Dear Blog – 15.15 – 03/10/20

Another Hard Life Lesson Learned!!

Today, whilst way better than yesterday – is still a rough day in my world. I have not been feeling very well since yesterday morning – it’s my own fault, l was not mindful enough of my own health, l was careless and frivolous and l have paid the price!

This afternoon as l write this post and looking at the clock which reads 3.10pm – the sun, that wonderful glowing golden orb is making an appearance again it’s the first time l have seen it since Thursday evening when l went for a walk with Suzanne around the 6pmish mark.

Thursday morning had been a bit of wipe out for walking as well, on account of the skies opening up at approx 6.12pm Wednesday evening and not stopping until 3pm Thursday afternoon! It was quite astonishing really, my newly attached water butt in the garden the 250 Ltr one was filled up completely overnight!!!

Suze came over Thursday for a takeaway which is my treat to her before the chemotherapy treatments. Friday was her second one, and as you may recall her last one of direct chemo treatment – now she has ten combo chemo/radiotherapy treatments coming up which are set to complete sometime in early December now. They start, all going well in a couple of weeks time.

Last week she had her blood transfusion which her body didn’t reject and so the second treatment could go ahead, a week later than planned due to her much reduced haemoglobin count the previous week.

The Takeaway Chemotreat as we call them on Thursday was a curry from the restaurant just across the road it’s literally less than 40 seconds away only longer if the road is busy traffic wise.

I am not really a huge curry fan myself, l personally prefer Chinese or Greek or traditional English, like fish and chips – but my body or rather my intolerances and my digestion demands that l take things much slower – afterall l am no longer the 30 year old. My body has seen a lot of rough living and now l have the body of someone closer to their 90’s than their 60’s – so l must be careful – but we both thought curry was okay …………

…however, things change and my digestive system is one of those in charge of my changes and so it decided that l wasn’t allowed to eat curry anymore and if l was wise EVER!!

Suze is a huge curry fan and can eat a much hotter dish than l can anway, so even with a mild curry with no cheese, cream, milk or nuts whatever attached my digestion decided that it was a no go zone for me and reacted! So l started to get ill with digestion problems late Thursday night around the 11pm time and slept badly, woke up ill, stayed ill, remained ill till midnight last night and woke up this morning feeling bruised! For me it’s a continuous time of trips to the toilet – it’s really terrible for me.

Whilst l managed a couple of 13 minute exercises on the indoor bike yesterday l realised that was even stupider of me as it made me worse – so last night’s exercise was cancelled and today l have only been exercising for rounds of 6.5 minutes as it is simply too unpleasant to try for longer!

There is some good news however from my perspective and that is although l am still unwell today, l am recovering quicker – l do think that the exercise is allowing my body to recover quicker – but l think what is happening is that my body is simply saying “Listen up mate, you are trying to exercise from a – e, so that you can improve f – r, BUT if you continue to do silly things we ain’t gonna support you and take you past S and you can just deal with the shit each and every time, so what are you gonna do?”

But also, Suzanne who has a much better digestive system than l do has come to realise that her cancer doesn’t tolerate curry anymore either and whilst not as poorly as me, did also experience a poor stomach problem which caused her some angst during her chemotreatment yesterday as well. So we have now decided that Exotic Spicy Takeaways are no longer either of our best friends – from this point onwards ALL takeaways spicy and non spicy are off the menu and we shall return to home cooking only and wholesome foods rather than convenient inconveniences!

I would love to go for an afternoon walk this evening, but l don’t feel like l have the strength too and l feel that to push it, might be a bit foolhardy. I have taken it easy today – l got up slightly later – l mean it was raining non stop till around 2pm this afternoon – so l just attended to some housework and clothing washing, indoor garden work and some bling stuff in the house like the cushions and now well, l am just going to read some blogs and take it easier still.

Tomorrow’s another day and apparently – there is no rain, l should be able to grab a walk or two. We’ll see.

21 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 15.15 – 03/10/20

  1. Health is wealth sir ! Take care and you have go lite on your diet and eat only when you are hungry and in old age timing is not important ! Hope you will get well soon 🤝

  2. Such a lovely garden! I’m sorry about the health issues, but maybe you’ve pin-pointed the problem in that kind of food being too spicy for tolerance for either of you. We all just do the best we can, so be easy on yourself for a few days, and I’m sure you’ll feel much more like yourself again!

  3. Getting old is not for sissies,
    So they say,
    and they,
    are right.

    Unlike J. Alfred, peaches
    are not a problem
    but peppers

    Green and hot,
    onions raw,
    salami, cheese,
    all of these

    Bring me to my
    knees, and more,
    find my husband

    At the store.
    Pepto, Maalox,
    liquid chalk –

    All are bought,
    and chewed and drunk.
    Gagging, gasping
    oh the pain!

    As I moan,
    Never again.

    Amazing how a good
    nights sleep
    has me now on
    steady feet.

    What’s for lunch?

    © Grace St. Clair
    (March 2010)

  4. Wise to listen body, Grasshopper! I berated myself for sleeping while Ben was at school on Tuesday, but the body demanded. No sense fighting it.

    I like to make my own curry. I use a mild yellow curry powder. My GI tract doesn’t tolerate spice, which gets me plenty of side eye being so close to Mexico. A lot of Mexican food is very spicy!

    Rest & feel better soon! My best to Suze as well.

    1. Thanks Grandma.

      The biggest problem with my body is the GI and all the intolerances, but l am lactose intolerant, gluten intolerant and the list goes on and on and bloody on again. It gets to the point that food as much as l love it becomes private enemy number 1.

  5. I was also thinking that a takeaway before therapy doesn’t seems wise. Better eat home cooked food, safe and healthy. Stay well my friend.

    1. In truth a takeaway before therapy isn’t the problem, the nurses encourage patients to eat from a variety of menues because the treatments can knock out tastebuds – but then what affected Suzanne was the spices upset her stomach like they did mine.

      It’s hard to say for suzanne admittedly because the chemotherapy is doing so much damage to her body which is ironic on so many levels – Suze is someone who detests putting chemicals into her body and yet ………… but without the treatment … so it’s a real nasty catch 22.

      But we do agree, the specialness of the takeaway is now consumed with stomach problems and that takes away the fun 🙂

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