More Cushions for The ….

Cushion covers and cushions waiting to be covered and pushed into action in the house this week!

Well, l said that come the end of September the house would be complete, once done l could start to settle down into my new home and l spoke with Jeremy this morning, who is the repair guy and he will be with me on Wednesday which is literally, the end of the month.

He’ll be here at 9am sharp and probably done by around 3 in the afternoon, but once he is done, everything bar the ‘bling if you wish will be done’ and that will be completed by the end of the day, so come October 1st – l can start on my next phase and that is to get back to where l wanted to be last August [2019] but in a much healthier position.

Next month, l want to be able to start working towards my business opportunities again and l have a few ideas and some plans that l will be talking about in new series that have been sitting dormant in the blog since September of last year – so it will be good to finally knuckle down with them.

I want to be able to make an online business – and l have been reviewing many avenues over the last 12 months from digital publishing and marketing of Amazon’s KDP which l will invest into with my time again. Coaching and mentorship studies, Amazon Affiliateships and property as well. It’s been a maddening year if honestwith regards this, and l must have received close onto 5k in marketing emails from those that you wish to study with ……. the one thing l can’t stand is useless emails and annoying advertising – so it has tested my mettle for sure – but l have chosen my paths and now l will study them and start to hopefully make and secure a sustainable income.

I will of course write about this in due time as l have received email from readers asking about my plans and the series that are connected to them? Well sometime later this year l will be starting The Studio Workshop where l will discuss my learnings in there for interested readers.

Suze was with me on Friday and of all the leaps and bounds l may have made since living by myself again, there is 1 that still defies me!!


Guest bedroom needing two pillows and master bedroom completed.

Quilts and me getting along with each other have always had a bad relationship – so l pulled in the big gun help – Suze!! She hates them as much as l do, but four hands is still way better than 2!

I mean where is the difficulty to be had? Put corner of quilt into corner of quilt cover, drag cover over quilt whilst holding quilt corner in cover …. once quilt inside cover, shake!! Except me by myself l end up lost in the quilt cover!! Logic is NOT always a friend to hands on patient experience!

Finally all the bedding ……oh no, wait a moment … that’s not entirely true either – okay rephrase … finally 95% of the bedding turned up in the case of mattress toppers, and freshly ironed quilts and pillow cases returned – sadly still missing are two pillows for the guest bedroom and a heavier tog quilt, but the 10 summer quilt is fine for in there for the time being. All a lot of fuss, l have my 13.5 Tog quilt on the bed all year, and whilst that’s warm, l am debating getting a newer 15 which will be really snuggly!

Suze says she melts in anything heavier than a 10 during the spring to autumn months, but needs a 13.5 for the winter months … whilst for me , the 13.5 is snuggly for spring to autumn, but for some serious cuddlesome warmth – l need heavier. But l now have two fleeces on the bed as well, so that adds additional warmth.

I am just a guy that appreciates a lot of good heat in bed!!! However, thankfully Suze was with me Friday evening helping me make the beds because otherwise l would have had a hell of a time! We had plenty of giggles and laughs and that’s the main thing!

I had this wicked quilt cover for the master bedroom BUT – the colouring just didn’t mix so it will have to be converted into a couch cover – that’s cool, the design was Hedonism Works and Hedonism will work just as well in the Livenden- good job l had alternative and plain quilt covers for the master. Suze questioned my choice of colours with the fleeces/throw blankets … but l said they are the quirks of me!

There isn’t really much left to be done – the indoor house plants need to be potted and sited and the pictures up and just the additional bling for the guest bedroom, then that’s it – done and l ‘ll be looking forward to it being finalised! Suze’s place still needs to be finalised but she is nearing that as well. Suze is now signed off work on medical grounds and so has the time to be able to dedicate to getting things done … sadly perhaps not the way one would have liked – but hey ho.

The last week l have been working with frames and pictures in readiness for Jeremy’s arrival this week and l am about 90% finished on those – so it’ll be great to see the walls decorated! The gallery below displays the current state of play …

Anyway, there we go, the next installment along and nearing the final now – phew!! I hope you enjoyed today’s visit of willow, see you next time.

 Slowly and surely things are getting done!

Thanks for reading, catch you soon!

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20 thoughts on “More Cushions for The ….

  1. Your home is looking homey! Great. One trick to put covers over the quilts is to have the cover inside out and then hold its two inner corners, grab the two smaller corners of the quilt and let the cover fold out onto the quilt. Easy peasy!

    1. Hey Sadje, yes l used to use that technique and guess what? Yep, it took them two days to get me out of that mess!! only kidding, but l failed on every time. i have always had problems with them ha ha 🙂

  2. Looking good JB! Can I make a reservation for the guest room in say… May of 2031?😉 I noticed the “soul” has some sole… also new crockery. It’s coming together nicely. I can’t wait to see the pictures up.

        1. 10 Years, could you not just put a dummy under the covers and slip out one night – head to Texas, you’ll be taken in and they can then smuggle you out to wherever ha ha 🙂 I’ll not tell a soul 🙂

  3. Quilts! I’ve learned to stitch the corners (just a few stitches, not permanent), doona to cover, drag the cover down, and stitch the bottom two corners. That way, cover and inner don’t get into trouble and part company. Easy to pull the couple of stitches out when time for the wash.

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