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Friday 02nd October 2020 – Season 13 – Series 9

“If you talk bad about country music, it’s like saying bad things about my momma. Them’s fightin’ words”
― Dolly Parton

A Jolly Good Morning To You all – no fancy narratives needed here – why???
Cos it’s the 80’s and it’s Friday Country Music time – jus’ great for the soul – Time to WAKE up and get the blood pumping!!!!!
80’s This Week and Next!!!

Have a totally awesome day!

80’s Country Music!!

Let me know below the songs from the 80’s you want to hear this week!

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Top 40 All Time Action Films 

What would be on your Top 40’s List of Action films – let me know below!

Have a totally fantastic day folks!!

33 thoughts on “The Hello

  1. “I Believe in You” – be still my heart. My husband’s and my favorite song to slow dance to 💜(And anything Willie is okay with me!) What a greatt way to start the day! Thanks…

    1. Hey Grace, good morning to you – l guess you may have been awake for some time, however – here’s wishing you a truly lovely day ahead 🙂 Glad you liked the music 🙂

  2. and I don’t think Dolly is someone you want to mess with. Haha. I hope you have a great day Rory. 🙂 Thanks for the tunes.

    1. Hey Ruth, my absolute pleasure.

      I have watched Dolly in interviews many times before and yep she is one lady people mostly underestimate and one most assuredly you don’t want to mess with 🙂

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