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Tuesday 29th September 2020 – Season 13 – Series 9

A Jolly Good Morning To You all – no fancy narratives needed here – why???

Cos it’s the 80’s!!! Below – hours of the 80’s to give you inspiration and start the week off with some high neon headband kicks!


Have a great week and of course, not forgetting….

Have a totally awesome day!

80’s Metal!!

Let me know below the songs from the 80’s you want to hear this week!

A Guy Called Bloke Banner Find Me A Film JPEG

Top 40 All Time Action Films 

What would be on your Top 40’s List of Action films – let me know below!

Have a totally fantastic day folks!!

35 thoughts on “The Hello

      1. I am doing good. Yes very well. I took a break writing. Was focused on some new projects up my mind. Thank you 🙂
        Missed being here. I am really glad to be back. 🙂
        How are you and Suze doing?

        1. We are ok. You know about Suze’s cancer diagnosis, were you still here when that happened? I think you were. Suze started her chemo last month and her body responded well, she still has many treatments ahead of her. But the side effects to the treatment are quite horrible – she is sadly starting to lose her hair now. Otherwise, things are good 🙂

          1. Yes I read about it. The word Chemo is frightening. The hair loss brings tears. Heartily happy that she is responding well to the treatment. Hope she gets well sooner. Lots of love and positivity to you and Suze. 🙂 🙂 (Flowers)

  1. Hey JB, great head banging music!🎶💃🏼 I actually saw Motley Crue and Def Leppard at the same show. Eddie Money played in between… 🤷🏼‍♀️ That’s the show where I almost lost my clothes😲
    Ah… the 80s🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Have a Hopping Good Toad’sDay, JB!

      1. It was the 80s, I didn’t have a camera with me. Besides I *almost* lost my clothes. My shirt got yanked up, but my shorts stayed put. They ripped later and I had to wear some guy’s Levi’s but it all worked out.😂😂

  2. Good morning ☀️. It’s wonderfully cool this morning! The music selections are perfect to go along with. Thank you very much 🎶.

    I’m not sure what’s been added on action films so mine may be repeats. But, let’s see – Die Hard for sure. The Avengers (original, does that count or is it another genre?). The Highlander, original. The A-Team with Liam Neeson. I like action films but am drawing a blank as to all the ones I like 😅. I have a friend that knows when I say – hey, let’s watch a chick flick…they laugh because for me that means an action movie. 😂

    Have a great day 😊

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