Did We Get Old?

“Getting old ain’t for sissies.”

― Bette Davis

This question is inspired by Trisha [Omatra7] of Learning Life and follows a conversation we were having regarding music in The Hello comments section.

“You took the words right out of my mouth lol – definitely Bleh

Thought was put into both the lyrics, which had that ability to connect with so many… and then the actual music had good tempo/beats to catch your attention

Did we get old? “

It’s a good question, which is why we are here now with the very same question … my answer to Trisha was ‘Yes and no, we have aged but have we gotten old? No”.

…. and yet as we age and therefore become older, our body isn’t the only thing to transform and evolve, so too do our minds – many of us become cynical, and testy, we can become fixed on our yesterdays and quite often, younger generations tell us – ‘We don’t know what we are talking about because we are older and not moving with the times….”

Trish and l were talking about the music from the 50’s to the 80’s and also how music changed dramatically come the turn of the millenium and how today’s music seemingly doesn’t really do anything, it doesn’t say anything – there ‘s no real connectivity to it and in my honest opinion there will be very few songs in the next twenty years that will be remembered joyfully, lovingly, emotionally from our current years with the same fervor as say, some of these songs below … regarding the ageing process itself ironically!

Time and time again, l have heard this from many people here. In fact only last month Grace of Just Tawkin’ was saying exactly the same about the music – it’s all a bit bleh!

But – it’s not just about the music of today, it’s our culture, the people, communications, the world, fashion, society, news, business, industry, entertainment, education and the film industry and the list goes on and on..

Are we just being old? Older fuddy duddies? Are we being overly conservative with our tastes? Are we not progressing enough, are we not accepting of today’s world … are we in fact – did we in fact just ‘Get Old?’

So tell me, do you consider yourself with your ageing process to be getting older and not so tolerant of today’s world or are you ageing well – but can recognise that today in many ways hasn’t got a thing on the years of yesterday or maybe you think today’s world is simply wonderful [all topical problems aside].

Or are we as older generations of people just not moving on with the world and at the same pace as those younger than ourselves do?

Did we just get old?

What do you think? Let me know below.

42 thoughts on “Did We Get Old?

  1. I haven’t gotten ‘OLD’, because, to me? “Old” doesn’t exist. It’s a state of mind purely. I know ‘old’ young people and ‘young’ old people…and what is the bar for admittance to ‘old age?” Derned if I know because it keeps changing!! Right now sixty (my age) is the ‘new forty”. Yeah. If one has an unlimited amount of money and the energy to be forty again.. I don’t, and forty wasn’t all that great actually… I lost both my parents and had one hip replaced in my forties. I think “old” is whatever the individual deems it to be.

      1. I don’t think today’s society (world) is very kind to those who are aging, those who are disabled, or those who are ‘different’ in general (mental illness or other factors). I’m finding it a whole lot meaner than I was brought up to expect and fear is nothing pleasant to live with. I don’t much like it frankly.

  2. There is still good music being made, imo🎶💃🏼
    I *do* think we, as a social media driven society have lost a lot. We can reach out to the entire world but we’re more isolated than ever.

    Algorithms feed people their “news”, and keeps them in their little boxes. And “news” is so full of opinions it’s hardly journalism anymore.

    I haven’t gotten “old”, although my body says otherwise. In fact, I feel better and more excited about the future than I did in my 30s. That may just be my own circumstances and journey though.

    1. But like stress, progression and journeys are still reflective the individual, no?

      Sorry l am on a bit of a mental yoga journey tonight ha ha 🙂

      Whilst there are some exceptions that are pure gold in today’s musical world as an example, they are still very few and far between.

      Journalism is an excellent example for this question Angie, because journo’s no longer really write and the one’s that do are not really being read. Now everyone who has an Internet connection and or a Smart phone is suddenly a journo and a camera techie all in one.

      1. Right, everyone is right there recording all the horror that happens so the world can watch it live. And the algorithms feed us what we’re “most interested in” based on our browsing, buying, age, etc etc etc.
        People are afraid, because they’ve been sold fear. Then the ones in power keep them compliant… offering protection from the made up bogeyman if they march in line and do as they’re told. Oh, and here’s some meaningless fluff for entertainment… something to further numb the thinking process.

        I do think people are fed up and waking up. I think there will be changes for the better. I also think it’s gonna get worse before it gets better.

        I don’t yearn for the old days, but I’m ready to move past the polarized xenophobic hatred of today.

        1. Well said 🙂

          Like you, l don’t yearn for yesterdays l like remembering them as they were and l was in them, but do l wish to return to them, change my history? Some things would be nice changed ……………… or would they? Would l simply be opening up a different variation of the current Pandora’s Box?

          I want this world to learn from our yesterdays and not keep holding people to account for things they had no control over. Hold people account for the shit going on today in real time, as in now. Learn from the errs of yesterday and craft them into our educational awareness system of today – but move forwards not continually backwards.

  3. Wow that is a complicated question. Given my age and my generation, we were not tolerant when we were young, and we are not now because it looks like nothing has changed – what were we manning the picket lines for? 50 years on and we are fighting, or rather our children and grandchildren are fighting the same battles. Disheartening.

