Can you keep a secret, secret?

Can you keep a secret secret, secret?

Well can you? Because as you know ‘knowledge is power’, that includes taboo and forbidden knowledge too right? If you are told something and told not to repeat it, can you do that?

In our world of social platforming and media when apparently everyone has to know all the secret stuff – can you keep something to yourself?

I know so many secrets from people who over the years have entrusted me with all sorts of information ………. but their secrets are always safe with me – whatever they are!

Ignorance is bliss, but knowledge is power…..

That’s right isn’t it? The real secret is strike the balance – but what is that balance? I mean when is a secret not a secret, when is something told to you for your ears only – suddenly not meant to not be discussed OR is everything – good, bad, ugly and fugly meant to be out there in the open?

What are things you would or should keep secret and what are the things you shouldn’t keep to yourself but need to be open and honest about in your opinion?

28 thoughts on “Can you keep a secret, secret?

  1. I figure that somebody else’s secrets aren’t mine to tell unless there’s a compelling reason to do so, like if there’s a clear risk of otherwise preventable harm to someone if the secret wasn’t shared.

      1. Hey, yourself. I always read your posts, only comment when there’s something that might be worth sharing. I’m fond of Franklin and Twain quotes.

  2. I don’t want to know secrets because I’m afraid of revealing them unintentionally. I hate when someone tells me something and then says oh please don’t mention it to these other people while we’re playing games. Ack! Just don’t tell me!

    As for me, I’m pretty open except my sex life is no one’s biz. And I don’t want to know about other people’s

  3. It is difficult to hold secrets if one is a bad liar like me. I can blurt out things without meaning to. I just trust my immediate family and very close friends with a secret

    1. It wasn’t me!! It’s strange l can hold secrets, but am an awful liar, so don’t bother and just opt for honesty – but secrets travel to the grave with me 🙂

        1. Nope, not at all – secrets are always secured with me and they never spill out, even under pressure.

          Much of the time, l forget them, but l always have a trigger word that brings them back.

  4. I rarely keep anything secret about myself, but have no problem with keeping the secrets of others.
    There is only one exception: Christmas gifts! For some reason I cannot keep the perfect gift a secret!

  5. I have learnt by experience – I don’t go out looking for secrets. In the past, I fell so many times for a friend who wanted to chat privately about another friend. I thought I was being a good listener, being asked to offer good advice. Looking back, it was pure gossip and stuff that had nothing to do with me. I saw it get kinda extreme. I try not to be too interested in anything salacious I hear.

  6. I can keep a secret. If someone tells me something, unburdens themselves I will not tell anyone else. I don’t generally gossip anyway. I might discuss someone or something that is irritating me with a close friend but I don’t think that’s gossip.

    I don’t really have any secrets. There are things I don’t discuss, but if some had a question or I could help them, then I would.

    So, I’m an open book, with a sealed vault inside. 😉

  7. Anything someone tells me, I keep to self. With the exception of if it is dangerously hurting others or will dangerously hurt others…

    I come with a disclaimer and I make sure before someone tells me anything they understand if it is something that is going to dangerously hurt people – I will not keep quiet…

    With the police by law I had to do that, and then also working with children… those children came to me with many things – I would have to tell them “I am here for you, in whatever you need. But please know before you tell me anything, I am required to report anything bad”

    On one occasion, one child came to me with information on an incident that we were trying to figure out, they even had video of the incident. They knew I had to report the information… when they came to me they said “I have information I want to give you, I know you are going to report. Can I please be anonymous?”

    Of course we protect our kids… so before anything was said I verified we could do that, and we did.

    So I am used to reporting on anything bad or hurtful. Either don’t tell me or understand that.

    Obviously I report any child abuse or any other kind of abuse!

    If you are just speaking normal secrets then yes I keep those silent.

    And what about myself? Umm 🤔 I don’t really have any bad secrets ?? I’m pretty honest and forthright … if you ask me something I’ll tell you. I’m pretty boring in that aspect. But I like boring

    If there is anything I am uncomfortable with or feel is too personal? Umm like the abuse? I’m uncomfortable with that so I typically stay quiet because it bothers me. But not really a secret.

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