The Curious Case Of …

The Curious Case Of ….

….. Have you earned your tomorrows?

How curious are you as a person?
Don’t confuse ‘curiousness’ as being nosey as there is a huge difference between the two …. See Episode 1  for the introduction to this series.

Have you ever read the charming poem by Edgar Guest titled “Have You Earned Your Tomorrow ….?

“Have You Earned Your Tomorrow”

Is anybody happier because you passed his way?
     Does anyone remember that you spoke to him today?
This day is almost over, and its toiling time is through;
     Is there anyone to utter now a kindly word of you?

Did you give a cheerful greeting to the friend who came along?
Or a churlish sort of “Howdy” and then vanish in the throng?
Were you selfish pure and simple as you rushed along the way,
Or is someone mighty grateful for a deed you did today?

Can you say tonight, in parting with the day that’s slipping fast,
     That you helped a single brother of the many that you passed?
Is a single heart rejoicing over what you did or said;
     Does a man whose hopes were fading now with courage look ahead?

Did you waste the day, or lose it, was it well or sorely spent?
     Did you leave a trail of kindness or a scar of discontent?
As you close your eyes in slumber do you think that God would say,
     You have earned one more tomorrow by the work you did today?

Edgar Guest


I heard an interesting tidbit on my travels through town the other day – you know me – at times l am all ears – and it struck me as quite profound – it wasn’t have you earned your tomorrow, it was more distinct than that – it was a heated conversation between an eco orientated leaflet distributor [there are a few in town currently] and a bystander who judging by his colourful language was not best impressed by the environmental discussion!

But the eco guy asked the non eco guy, ‘Have you earned your place on this planet yet and if so how?”

At the time l was in a card shop browsing designs and as Sandwich has some very narrow streets it’s not hard to hear conversations on the other side of the road, because the roads mostly here are only about 15 feet wide and many are not that. The card shop sits on a street that is a one way system that only measures 9 feet wide and has 4 feet in pavement [sidewalk] or 2 feet on either side of the road.

Voice carries in Sandwich even whispers .. so it wasn’t hard to NOT hear the conversation! So whilst browsing cards, l listened in and heard that question – what have you done? Have you earned your place on the planet and that made me think of Edgar’s poem ‘Have You Earned Your Tomorrow’.

Which means in layman’s terms what have you done to inspire or improve the life of another person, another human being? It always comes down to us to improve our lives ….. but of course that was the tomorrow explantion – the non eco guy when asked this question sputtered and spluttered and threw even more obscenities at the eco guy and shouted “It’s none of your effing business what l have done, l deserve to live on the planet, what have you done!?” After that he stormed and stomped off!

So, it did make me think, and it aroused my curiosity enough to warrant this post ..

Do we? Have we? Should we still be on this planet considering the untold damage we have done for and to ourselves and future generations of ourselves?

In my opinion, simply put . no we as global societies] haven’t earned our place for the planet, although many have more than earned their place for the tomorrows … but we are here now, and our job is to improve on the faults we have created.

I do what l can and what l have available to me to work with, l donate to worthwhile charities monthly, l recycle and upcyle where possible to reduce my waste, l donate to charities in other ways than monetary so as to help others physically – as in – not throw away things pointlessly, l conserve energy and resources as best as l am able to, l garden and compost and try to grow my own for the table, l don’t use chemicals anywhere in the house only organic products, l try to stay abreast of current climates and news on the environmental front and so try to be as informed as l can be, l sign petitions to help when l can in areas that l am passionate about politically and where l can l always try to eat sustainably.

How about you?

I am curious to know …… Have you earned your place on this planet yet and if so how?”

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15 thoughts on “The Curious Case Of …

  1. I probably have not earned my place on the planet. I do recycle and reuse. I am eco conscious and support eco-friendly companies as often as I’m able. The car I drive is a hybrid and I don’t drive often. I donate to one charity monthly, Save The Redwoods League, but there is more I could do I’m sure.
    Luckily I *have* earned my tomorrow, so I can keep working on earning my place.


  2. I’m still working on it, but I think I’ve done enough for one tomorrow at a time.
    Foster carer to 32 kids. Always reuse, reduce, recycle – my whole life. Always composted and gardened for food, even when in a flat or with no garden. Volunteered in many places, many times. Offer my services at no cost to community programs (and people who might need/want). Organic or non-chemical everything (water and cloth cleans most things anyway, and if a house is dry and dust free, it always looks clean). I think I’ll be here for one more tomorrow at a time.

  3. What I always think of is the Christmas movie “It’s a wonderful life” with James Stewart ❤️

    How many lives he touched but didn’t realize or see that until he was shown…

    I am compassionate kind and caring – I like to make a good mark on others lives … I have always done that …

    I think most people have earned it… cause actually … is either a blessing or a lesson and you do need both.

    Planet wise … I’m tired of political stuff 🤨 can not wait for that to be done!! I have had enough!! Can not stand politics at this moment – don’t even get me started on that

    I challenge myself on how small of a footprint 👣 I can have… but I’m not a great gardener person- I am definitely the plant grim reaper – do not let me near them… although I am keeping 1 cactus 🌵 alive currently – that is going well lol – I try … and it’s always the effort that counts lol

    I do conserve energy, and water … I am not a vegetarian though – I would not survive lol… way too picky… I do eat meat. Mostly chicken. But also maybe a burger or lasagna or something with red meat like that… I just don’t do red meat often

    So I dunno? What are these rules ? Did I earn it? Who decides?

  4. I have really been struggling this week Rory with a swirl of thoughts and feelings. Not the always good ones. However I read the poem and as I did I began to cry. For it resonated with me. Thank you so very much for sharing this today. I absolutely needed to read this.
    Have I earned my tomorrow? I don’t know. I work to live my day in my day. If I don’t that is a long black hole for me to fall down.
    Again thank you so much for this post. 🙂

    1. That’s the best any of us can do Jay-lin, live to the next day, make the best and do what we can. That’s all any of us can do.

      I wear a mask when l go out, l keep my distance from people, l am polite and courteous and l will always try and do what l can … but we are not always called upon to do that you know, but most of us, many of us are always on call for that – therefore we are worthy of our tomorrows – your writing resonates with many more still – remember that – if one person can say l loved that, l smiled at that etc, then have we not reached someone 🙂

  5. Not actually doing posts at the moment Rory, but an interesting question.

    I would like to think I have left fond memories with a lot of people I have come in contact with.
    I would sincerely hope that all the kids I fostered remember me with kindness.
    I dearly wish that when people think of me, they automatically smile.
    Hubby often says this:
    ‘Leave no mark of my passing, only the fond memory of my being’
    You can read his poem

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