The Wild Writer’s Hunger

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The Wild Writer’s Hunger

What follows ….
………. a swallow –
If not a gulp?
Why does gulp spell plug…
Do you simply plug in forwards …
…. and gulp backwards??
Well yes you do, it’s the simplicity in words!

Chance, incidence, and coincidence…
… spookily similar!
Like incense and common sense,
…. Is it? ……. Or is that just bizarre?
Yet, no one asks why?
It’s like a …. Mystery…
… and yet everyone plays the game!
Seemingly, wittingly, and unknowingly?
What’s their purpose, direction or aim …
… or are they just remarkably hungry?

Ever wondered or pondered upon that?
I have and quite oft l do,
Talk to myself and over a coffee, simply chat!
Stop it – so do you too!
It’s all part of the hunger,
… we need to eat and consume all the time!
Our brains desire more from the mentality bazaar…
… like sage, thyme and rhyme!
It’s what we do … it’s who we are!
No pressure to perform and or to create,
… and yet we do, don’t we – we crowbar…
… more from the vaults within the inner sanctum state!

We tear them open, rip them apart and shred them down!
Like a pack of hungry wolves we are always on the hunt!
.. running wild from dawn to sundown,
Looking for more to put out there on the forefront!
Of who we are!
Because we are always hungry for more …
… from us, deeply within, every second of the hour!
Scouring and searching through pocketed drawers!
Questing out answers to questions not yet asked,
… performing for our exquisiteness and delights  ..
Like eager beavers enthusiastic to proudly broadcast,
To others eyes that also crave further delicious excites!!

It’s always hunger, a hungering, a craving …
… of such deviance that wants to slice, splice and dice,
All and everything at once, to be misbehaving!
…. Inquisitive for eclectic spices and paradise!
That’s what the wild writer’s hunger is all about!
… the need to dig deep within and lay bare our infinity ..
Of creation,  our hidden voices need to scream and shout!
Release the crazed imps, the pixies of delinquency!
…….. and let all the wild and hungry words out!
To run about,
…  fornicate with pen, paper, and inks!
To write, to explore and to penetrate the minds,
Of those who lovingly caress words and love to glimpse…
…. The naughty nakedness of the wild writer’s hungry insides!

© Rory Matier 2020

Written while under the influence of below!

30 thoughts on “The Wild Writer’s Hunger

      1. It had something to do with the dailymail article…… bad journalism. About the two amish brothers having intercourse with their 13yr old sister. Hence in their eyes incest is common sense

      1. I’m tone deaf, so I listen to the beat and I don’t care what the beat is as long as there are no words. When voices mix with instruments, all I get is loud white noise. Some words I hear, but not all, and not well if there’s instrumental sounds in the background. Music generally gives me a headache, but other half enjoys heavy metal/rock.

        1. I do try sometimes, as the eternal optimist I wonder if one ear is suddenly hearing differently and to test it I play some music …

        2. I like to think so, but you can’t trust what I have to say about it from one day to the next. Other half says I should just listen to drums, cos I can’t tell tones or changes.

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