Dear Blog – 21.15 – 30/09/20

Blimey!! Life – Never Straight Forward Is It?

Well Jeremy has done a lot of quality work today – however sadly, l still have a week perhaps ten days before the house will be finished. There were/are/still are a lot of pictures to go up, and as lovely as the house is – the walls are a bit awkward – they are not typical stud walls or studding over brick facing, but latticed pasted internal walls which is quite popular in the older period homes here in Sandwich.

BUT – because this town has a lot of moisture in the air it can make the walls a little spongy or softer than they should be, and when trying to hang pictures and using hard wall hooks it can make things at times a little perilous!

Still, a lot of work was done…

Outside, the clothes line was moved [make more sense when you see it],

The two wildlife cameras were secured to the walls [they just need cards and batteries inserted].

The water butt was attached to the gutter feed .

The chairs were secured to the wall and hung.

The outside garden umbrella was secured to the wall.

The outside tap was repaired to stop it leaking.

The Bee Hotel was secured to the wall.

In the conservatory [attached to the kitchen] – 12 Frames and 2 Plates were hung.

In the Kitchen 4 Frames and 1 Board were hung.

In the Lower Hall – 2 Frames, 4 posters and 2 Arrows were hung.

In the Loungeroom – 4 small and 1 large Clocks were hung, 2 Memory Board Frames, 1 White Board, 1 large Multiframe and 10 assorted Frames were hung.

So all in all just for the lower part of the house 46 items were attached to the walls! Still to go upstairs and ‘up the stairs’ is a total of 51 items!! So quite a bit to go. Jeremy said at one point laughing … “You have an issue with framed pictures, you know that right? It’s almost … no, correct that, you DO have an obsession with this. But …… it actually really adds a lot of chatacter to this house and the way they are is absolutely brilliant. But just for the record, this is an obsession … l have never in all my 11 years EVER hung or had to hang this many pictures in one house and to think we still have 50 more to go!”

However, all that aside, he was here at 9am and left at 6pm with the lower house done and a lot of work completed in his time here, plus we had a good laugh!

Bit low on the exercise today, but still walking up and down stairs, looking at the FitBit now, l still have managed to walk 13,000 steps. I had a walk this morning before he arrived and it was reasonably sunny, unlike now when it ‘s hammering down with rain. A small walk in town to get some more hooks, and l cycled for 10 minutes this morning as well, and l shall cycle again shortly. But in truth, l am pretty stable now on the exercise to lose a day.

All in all not a bad day, but perhaps another week or two before the house will be finally complete.

Thanks for reading, catch you next time!

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19 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 21.15 – 30/09/20

  1. Dang! I was hoping for the big reveal sooner… oh well, all in good time.

    Are you walking around and looking at everything from different angles? Happy with what is where or ready to change things already?


    1. Yes l am very happy, incredibly tired for some reason – but am very pleased with what has been achieved so far. Lots of housework tomorrow and can start adding the cushions in the Livenden which will be good 🙂

    1. Worry not young grasshopper all is under control, l have all the before photos and l will soon have all the after photos too in one post sometime this month 🙂

  2. This was funny 😄… you hang and secure alot of things… you would do well in California with earthquakes lol

    That’s funny you have like 50 more 😄😄

    You have a bee 🐝 hotel 😳

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