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Top 40 All Time Action Films – 23/09/2020

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Welcome to Find Me A Film

You know there are thousands of films out there, but at times it’s just not always easy to find an excellent movie when you really need it and more so on the genre you want!

Considering there is the likes of Netflix and Amazon and Sky and cable and a whole host of variety and YET when we want to find a film to watch – what happens?

We can spend up to an hour flicking through options and then losing interest …. but there are some truly excellent films out there … so what are they in your eyes?

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Todays Topical Genre is – …

Top 40 All Time Favourited Action Films!

Let me know your favourites below!

29 thoughts on “Find Me A Film – Top 40 All Time Favourited Action Films!

    1. Ha ha excellent Paula, excuse my bluntness here – but l love the fluffing simplicity displayed here – see l can write polite 🙂

      That was a brilliant answer – so smooth, shaken not stirred 🙂

      They call me Light … Paula Light!

  1. I like the Resident Evil movies.. there were a couple stinkers but most are good.

    The Underworld Movies

    The Matrix movies

    The Mummy & The Mummy Returns

    Shaun Of The Dead

    The Lara Croft movies

    The Rush Hour movies

    The Bourne movies

    X-Men movies… (the first ones, not all the prequels)

    There’s more, but my brain is tired and slow🙄🤷🏼‍♀️

  2. I am not typically a fan of action films. I was conned into watching The Matrix and loved it. So I willingly watched all of the rest.
    More often than not the action movies I saw (pre-Pandemic) were animated movies like Lego Man adventures.

        1. Oh l can understand that very well – Suze feels the same – although hers are 12000 miles away down under, no travel to Oz for some time to come and the grandchildren are getting older by the month.

          1. Mine were never very fond of talking on the phone. They are the texting generation. Happily, I am getting some real conversations out of them now. They have iPhones but I do not. So voices shared, are the best for now.
            Suze must be missing her grands very much. Hope she is doing well.

            1. She is now in prep for the second and last bout of chemo, which is this Friday, thankfully that’s the last direct chemo. Then she’ll have 10 bouts of combined radio and chemotherapy combined – currently she is doing well, but looking very drained.

        1. Well, l think Bond movies is a genre of its own really meaning l could do a Bond Themed post later on next month, you could include a couple in an action line up, but if you were include all, then there would be little room for other actions and there are plenty of other action films :0

  3. Definitely anything to do with Marvel, especially the Avenger Movies and Captain America Civil War pic. Independence Day. Terminator 3. The Dark Knight. Indiana Jones – Last Crusade. Mission Impossible – Fallout. Dirty Harry. Die Hard. Arnie in Commando.

  4. ellie894
    September 29, 2020 at 1:02 pm
    Good morning ☀️. It’s wonderfully cool this morning! The music selections are perfect to go along with. Thank you very much 🎶.

    I’m not sure what’s been added on action films so mine may be repeats. But, let’s see – Die Hard for sure. The Avengers (original, does that count or is it another genre?). The Highlander, original. The A-Team with Liam Neeson. I like action films but am drawing a blank as to all the ones I like 😅. I have a friend that knows when I say – hey, let’s watch a chick flick…they laugh because for me that means an action movie. 😂

    Have a great day

    September 29, 2020 at 4:49 pm
    Gladiator!, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Escape from New York.

    September 29, 2020 at 4:53 pm
    Robin Hood (Russell Crowe). James Bond… all, Skyfall

  5. Melanie B Cee

    Top action films? I like this genre of film sometimes. Most movies with Jason Statham, Bruce Willis, and several other film stars will serve nicely thanks. But top hitters? R.E.D. (the sequel wasn’t ‘quite’ as good, but is good), the Expendable series (it’s fun for me to see those old action movie stars and how they are more recently); and depending on my mood almost any of the Bruce Willis action films…the Die Hard series (although I like the one with Samuel Jackson in it the best); a crossover between action and fantasy “Fifth Element” (great film)…and several others. I like the ones best which actually have a plot to them, and aren’t just a series of violent car chases or fights between characters. Those sort of ‘action’ films you can keep.

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