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Saturday 26th September 2020 – Season 13 – Series 9

A Jolly Good Morning To You Gary, Suzanne, Fandango and Melanie and Bruce – here’s wishing you all a truly lovely day in all that you do – woot woot, the weekend is practically upon us!

With the weekend, already upon us – no one needs a lonesome day, and trust me l am not going to make that happen! I can do way better than that, one step up better in fact! I mean should we start the day with the E street shuffle? Some crazy footwork on rocky ground is always a groovy exercise, right? Once done we could let that just fade away into the darkness on the edge of town … or not!

Have a totally awesome day!

So who else is a fan of The Boss? Let me know below.

Have a totally awesome day Folks!

24 thoughts on “The Hello

  1. Ah, the Boss. I just watched a movie on Netflix (I think) called “Blinded By the Light” that any Springsteen fan should watch. It was based on a true story.

    Thanks, Rory.

        1. Ha ha l know you do 🙂

          The funny thing was, l was thinking ‘Mm, how do l fit Born in the USA into this narrative?? I sat like that for ten minutes before giving up ha ha 🙂

        2. That’s funny… yeah it’s not really a worldwide song but brings to light an anti war sentiment and basically how here these people give their lives for us … on return we should take care of their lives – not always the case. Is a statement piece

          He is brilliant with his music

          You don’t see too much talent like that today. I love the story telling in music also ❤️ or feelings or sentiment – you can bring so much to the world when you have that stage!

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