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“Oh please just do shut up and stop the snarkling!” Suze said crossly with that stern look that translated to ‘“STFU or this screwdriver will be inserted sidewards where the sun doesn’t shine, got it!?”

Snarkling for the record is a noise l make when l am laughing really hard and l sound like a hyena crossed with a pig!! That’s snarkling!

Why did she demand this of me??

Well you see, it all began with her screwing, she was grunting and groaning and heaving and hoing and trying to tell me all friendly like “NO! Not that hole, the other hole behind that one! Or No, no, it’s in, leave it in, stop pulling and stop just poking it in all the holes!!

It’s in!!”, l insisted, only to be informed that l was blind as a bat, and if l thought it was in, l was not right, as ‘It simply did not feel right or that it was in! I was practically useless and uselessly practical!!”

Stern words indeed … but you see, putting together kitchen cupboards isn’t my forte!!

Rory Matier


“Almost everything is fixable.”

― Steven Magee

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  1. OMGOODNESS- now I am laughing so hard that several snorts came out of my nose… but I prefer your term. I’ll steal it, if I can remember it! XO Lisa

  2. I totally get it. I was helping my daughter put together some stuff she had ordered online and we had pretty similar arguments. But we never managed to put it together. Now we are waiting for a handyman to help us!

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