break! I would not have wanted to have gotten soaked to the skin on my walk!

Well as l suspected whilst on my pootle, the heavy rains and winds had managed to cause some damage to the walk around the Ramparts … a lot of branches were off, mostly small – but some much bigger ones too! The height of the canal moats had raised also by a good foot or two which was interesting. But the sun was out and as a first gentle strolling since Thursday it just made for a nice break from the four walls of the house! The temperature wasn’t too shabby either, their was quite a bit of warmth to the rays.

The rains had also cleared up some of the mess made by the algae on the canal and gave it quite a fresh look.

In addition to some storm damage, Autumn was making her presence known more prominently on some of the trees as their leaf losses were quite significant.

There is talk of it being a seriously hard Winter this year, well l don’t know why everyone is so surprised – l think it would be more of an astonishment if there wasn’t a harder season in consideration to the year to date not just in the UK but globally – the most awful seasons have been sported and experienced all around the world – l think Mother Nature is trying to get us to listen to her! If this a warning shot across the bows, she picked a damn fine year to take action – she worked alongside the stupidity of mankind to deliver her message – that ‘something’s gotta give!’

It was good to be out, l felt like a prisioner allowed out for a half hour walk around the yard! So it was nice that there was decent colour to be seen and smells to be had as they carried themselves into the wind! “Dang but there’s a lot of berries on that tree for the time of the year”, l thought – another sign of a harsh Winter!

There has been a lot of signs of a bad one, not just the strange weather or the berries on bushes, or even the rats acting bizarre from the moats. But we had strange fogs in some areas in August and September too! The squirrels gathering crops in early, abundant yields on the conker trees – l have lived in this country long enough to now spot the signs – it also helped being sited on a farm with my business – you learn a lot from people who work the fields!

Of course the ‘weather folks’ ….mmmm have also predicted a severe Winter – maybe the coldest since 2013 as well as potentially the coldest Winter since the 90’s ……… mmm, l am a little dubious to their predictions seeing as they couldn’t tell it was going to piss down for four days …. BUT – my 9th sense is telling me we are going to be in for a real doozie!

That’s not so bad on one hand – it means less people out and social distancing will be minimal – but it also means a potential lockdown as well and already people are stockpiling and hoard stacking against that possibility! In truth, l have no desire to be out in the damn cold with … people myself! I am not stockpiling, but l am making preparations in case there is another national lockdown!

Maybe it’ll snow … … ….

The River Stour was seriously high, much higher than it’s average depth of six feet and probably closer to 9 feet! I had to smile though ‘ Baby Quawker was still there – no longer on top of a boat , but sitting in the river itself! He even posed for the camera!

In all, it was a nice walk this afternoon and l was thankful that l was able to get out for the small window afforded and awarded to me and that l was able to take some nice photographs of this lovely town that l live in … and share it with you too!

Catch you next time, thanks for joining me today!

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13 thoughts on “Afternoon Strollings ..

  1. As usual your pictures are awesome. We are having record breaking heat here. Still over 100 on many days. That is unheard of for this tie of year. I agree, mother nature is pissed.

  2. Hope you keep on feeling better. Good for you getting a walk in between downpours and some cycling as well! Sandwich looks very beautiful. 😊

      1. Super sleepy today 😁, thank you for asking. Yes, it does seem you’re getting more than your fair share of rain these days. πŸ™ƒ hope it dries up a tiny bit. 😊

        Question – what is a conker tree?

  3. I’m glad you’re feeling better…weather folks got everything wrong here too…πŸ€ͺ are three days they’re saying will rain and no rain πŸ˜…

  4. Gorgeous photos! I bet everything was nice and fresh after the rains too! You’re getting flooded an I’m getting baked and broiled. It’s not unheard of for it to be hot in October but not for weeks at a time.
    You’ve found yourself a beautiful place to call home!

    Glad both you and Suze are feeling better! I hope you both continue to improve.

    Email replied to… finallyπŸ™„

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