Afternoon Strollings ..

Afternoon Strollings … Directory
Season 1 – Autumn 2020
Thursday 24th September 2020
Tuesday 22nd – Time 35 Mins
Delays, Waiting Times and Scattered Thucklings!

Now, in truth this particular walk and photographs were from Tuesday afternoon/evening. Wednesday it rained all day and l stayed in, apart from a small jaunt to the hardware store for a carpenter’s tool [basically a pointy stick] and spent the day working on picture frames.

Today – aka Thursday and it has been raining again – great for the garden as in a natural watering, muchly needed but the sun has been in intervals of 30 minutes followed by heavier showers – and according to the Met Office it’s going to be like this all day. Perhaps even for the whole weekend – this buggers up walking in the mornings and the evenings somewhat.

Sure l can fairweather walk most seasons, but there is a difference when walking a dog on a regular routine than merely walking by yourself for some exercise. No dog in your life, doesn’t mean no exercise, it just means more adaption. So as you will hear soon enough in the Furry Football series l have been introducing more exercise workouts into my life.

Walking in good weather or even poor but dry weather takes up an hour of my day, indoor bike riding as a novice takes roughly 15-20 minutes a day and a waist reduction exercise l do takes five minutes [3 times a day] – of course l ride the bike three times a day as well at beginner’s level of 5 minutes per turn although l have now increased to 7 minutes with a longer target of achieving 13 minutes six times a day which is no longer a beginner.

But if the walking’s taken from the configuration then l only have the bike riding and what l call the broom exercise and so l need something else which is where my new dance workouts come into it all

It’s all good fun! No, really l am serious – it is! I am enjoying it!

Today is just one of those days that whatever happens is going to go wrong … you know those days?

Wake up early and …………. it’s raining!

Waiting for online shopping to arrive and ………………….. it’s running late – which means that the walk you had planned for the lunchtime – which would have been an Afternoon Strolling in real time is now delayed, which also means that Suze who was coming over this afternoon so we could go to the market and get some bits and join you on your strolling with the sun out, is also delayed which then in turn cancels everything else for the day.

So today l have been working on more frames – the handy guy was back from holiday yesterday and so l am waiting on his call to set up the date when he can come over and attend to the things that need doing …………. but l am waiting on that still.

Working on frames is basically, inserting pictures in and making with my pointy stick for carpenters small holes that allow for pictures hooks and things!

Got a call from Suze earlier, saying her direct chemo session booked for tomorrow has been cancelled due to a low haemoglobin count from her blood test yesterday and so now before chemo can resume she must receive a blood transfusion – another delay for Suze as well but hey at least there wasn’t another national lockdown which we both feared for a while as that would really delay her treatment.

So here l am waiting on my food order to turn up, hoping that the sun stays longer and the rains stay away and that Suze can come over in her new BeeBee [her new yellow and black car – more on that another time] and we can get to market and l can buy some eggs as l am eating a LOT of eggs these days and we can go for an Afternoon Strolling together in real time today.

I have been walking twice a day for a few weeks now, but since Saturday l started taking the Cybershot with me and some of the photos have been cracking. The evening walks are so relaxing and more so as the sun dips down on the day and the warm russet glow is at times quite breathtaking.

So on that note l’ll leave you with Tuesday’s gallery, which is just as well, considering my shopping, two hours later has just turned up! Thanks for reading folks!

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12 thoughts on “Afternoon Strollings ..

  1. Twilight Time… it’s my favorite! The gloaming… colors are so beautiful and everything seems magicalπŸ’«βœ¨

    I’m sorry that Mr Murphy and his cousin Sod have been having their fun with you. I think they were whispering in Ben’s ear yesterday.

    I’m sorry to read that Suze’s treatment has been delayed. I know you’re both eager to get it done and overwith. It’s better to make sure she’s as strong as can be so the chemo goes after the invader and her body can support it.

    I’m very impressed with your continued “Mind Yoga”! All these delays and Murphy’s play would’ve been a real problem for you just last year. Now you’re getting so much better at adapting and going with the flow. No small feat for an Aspie. Bravo, JB!

    Hugs to you & Suze! πŸ’ŒπŸ’Œ

    1. Hey Grandma, ha ha – yes Suze now calls it The Fuuuuuuuuuuuck Syndrome! As in everytime l start doing something new she says she first says ‘Fuck! Why didn’t he do this when we were together?! ‘ Apparently l am progressing in leaps and bounds , astonishing really – l am not quite sure what happened, it’s like l was picked up by some magical hand and hoisted to a huge height and let go, where upon l tumbled down, cracked my head on the pavement and sort of woke up to life again!

      On the other side to me – as in the Aspie side, l am well impressed also πŸ™‚

      Totally agree and it’s what l said to Suze, a healthy body is stronger to battle off cancer with πŸ™‚

  2. Love the pics Rory. Walking is great fun, even in bad weather as it releases stress and improves circulation. Enjoy your healthy routine.

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