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Wednesday 30th September 2020 – Season 13 – Series 9

A Jolly Good Morning To You all – no fancy narratives needed here – why???

Cos it’s the 80’s and it’s a Humping Day!!!!!

80’s ALL WEEK!!!

Have a great week and of course, not forgetting….

Have a totally awesome day!

80’s Film Soundtracks!!

Let me know below the songs from the 80’s you want to hear this week!

A Guy Called Bloke Banner Find Me A Film JPEG

Top 40 All Time Action Films 

What would be on your Top 40’s List of Action films – let me know below!

Have a totally fantastic day folks!!

25 thoughts on “The Hello

  1. Hey JB! Happy Wren’sday to you! I gave you action movies, didn’t I? My memory… umm… what was I saying? 🤪😂😂
    I’ll be Dirty Dancing with The Lost Boys and doing some Weird Science stuff… 💃🏼🎶 in my dreams of course. I’m a Grandma!😉

    See ya in a few hours 😴😴😴

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