Gifting the Compliment

Gifting the Compliment

Season 2 – Once a Month Series

I display links to posts from blogs that l have visited, read and commented on and these in turn are complimented in this series.

Gifting the Compliment Directory

“I really liked what you did here and l really like what you do and l think others will too!”

This is a compliment from my blog to both you and your blog … it’s not an award, there is no need for the receiver of the Gift to do anything further … it is purely a gift to you for the blog that you manage and run. It is an acknowledgement of your writing style and genre, what you do for the community and for your audience and readerships respectively.

From my side of life as a reader to your content it is an appreciation of what you do, what you create, write and publish. It’s a salute to you, your imagination, enthusiasm, inspiration, knowledge and dedication to your craft ……….. a compliment is just that … a compliment.

A published post of yours caught my attention whilst l was reading and l wanted to let you know. I liked it and l liked it a lot. I liked it so much l wanted to display it again to my own readership for them also to appreciate the content.

There is no ‘ceremony or pomp’ attached to these Compliments – there is no call to action to respond – there is no additional tagging, no questions to answer – it is a thankyou for the ‘style’ that you have and the way that you deliver it to your readership!

However, what is the point to being complimented if you don’t even know that? So in addition to this published and linked post l will drop a comment on the last post you have created to let you know you have been complimented.
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Way up here…
Chris Hall of Luna’s on Line
2 of 20
Happiness is a Decision
Victor of Mercury Twin
3 of 20
Never Doubt Your Worth
Saania of Fun with Philosophy
4 of 20
Happy… Bilal Hassani
Juju of Roijoyeux
5 of 20
Ami of Undercover Superhero
6 of 20
What day is it anyway?
Cheryl of The Bag Lady
7 of 20
Spring Garden week 1
Tazzie of Echidna Home
8 of 20
Garden Makeover 2: Goodbye Decking, Hello Patio
Clare of Dreams and Adventures of Cosy Cottage
9 of 20
8 Reasons Why You Are Probably Not Having Fun With Your Blog
Renard Moreau
10 of 20
Morning has broken
Gary of Bereaved Single Dad
11 of 20
Kristian of Life Lessons from Around the Dinner Table
12 of 20
Paint your life with colors
Tanvir of Beauty Lies Within Yourself
13 of 20
Omatra7 of Learning Life
14 of 20
Is Mental Illness Recovery a Choice?
Ashley – Mental Health @ Home
Mental illness is not a choice, but recovery is
15 of 20
A Little Bit of Everything
1972Italy of Today’s Blog
16 of 20
Memory Container [socs]
Paula of Light Motifs II
Kaleidoscope colorful patterns
17 of 20
Anthony of Hands in the Garden
18 of 20
A Rainy Day
Stephen Blyse Writes
19 of 20
Today I am grateful for cobwebs…
Lisa of The Road Back to Life
20 of 20
A Content Warning
Cage Dunn
Cats, Evil, Gothic, Silhouette, Angry, Sit, Three, Red

10 Happy Points to you all!!

See Happy Points Counter Directory

Gifting the Compliment Directory

Thanks for reading – catch you next month!!

36 thoughts on “Gifting the Compliment

  1. I think Gary (of Bereaved Single Dad) is a wonderful writer. I never miss a post of his and if he gathered all his posts in a book I would buy it in a heartbeat!

  2. That’s so nice! Writers should uplift other writers! I have been enjoying your posts. I tend to write in my own dark smutty corner and your work always shines a bit of sun in my reading life.

    1. Hey Kitt – thank you – l was just reading your About Me – mm, think l will be pootling over there later 🙂

      I happen to enjoy smut very much 🙂

      1. I forgot I had that! I’ve been out of the writing habit for around a year. I’m slowly building writing back into my life. I write trash. But it makes me laugh and blush. I admire those like you who can bare more than just a little piece of their soul to the public.

  3. Thank you — have a wonderful Monday (it’s Monday here, so you have have an extra few hours of good wishes). Cheers.

      1. I have been working nonstop (😞) I work again today and I bounce all around all the homes today.

        Tonight I should have time to catch up with all my reading and stuff – and I “SHOULD” possibly have tmrw off 🙏 pretty sure!

        Ahhhhh days off ❤️

        I be back around to catch up after work

        But you are just the sweetest and very thoughtful 😘 … thank you again 😊✌️ t

        1. Holy moly today almost killed me!!! I almost became a customer!!! It was insane!!! Omg

          Everyone decided to die today!!! On top of what we already have!

        2. “Everyone decided to die today!!! On top of what we already have!”

          Oh l know l shouldn’t laugh but that statement was so funny l nearly keeled over myself !

  4. Thanks for the mention, Rory. It’s so nice to be appreciated ) Also for introducing me to a few new folk who I probably wouldn’t have come across otherwise.

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