    As for music, ah – I don’t listen to a lot of ‘new’ music because I can’t understand a word they say, and ‘say’ is more correct than ‘sing’ because so few of them sing, and there is no music in the music and no one plays an instrument – if it weren’t for Country music, there wouldn’t be any musicians. There are plenty of electronic engineers, but few musicians. And THAT sounds like something a grumpy old person would say.

    Like Chuck Berry said “gotta have a back beat” – If I can dance to it, then I guess it’s ok.

    1. An astute observation Grace and spot on — totally agree with the comment of 50 years ago ‘we fought for this and that’ and YET, still we fight? Have we learned nothing?

  4. I am old. I think once you begin looking back when “things were better,” you’re old. My kids (27, 29) aren’t doing that. They find new music and tv shows meaningful. They get frustrated with electronics occasionally but not nearly to the degree I do. Let’s remember that people have always been rude and shitty. There was no golden age of people behaving kindly to everyone

  5. Hahaha 😘✌️

    Well I think every generation of young people have their own experiences that bring them to their musical tastes and define what they like. Society and media influence that heavily.

    It makes me think of my mom 😄😄❤️ when I was pregnant with my oldest – we sat there figuring out what her grandchildren would call her – she was excited to pick what she wanted

    She didn’t want grandma or grandmother (made her sound too old😄) she didn’t want any weirdo names people sometimes do… she wanted something simple and sweet … to her that was Nana ❤️ simple easy cute and not totally old sounding, plus very easy for a child to say

    So nana it was ❤️ (I want to be Nana someday too)

    Is same with music… our tastes really don’t change but stay with the way we see and perceive from what we have experienced in life

    I’m good on being young… I am aging – and I am getting older … I like to age with Grace … getting old is not a bad thing – I kinda think is like a badge of courage? If you can understand that ??

    Of course I am always young at heart and I see things with a childlike brilliance … I still have an excitement with life … but I am aging … perhaps getting old is just an offensive way to put it cause who wants to get old? 😄

    It happens. It’s not a bad thing

    And yes it does separate the musical tastes … my grandparents did not like MY music lol… my parents and my uncles told me things would just be a fad and fade away – but they did not

    Just perception. We did get old, but that’s ok… just new chapters to experience

    Musically – as with people – if you can wow me or strike me somehow, I’ll pay attention – I’m always looking for talent ✌️

    But I also do not mind aging ✌️😘 … I like to say I am classic 😄✌️

    Even when young though my soul was old. Only my eyes and heart are forever young ✌️ and that’s theoretically speaking

    Maybe my perception will change – maybe not so whatever – to each their own 😘❤️✌️

      1. Lol yup… always been young at heart, always been an old soul…

        Body wise I’m still sorta young…got lucky and have good genes 🧬… besides the cancer and replacing parts thing.

        But I have been slower since the surgeries and all that… is like they switched a button and slowed me down… I feel slower/older and due to nerve damage stuff, I can’t do everything I used to.

        So while it still looks good, it actually is starting to feel old … plus I’m over that age hump where you start feeling the age coming 😄✌️

        1. Well my right side was riddled with cancer … I had many many surgeries over 5 years on that side… I have the worst scars on that side… that’s the side that has the scar going from center of my chest all the way to my underarm …

          Extensive nerve damage happened … also since I’ve had a full mastectomy – they removed all nerves from the breast area… but that right side went through ALOT!!! And that is also the side they removed a few lymphnodes from… so I have a slice underneath that huge scar where they went in for that too… and I had drains and tubes just that side got beat up.

          It will never be the same. The nerve damage stays so far – I do not believe it will repair.

          But that’s ok… I am alive 😘✌️

        2. Yup… so ya know slows me down more than I was – I used to be superwoman 💪 lol – not so much now

          In mind but not body lol 😄✌️😘

      1. My great grandmother was also Nana…

        It’s just a really sweet and perfect name for a grandmother ❤️

        I don’t know about “hip” 😄

        What did you call yours?

        1. Well l didn’t have a good relationship with either of my parents parents, they were just ‘other family’. I was however forced to call them Granny.

        2. Families are different like that sometimes… we have a few in our family too who like to be distant. Dynamics can be weird sometimes.

          I was extremely close to my dads side … my moms side too, but they were a little odd.

          My mom loved them very much but a little embarrassed by them. (With good reason) they were endearing though – just different

  6. As a 60+ Nana, I get frustrated because my body is way older than my mind.
    My mom hated my music, and I disliked hers.
    My 40+ year old daughters like a lot of my music, but preferred theirs that I didn’t like.
    My teenaged grand kids listen to things that I find repulsive and inappropriate.
    I always remembered my grandmother telling me health is more important than wealth. My response was always that if you had lots of wealth you could take better care of your health. The reality is that health so much more important.
    I do my best to use my computer. I still have an iPod and lots of DVDs. So I guess I am stuck in the past, but enjoying life as best I can.
    WordPress will not let me post anything anymore as of today. So I am just be stuck in the world of replying to other’s posts. I guess I am getting too old to figure out the crud they are forcing me to deal with.

  7. When I try it says you cannot edit this post. Then it won’t publish anything I write. I am going to see if my tech friend Maggie can screen share with me later and try to help me. Very frustrating.

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